Where can I buy a refrigerator for cosmetics

Refrigerators for storing medicines

POZIS XF-250-3 pharmaceutical refrigerator allows the preservation of thermolabile preparations at a strict temperature range and provides the necessary monitoring and control of storage conditions. Designed specifically for use in therapeutic and prophylactic.

Pozis XF-250-3 pharmaceutical refrigerator with tinted glass

Isothermal cooler bag Green Glade P1052 20 l is indispensable on country trips, picnics and long journeys. Besides isothermal fridge bag is convenient for carrying containers with food and lunchboxes. Refrigerator bags are universal.

Green Glade Insulated Bag R1052

Type: container, operating principle: thermoelectric, power: from network, from cigarette lighter, voltage: 12 V, 220 V, volume: 4 l, material: plastic, height: 25 cm, width: 18 cm, depth: 23 cm, additional modes: heating

Mini cooler for storing cosmetics and medicines for 4 l Ice Device AD-X4.0 mirror

Cooler bag BIOSTAL TCP-25G-Z Discovery ice graphite, 25 l

POZIS” KhF-250-2 pharmaceutical refrigerator (metal door)

Volume: 4400 ml, material: plastic, number of containers: 1 pc., Structure: foldable, length: 30 cm, width: 19.50cm, height: 19.50 cm

Drawer for refrigerator / Storage Box / Food Container

Cooler bag for 1 liter with side mesh

Thermocontainers and coolers Thermo-Cont MK Ltd Medical thermocontainer TM-5 in carrying case, inner volume 5,7 l, without coolers, plastic, 1

Pill box “WEEKLY”. Original, practical storage organizer for space-saving storage of medicines, dividing them into days of the week and times of administration. The perfect alternative to the bulky medicine cabinet.Pillbox consists of 7 units. Each signed by a certain type of.

POZIS” pharmaceutical refrigerator XF-250-3 (door glass block)

Type: refrigerated cabinet, control type: mechanical, total volume: 410 l, maximum temperature: 10 ° C, temperature mode: medium temperature, climate class: N, door construction: hinged, door material: glass, length: 615 mm, width: 600 mm, height: 2095.

Pozis Blood Storage Refrigerator Pozis XK-250-1

POZIS Blood Storage Refrigerator XK-400-1 “POZIS” (400 liters)

POZIS Blood Storage Refrigerator XK-250-1 “POZIS” (250 liters)

Used in pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, diagnostic centers and inoculation rooms for storage of vaccines, anatoxins, immunoglobins, bacteriophages, probiotics, interferons, cytokines and other immunoglobic drugs. Correspondence.

Pozis VacProtect VPA-200 active vaccine storage refrigerator

Type: bag, outer layer material: polyester, cooling principle: cooling battery required, temperature retention time: 12 hours, height: 30 cm, width: 37 cm, depth: 22 cm, weight: 0.45 kg

Samsung RS-54N3003WW Refrigerator. The dream of any housewife, convenient and roomy, boasts a perfectly organized space. Putting food in the refrigerator and freezer is now even easier: vegetables, meat, fish, canned goods and much more can be placed.

POZIS” KhF-140 pharmaceutical refrigerator (door metal)

Coolboxbeauty mini refrigerator for cosmetics and medicines, 6 liters, pink

Features and convenience of cosmetics storage

As it becomes clear, different preparations require different temperatures. Not all equipment is capable of providing it. For this reason it is recommended to use a special refrigerator, in which the temperature is set within the range of 2 12 ° C, to store cosmetics.

The technique is characterized by its small size, stylish design. It is possible to attach it to the wall, the floor or pieces of furniture. The body is made of stainless steel. Silver-colored trim inside the refrigerator. Therefore, the equipment is not only easy to use, but also stylish.

What can and should be kept cool

  • Homemade/organic cosmetics that do not contain preservatives;
  • Serums, face creams;
  • Facial and hair masks;
  • Shampoos and balms which should be stored at a temperature no higher than 12°C.

Things you cannot keep in the refrigerated cabinet

  • Nail polishes on account of flammability;
  • Toilet waters, perfumes, fragrances. you can lose your favorite fragrance;
  • Powders, blushes, eye shadows. there is moisture in the refrigerator that destroys these cosmetic products;
  • Lipsticks. the cold can cause them to crumble;
  • Pencils. Allowed to cool for 10-15 minutes. Permanent storage is not recommended, as the slate can freeze and for this reason will lose its properties;
  • Oils. Cold destroys their chemical composition and adds viscosity.

