Where to install the split system in the bedroom

Important decisions for air conditioner placement in the interior

The best solution in our case is to install the air conditioner during the repair and decoration works. On the basis of the design project you can choose a place and mark it, to prepare a fishing line for trimmer laying lines, as well as to enter into the project finishes, which will help to hide the wiring and pipes between the indoor and outdoor unit of the air conditioner. Of course the most rational, practical and qualitative variant is considered to be installation of central air-conditioning system which supplies air of specified temperature to several premises simultaneously while remaining invisible thanks to special niches and ducts. Only decorative grids of air lines are visible elements.

But it is a difficult work and thorough investments which can be 5-8 times heavier for the budget and more. That’s why today we won’t consider these systems, because there is a standard and accessible variant. a splitsystem for a house or an apartment, any separate room!

What types of air conditioners are suitable for a private house

The choice of an air conditioner for a private house depends on the owner’s preferences. but the most suitable are only two types of devices, which we will talk about further. often the buyers choose wall-mounted split-systems.


Compact units mounted on walls are practical, conveniently located and reasonably priced and are ideal for air conditioning of one room or a certain area of the house. These conditioners fit in the interior of any room.

The typical split-system for the house consists of the compressor which is established outside and the internal block. Market offers a wide range of models of climate equipment at different prices, so you can pick up the model according to your requirements.

Experienced installers assemble and start the system during 3-4 hours. All that is required for installation of wall-mounted “conditioners” have only specialized companies. But before you buy a device in large supermarkets. find out all the nuances of installation (what materials are included in the price and how professional installers).

Duct air conditioners

Very seldom such systems are mounted at homes, but if the height of ceiling allows and one wants to get rid of the inner blocks, it is possible to install ducted air conditioners. Their indoor unit is usually located in the ceiling or in the attic, the outdoor unit in a suitable location outside the house. The conditioned air circulates through a network of ducts from the indoor unit with exits to the rooms, where you can only see the ventilation grilles or anemostats. Temperature and working hours are controlled by the control panel. But ducted devices are much more expensive than wall-mounted split-systems.

Variety of air conditioners for bedrooms

Most often in bedrooms install either a split system or a monoblock (it is also called a mobile air conditioner). Let’s consider each type in details, so you can define more easily and faster the choice of optimal device.


Mobile conditioner represents a compact device with a duct, which can be moved around the room. The only condition is that the air duct should be installed in the window through special impermeable insertion.

Monoblocks are inexpensive, quick to install, easy to service and repair. Seemingly ideal. But this type of air conditioners has several serious drawbacks.

First of all the noise. Constant monotonous hum during sleep can be endured only by a person with strong nerves. Also such units can not boast with a big capacity. They are hardly sufficient to cool a bedroom with area of 10 square meters, not mentioning about rooms of larger size.

In short, a mobile monoblock is a good choice for unpretentious customers who fall asleep quickly and in any conditions. In this case they can also save a lot of money on installation and operation.


It is the best-selling type of air conditioner on the market. The split-system can be very and very quiet, and at the same time it is quite functional. Standard conditioner of “split” type is equipped with cooling, heating, air ventilation modes and other useful functions.

And the internal unit of the device is mounted on the wall, so it does not occupy space on the floor and does not require a duct to the window. At the same time the capacity of split-systems is considerably higher than that of monoblocks. A compact unit is able to cool a large room, it can even handle an area of 30-40 square meters.

The only disadvantages are cost and complexity of installation, as well as the necessity of regular labor-consuming service of the device, its cleaning and disinfection. It is an excellent choice for those who have money and are interested in maximum comfort.

Installation rules

Now when you know where to install conditioner in the apartment, study important rules of installation. It is important to observe these rules in order to have the most comfortable microclimate in a premise. Also, following these simple rules will extend the life of your air conditioner:

Conditioner should be situated far from heating radiators and other sources of heat. You should not install the air conditioner in close proximity to the oven, stove or radiators;

The outdoor unit must be installed on the north or west side. If your windows face the south side, you should foresee additional installation of a protective cover to protect a device from overheat;

Do not install the air conditioner too close to curtains. Especially if they are dense and poorly air permeable. Also the appliance must not be covered with doors or other foreign objects. Air from conditioner should freely enter the room;

It is not necessary to place conditioner near the window. Cut back a little, about 50 to 100 centimeters. This way the device will work more effectively, it will not be disturbed by curtains and the sun;

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When installing split system take into account the distance from inside wall unit to the ceiling. Do not forget about the ceiling skirting, its size must also be taken into account. The higher you hang the air conditioner, the better. But it is important to leave not less than 15-20 centimeters between apparatus and the ceiling for a free air circulation.

These are basic recommendations. Professional installers should consider them when installing your air conditioner. This way operation and maintenance will not bother you too much.