Basic selection criteria

Having an idea of different models of refrigerators, which are presented in the market, the choice will be easy to make. First of all you need to pay attention to the area of the room where the equipment will be installed.

Dimensions and capacity

The equipment has a standard depth of 60 cm. There are also refrigerators with a depth of up to 80 cm. Width. 60-100 cm, height. in the range of 0.5-1.2 m.

Cosmetics should be placed at a distance from each other

If possible, give preference to a larger model. It is desirable to place different cosmetic products not very close to each other, as there must be space for air circulation between them.

Energy class

The minimum power consumption of class A

Class G, D equipment is not actually manufactured at this time.

Important! Class refers not only to the amount of energy the device consumes, but also the amount of time it can hold a temperature when turned off. For this reason, there are several refrigerators, the same class, but different in cost. The ideal option is to buy equipment for storing cosmetics not lower than class C.

Refrigerator overview

Samsung Cool-kit

A well-known manufacturer of technology could not stay away and has released a new product called the Cool-kit. Measures only 30.5×38.2×28.3 cm. In fact, it is a smaller version of a conventional refrigerator, because the cooling is done by the compressor.

Large refrigerator compartment with a capacity of 7.9 liters. The small 1.3 liter compartment is not cooled and can be used for small items.

Stylish design allows you to find a decent place in the room.

Liebherr CMES 502 COOL Mini

Universal model can be used to store both cosmetics and cold drinks. Installation stationary or suspended. in the latter case, the refrigerator will be an interesting decorative object. Body height 61.2 cm, width 42.5 cm, depth 45 cm.

Total volume of 45 liters and net volume of 42 liters. Three shelves are made of impact-resistant glass, two of them are adjustable in height. Glass doors also make it possible to view the contents. The casing is made of stainless steel and looks stylish and modern.

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Energy consumption is 107 kW per year. Refrigeration is of the Nou Frost type, working with a compressor. LED lighting inside. Controls are mechanical and the front feet are adjustable.


DaiNet equipment is supplied to Russia by Korean company Royaks. The range consists of 12 models. The simplest version. DaiNet Clock, the most expensive and luxurious. DaiNet Elyte. The devices keep the microclimate in the compartment (temperature and humidity).

Chamber capacity ranges from 5 to 13 liters. DaiNet Pearl comes in a plastic case, weighing only 3 kg and measuring 22.5×31.1×26.5 cm.

The chic DaiNet Retro version is designed in a retro style and finished with natural wood. Dimensions of the cabinet: 23×35×29 cm, weight 4.5 kg. The outside of the unit resembles an antique chest.

All models are based on the thermoelectric method, so they work silently. Power consumption is only 30-50 W. Temperature adjustable from 8 to 12 degrees.

range from 5000 to 10 000.


Biszet offers two versions of refrigerated cabinets: B7, wall-hung, B11, floor standing. Elegant models are made of stainless steel. Glass doors.


Each shelf in the compartment has its own climate zone:

Therefore, in the compartment you can store various cosmetic products, as well as medicines at the same time.

The following three models can be found in the Aliexpress online store.


Mini-box can replace a portable cooler bag. Inside there are two compartments: one is bigger, for 3 liters. The temperature in it can be adjusted by a digital timer from 8 to 18 degrees. The second chamber is used to store small items.

The portable “trunk” is convenient for taking along on trips for preservation of natural creams and serums. The size of the product is only 35x15x25 cm. Daily power consumption of 0.4 kW.


Compact portable product size 35x25x14.9 cm. Interesting model with rounded corners has a common chamber and a small shelf on top. Capacity is 5 liters. Like the other variant, digital timer helps control the climate inside (8-18°C).

The small chamber is equipped with the Nou Frost system. The door has two additional shelves. The weight is 2.8 kg.


Portable refrigerator that can be plugged in even in the car. Operation is based on the thermoelectric method. Device has one compartment with a capacity of 7 liters. The compartment is equipped with a fan for flow distribution. The door provides two additional shelves.

Zero Frost defrost system so you don’t have to worry about condensation on bottles and vials. Connected to electricity and consumes 0.5 kW per day. Digital timer allows you to adjust the temperature from 8°C to 18°C.

The dimensions of the body: 35x25x14,9 cm, weight. 4 kg.

If you did not know before about the existence of refrigeration equipment for cosmetics, you will now think about buying it. Every woman who loves to take care of herself will find it a worthy investment.

Models for beauty salons

Consider larger (roomy) and more expensive options that are suitable for salon environments.

Suggestion from Samsung

“Samsung”. a brand that not only pleases customers with ordinary refrigerators, but also produces specialized equipment. wine cabinets, freezers and chests and much more, including cosmetic cabinets. One of them is Samsung Cool Kit. This stylish design resembles an ordinary household unit in miniature, but features a special design and clever construction.

Dimensions, cm 30,5 x 38,2 x 28,3
Number of compartments 2
1st compartment Volume 8 liters, refrigerated
2nd compartment Volume 1,3 liters, without cooling
Cooling method Compressor
The presence of display Yes
No Frost There is
Price, rubles From 5 000

This is one of the few units which use motor-compressor. Same principle of operation as conventional household appliances, just much smaller in size and power consumption.


Technology under this brand belongs to DaiNet. In total in the range a dozen or so variants. The simplest model. DaiNet Clock, the most expensive and bohemian. Elyte and Retro. Smaller unit is made in volume of 5 liters (Pearl), the bigger one. 13 liters (Ludovik, Elyte).

Weight, kg 2,8
Dimensions, cm 22,5×31,1×26,5
Case material Plastic
Color options Black, brown, marble
Voltage, V 220
Volume, liters 5
Power Consumption, W 32
Weight, kg 4,5
Covering, body Natural wood
Dimensions, cm 23x35x29
Voltage, V 220
Volume, liters 8,2
Power Consumption, W 40
Design “Chest
Extras Mirror on the door

Each Royaks welder works on the thermoelectric principle, the temperature adjustment is from 8 to 12. The most expensive “chests” are in retro style, and the cheapest model is Pearl, from only 5,000.

On a side note! You may find it difficult to find the product you want on the Internet. the first thing you see on a search engine is players and inverter welders. Don’t be intimidated, these are all the products of the same company DaiNet. We found a catalog in which you can choose the right model. It also includes outlets where you can buy the product in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Kazakhstan.

Biszet products

Two models are available under this German brand: B7 and B11. The first one is wall-hung, the second one is floor-standing. Both drawers are made of stainless steel, have an elegant design and feature glazed doors. Dimensions: 65x34x25 cm.

Each provides three independent temperature zones:

Underneath, in the coolest conditions, you can store nutritious and vitaminized cosmetics and medicines. Upper, “warm” shelf is suitable for collagen formulas.

Refrigerator bags for cosmetics. 435 items found.435 products

EFFECTIVE. Keeps temperature low for up to 24 hours. Thickness of insulation with foil layer. 8 mm. FOR USE. the dividers inside the bag hold bottles up to 1.5 liters with valuable beverages. A special compartment for batteries is sewn into the center of the bag.

Type: container, operating principle: thermoelectric, power: AC, cigarette lighter, voltage: 12V, 220V, volume: 4L, material: plastic, height: 25cm, width: 18cm, depth: 23cm, additional modes: heating

The Coolerbag is designed for cold drinks and frozen foods. Keeps contents cool for long periods. High-quality aluminium foil insulating material keeps things cool for longer.

Type: bag, insulation: foil, polyethylene foam, outer layer: nylon, inner layer: polyethylene, cooling principle: without cooling battery, temperature retention time: 12 hours, height: 26 cm, width: 22 cm, depth: 46 cm

Type: bag, insulation layer: foil, polyethylene foam, outer layer: polyester, inner layer: metallized film, cooling principle: without cooling accumulator, requires cooling accumulator, max load: 10 kg, time.

Designed for transportation of medical immunobiological and other preparations requiring low temperature. Temperature retention time in the range from 0 deg.C to 8 deg

Volume: 6 l, heating function, supply voltage: 12/220 V, material: plastic, width: 25 cm, depth: 19 cm, height: 27 cm, weight: 3 kg

The ConnaBride insulated coolbag N1002 24 l is indispensable on holiday, picnic and long journeys. The isothermal cooler bag is also convenient for carrying food containers and lunchboxes. Refrigerator bags ConnaBride y.