Above the bed

The natural tendency to want to place the unit above the bed is not always the right one. This solution can only be due to the fact that there is simply no other place.

If all the same it was necessary to hang the unit directly above the bed-room, it is necessary to provide some screens, intended for dispersion of air streams.

Rule one: Keep the noise level as low as possible (preferably 19-21 dB)

Many air conditioners have special operation modes for a comfortable rest. Firstly, a quiet mode of operation. It can be supplemented by turning off all buzzers and backlights.

install, split, system, bedroom

There are also more complicated algorithms of work, for example a special night mode in which a conditioner during the night gradually lowers a temperature in a premise on 2-3 ⁰С, in accuracy imitating a night cold snap. And an hour before “rise” the air temperature increases again to a comfortable level for waking. Such modes are available in Kentatsu models (function “Comfort sleep”), Samsung (Good Morning function) and other manufacturers.

Best Location for AC Unit (Split & Window AC) in Your Room

Air conditioner location. clearances from walls and other obstacles

Distance from the unit body to obstacles should allow air circulation and free access to the unit. There have been diagrams and recommendations on this subject for a long time. They are quite adequate! But in practice, I have formed my own idea of the MINIMUM distances (they may not coincide with many schemes). For our article let’s consider air conditioners with cooling capacity up to 4 kW.

Distances to be observed:

    10 cm minimum from the back of the unit to the building wall. for “capturing” air and unit maintenance (for cleaning and disassembling the case);

  • in front of the unit at least 1 meter of free space for “blowing out” air;
  • on top of the unit at least 10 cm. For air movement and subsequent access (removing the top cover of the enclosure);
  • There should be at least 10 cm to the bottom of the unit. For mounting to brackets and condensate drainage from the outdoor unit;
  • on the right at least 20 cm from the housing. For access to service taps;
  • on the left at least 10 cm. for air circulation and maintenance of the unit;
  • If all above-mentioned restrictions are applied to one unit, it also becomes not the best variant. Т.к. these distances are the minimum possible. the operation and maintenance of the unit will be hampered! The same applies to placing the unit on a closed loggia or balcony.

Arrangement of several conditioners in main rooms

This “split” placement option has 3 important advantages:

  • The desired room (with the doors closed) will maintain your comfort temperature most accurately. Precise adjustment of temperature during your sleep is VERY important for your health, not only comfort.
  • If “air conditioners” are installed in the main rooms (with the right capacity), then the whole apartment (including the corridor) will be provided with coolness when it is needed.
  • You only cool the rooms you spend most of your time in during the day. There is no point in “cooling” the whole apartment if you spend the whole day in one room. For example, you can keep the whole apartment cool when you host guests, and only the bedrooms at night.

In what part of the bedroom is best to install a split system

It is advisable to consider several options when choosing the location of the air conditioner in the bedroom that people usually resort to:

Above headboard

Such approach is based on a belief that under the conditioner is the most comfortable zone, especially if the room is small, because the length of the stream of cold air is usually from two to three meters. In this way, they do not directly affect the person, but gradually disperse throughout the bedroom, creating optimal conditions.

Opposite the bed

Often people are convinced that this is rather good place for installation of split-system, supposing that cooled air flows will not disturb them. However it is not absolutely so. Regular direct influence of cold air streams creates discomfort, can disturb your sleep and even promote colds.

install, split, system, bedroom

Above the door

It is rather good variant from the point of view of aesthetic reasons, as conditioner will not be noticeable from the moment you enter a bedroom. That is in most cases in this case an internal unit of split-system is seen directly at rest in a bedroom. Besides, in case of change of interior or banal rearrangement of furniture, a conditioner will not be a barrier.

Such variant has one more remarkable advantage: the optimum temperature of a premise usually changes through the air streams, coming through the door and that is why a conditioner with the help of its sensors will “feel” the change of conditions instantly and compensate it.

install, split, system, bedroom

But this option has its disadvantage. while installing conditioner above the door you usually need to increase the distance between external and internal blocks of split-system.

Opposite to the door

This variant can resemble the previous one over the door in many respects, but from the aesthetic point of view it is hardly acceptable. Every time, when entering the bedroom, a person will visually interact with the internal unit of the split-system. With this arrangement of the air conditioning system, you can use colored panels or put any desired pattern on it, which will fit into the interior.

Near the window

Even an inexperienced person can understand at once the advantages of such choice comparing with the previous ones: the route is very small that will provide smaller expenses on energy and money during installation, and the indoor unit is located directly near the heat inflows. However one should not forget that streams of treated air should not have any barriers that will contribute to disorientation of air conditioner’s sensors. Thus if you have chosen the location of split-system‘s internal block near the window you can forget about chic curtains. Tulle mezzanine is acceptable in this case, but it will still be necessary to move it to the right distance during the intensive operation of the air conditioning system.

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