Type: bag, insulation: foil, outer layer: polyester, cooling principle: without cooling battery, height: 20 cm, width: 14 cm, depth: 6.50 cm, weight: 0.12 kg

Type: bag, thermo-insulating layer: polyurethane, inner layer: metallized foil, cooling principle: without cooling battery, height: 18 cm, width: 14 cm, depth: 23 cm, weight: 0.14 kg

Designed to carry 0.5L cans, the most common in Europe Compact storage system with no external counterparts Internal mesh with zipper for small items Three external s Light color scheme to reduce heat build-up n.

Type: bag, cooling principle: requires cooling battery, temperature retention time: 12 hours, height: 35 cm, width: 42 cm, depth: 27 cm, weight: 0.40 kg

Type: bag, insulation layer: foil, outer layer: nylon, inner layer: metallized foil, maximum load: 5 kg, temperature retention time: 3 hours, height: 19 cm, width: 25 cm, depth: 14 cm, weight: 0.50 kg

Volume: 10 l, heating function, features: carrying handles, power supply voltage: 12/220 V, material: plastic, width: 28.50 cm, depth: 23.50 cm, height: 34 cm, weight: 4.20 kg

Type: bag, thermo-insulating layer: foil, outer layer: polyester, inner layer: polyethylene, cooling principle: requires cooling accumulator, height: 48 cm, width: 16 cm, depth: 34 cm, weight: 0.27 kg

Type: bag, thermoinsulated layer: PEVA, outer layer: polyester, max load: 20 kg, temperature stability: 3 hours, height: 30 cm, width: 22 cm, depth: 32 cm, weight: 0.40 kg

Designed for transportation of medical immunobiological and other temperature-shortened preparations. Holds temperature at 0 degrees Celsius or above.C to 8 deg

Type: bag, temperature keeping time: 6 hours, height: 38 cm, width: 28 cm, weight: 0.50kg

Below is a list of beauty products that are suitable for cooling. Let’s say right away: if you have thin, sensitive skin or are prone to couperose and rosacea, think carefully before applying a cold texture to your face.

Eyelid patches. If you drink a lot of water at night or have been out partying for hours, you risk waking up with puffiness under your eyes. Will save the situation of patches that were lying in the refrigerator for 15. 20 minutes before being applied to the skin.

Eye cream. An anti-oedema cream with caffeine or eszine will work better if it also cools the skin, increasing lymph and blood flow. You don’t need to keep the cream in the fridge all the time, they just need to stay there for 20 to 30 minutes.


Recently, cosmetic refrigerators have become very popular. They are purchased by many beauty salons, they are also chosen by popular artists to transport and store their favorite rejuvenation products.

The Cool-kit model of the popular Samsung manufacturer is also very popular. Externally, the product is similar to the usual refrigerator, but smaller:

  • Model dimensions are 30.5×38.2×28.3 cm;
  • Capacity of the refrigerating compartment.7,9 liters;
  • The contents are cooled by the built-in compressor;
  • the manufacturers have provided a special compartment with a capacity of 1.3 liters, in which no cooling takes place, where you can store various small things.

The temperature and the desired parameters are set on an electronic display. The model has a very beautiful design and will decorate any room.

Those who prefer larger refrigerators should pay attention to the universal model Liebherr CMes 502 CoolMini.

  • The body is 61 cm high and 42 cm wide. The depth of the universal model is 45 cm. Not only can you store your favorite cosmetics in this household appliance. There is space for soft drinks and juices.
  • The mini-fridge has two shelves that are made of durable glass. The door is also made of glass, allowing you to see what’s inside without opening the door.
  • The body of the product is made of stainless steel, so it will last a long time.
  • For convenience, it has been equipped with internal LED-lighting.
  • Cooling is performed according to the No Frost principle.

The unit is controlled mechanically. Front legs can be adjusted if desired.

refrigerator, cosmetics

The renowned Biszet company manufactures the refrigerators in two versions, the B-7 and B-11. The B-7 is a wall-hung cabinet, while the B-11 is a floor standing version. Both cabinets are made of durable stainless steel and have glass doors.

In Biszet models each shelf is set to a specific temperature. So, the top shelf has a temperature of 12 degrees. On the middle shelf, the temperature is lower and is 8-10 degrees Celsius. And on the bottom shelf keeps from 5 to 8 degrees. Different climate zones in the same cabinet allow you to keep not only cosmetics, but also medicine. and more.

Some people give preference to portable mini-models. The Xeoleo 3L mini-box is a popular choice. This portable bag has 2 different volume compartments. Larger compartment has a volume of 3 liters. You can set the temperature with a digital timer and adjust it from 8 to 18 degrees. The small compartment stores various necessary little things.

This portable model is convenient to carry while traveling. Natural creams and serums will be preserved in it. The device is quite compact. It has a size of 35x15x25 cm. The price of such a product is similar to the previous version.

What are beauty refrigerators for cosmetics and are they needed at all?

Follow the hashtag #beautyfridge on Instagram and you’ll see over two thousand photos of miniature makeup fridges. Bloggers suggest storing lipsticks, nail polish, and serums not in the usual bathroom cabinet, but in these compact refrigerators. Explaining why they’ve been called an absolute must-have for those who care about their skin and beauty products.

Those who follow a lot of makeup accounts on Instagram are probably familiar with #minifridgeshelfie. adorable tiny beauty fridges. There are many variations of these gadgets: soft pink, like cotton candy, pale blue or lavender.

You just want to take their picture and post it on your microblog! And when the fridge is filled with colorful skincare products and rows of serums, it becomes like a personal beauty store. In a special refrigerator for cosmetics the temperature is kept around 10 degrees Celsius (storage of beauty products just assume a temperature range of 5 to 25 degrees).

However, New York dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross, for example, is skeptical of this trend. A beauty refrigerator is a completely unnecessary thing, it’s a marketing gimmick. Whenever a product is released on the market, it must be tested for stability throughout the shelf life indicated on the package. This will prove that it doesn’t degrade at room temperature and doesn’t lose its effectiveness even after the package is opened, says Dr. Gross, explaining that beauty products must be able to withstand extreme temperatures.

According to her, beauty products should not spoil, even if placed in the oven.

If the manufacturer doesn’t keep the product in the refrigerator or if the instructions don’t state that it should be kept in the cold, there’s no reason to do that,” she explains.

However, some therapeutic creams dermatologists do advise storing in the refrigerator. Natural or organic formulas are the exception to the rule. However, the organic cosmetics market is booming right now (it was valued at 11.5 million in 2018, and that amount is expected to reach 23.6 million by the end of 2025). No preservatives are used in the production of these products, so the shelf life of the products is limited to a few months.

refrigerator, cosmetics

Store your natural skincare products in a cooler place, not a hot, humid bathroom. It can oxidize your skin care product. That’s how I came up with this cute and handy beauty fridge,

Since launching her brand of beauty refrigerators (this happened in January 2019), she has been selling between 200 and 300 units (worth between 15,000 and 20,000) per month.

Another successful cosmetic refrigerator brand, but already Korean, is FaceTory. After learning that consumers store their sheet masks in ordinary kitchen refrigerators, in May the company began to offer them to buy a beauty refrigerator with two shelves. We have already sold 25 percent of the first batch of refrigerators. all pre-orders. Refrigerated tissue masks and beauty products offer an added benefit: they help get rid of puffiness and fight inflammation better. Cool products with peppermint or aloe would be especially effective in treating irritated skin, says Janice Chang, FaceTory’s director of marketing.

The mini fridge is ideal not only for storing tissue masks, but also patches, day and night creams, serum, mista, and cosmetics with natural ingredients. This gadget has changed my skin care routine,” confessed Ilona.

Products with antioxidants (like vitamin C serum) can be damaged by heat and light, so it’s best to keep them in the fridge. This group also includes creams with retinol, vitamins A and E and niacinamide. This rule especially works with expensive products that you don’t use often. it’s better to put them in the fridge to extend their shelf life, says Joshua Ross, celebrity cosmetologist and founder of SkinLab.

There’s no conclusive evidence that refrigerating skin care products will make them more effective, but studies also show that some fragrances, nail polishes, and medications are also best kept cool, away from sunlight, to extend their shelf life.

Roller facial massagers are also best used chilled. A cool, smooth surface promotes lymphatic drainage (therefore reducing puffiness) and brightens the complexion, increasing blood circulation, making skin glow.

What you shouldn’t store in the refrigerator

But putting products with oils in the refrigerator is not a good idea. Foundations and lipsticks will lose their texture in the cold, because the oils in them condense at low temperatures.

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