Where to load the tablet in the dishwasher

How to turn on and use the Bosch dishwasher

The Bosch dishwasher needs to be handled correctly in order to keep it running smoothly and for a long time. It helps to follow the instructions that come with the machine when you buy it. If they were lost or the appliances were purchased second-hand, the brief instruction manual for the Bosch dishwasher given in this article will help to handle the appliance competently.

The above tips are suitable for the models CRV33A13, 43M63 EU, 43A23, 43M13 EU and others, because the location of controls and the principle of operation in the German machines are largely similar.

Preliminary preparation

Above all, set aside items that can not be washed in the machine, and with the rest remove the waste:

  • Use a spatula, sponge, or paper towel to remove pieces of food from the surfaces, you can rinse, but do not wash;
  • Drain the frying oil and wipe off the fat from the frying pans with a cloth;
  • soak severely dried residues in hot water for 5 minutes;
  • Wipe off the stuck egg and cheese traces with a sponge. they are difficult to clean even with strong detergents;
  • rims from broths and soups on the walls of the pans disappear only on long programs with strong water heating and with powerful tablets. for washing on short cycles, go over them with a sponge.

Nuances for using the tablets

Let’s pay attention to the nuances of using tablets for the dishwasher. Many people are interested in the question of how long such a remedy lasts, how many tablets are needed for one wash? The answer is simple: one tablet for the dishwasher is enough for one wash with a full load, that’s about 10 to 15 sets of dishes. Many dishwasher users have found by experience that half a tablet is enough for half a load. Also half a tablet is enough to wash dishes in a compact (small) dishwasher.

Another nuance in the use of tablets is the right choice of washing mode. Some modern dishwasher models specify the mode at which the 3-in-1 tablets can be used. Most often it is a long mode, not less than one hour.

Please note! Tablets must not be used for pre-soaking and rinsing.

It is very important to follow the storage conditions when using the tablets. And store them in a dry place out of the reach of children. If the tablets have a soluble shell, they may stick together when wet. Therefore, only take the tablets with dry hands.

So, using tablets for the dishwasher is very convenient, but it is important to know how to do it correctly, it will increase the effectiveness of their use. We hope that our article has helped to understand this.

Do I have to open the package??

Each tablet of the detergent is packed in a film that protects it from moisture. To answer the question of how to put the capsule: in the package or not, can the instructions for the product. If the wrapper is dissolvable, the briquette is placed in the tablet compartment in the dishwasher without removing the film. This is very convenient, no need to wipe your hands beforehand. Some of our detergents, such as Amway, Finish, Sodasan, have insoluble packaging.

If the packaging is removed to avoid softening the tablet, make sure your hands are dry.

If the pill wrapper is not water-soluble, be sure to remove it

The soluble shell is a huge advantage. Such pills are more expensive, but they are convenient to use, and their hands remain clean.

Hints on solubility and whether or not to remove the wrapper are indicated on the product package.

Where to put the pill in the dishwasher

It is important to put the medication in the right compartment. So check the dishwasher manual first. Most models have compartments on the inside of the door with the main compartment in the center. It is used for the main detergent, including tablets.

One tablet is usually enough for 10-15 loads of dishes. For this reason, half a tablet is sufficient for an incomplete load or a small dishwasher. Many products can not be crumbled, so you must carefully cut the tablet or capsule with a knife. Put the product in the right compartment and start the appliance.

If the tabs do not dissolve, they are expired or have become soggy, sticky or hardened. This can happen if you put the product or dishes in the dishwasher incorrectly, if the right compartment is clogged. Tabs may not dissolve completely if the water used is too cold or the water pressure is too low.

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How to use tablets for the dishwasher

Finish dishwasher tablets

A dishwasher only works properly when detergents and special detergents are used appropriately. A whole host of technologies and tricks help the modern appliance to wash 12 sets of dishes in 1.5 kWh of energy and 14 liters of water.

The quintessence of scientific developments are tablets for dishwashers, which allow you to achieve the ideal effect without the use of other means. This makes it much easier to prepare the appliance for use. on this and many other details.

load, tablet, dishwasher


The standard detergent is a powder. It usually already contains a formula for soaking. As a result, Finish dishwasher detergent easily penetrates deep into the dirt. Jets of rinse clean the items in the cutlery set to shine.

Dishwasher detergent powder is poured into the detergent tray. The amount of liquid is determined by the instructions. (See. Also: The contents of dishwasher powders)

The powder is usually sharpened to get rid of tea and coffee stains, as well as lipstick marks. It also usually includes options such as silver and gold protection. It is generally not recommended to put these metals in the dishwasher.

Dishwasher detergents

The dishwasher has two more compartments in addition to the detergent compartment:

The salt is poured through a special neck in the bottom of the compartment that screws on the lid. We recommend using the special funnel for this purpose. Salt spraying into the dishwasher’s work compartment should be avoided at all costs.

If this does happen, and if there is a leakage of the solution of the substance, then you must immediately do one cycle. It doesn’t matter if it’s a full load or an empty compartment.

The lid is carefully screwed back into place after refilling.

The salt is needed to soften the water. It lets you not have to worry about protecting your dishwasher. By reacting with mineral solutions, this substance prevents the formation of scale. This is how it protects the dishwasher from limescale. But not from dirt!

The Finish rinse aid is poured through the opening in the door and does two things:

  • It reduces the surface tension of the water, so that the dishes dry faster. It prevents streaks and the washed dishes look aesthetically pleasing.
  • The special formula gives your dishes a shiny finish. The composition is harmless to health, just all items that came out of the dishwasher, will become beautiful and shiny.
load, tablet, dishwasher

The essence of the rinse lies in the fact that the finish jet of water is heated to a sufficiently high temperature. It makes the drying process much easier. The rinse aid additionally reduces the surface tension of the liquid, thus speeding up evaporation. This is very important because it enables the use of condensation dryers, which are the most economical in terms of energy consumption.

Salt and rinse aid levels are sometimes monitored visually, also special sensors can be used for this purpose. The dishwasher consumption of these substances is adjusted separately, depending on the hardness of the water and a few other factors.

But in any case, dishwasher owners don’t like such complications, which is where Finish dishwasher tablets and special gels come in handy. (See the rinse aid for a further reduction in rinse aid). see also: Dishwasher repair with your own hands)

So you don’t have to control salt levels

In today’s world, it is difficult to schedule time to get everything done. It is not surprising that controlling detergent and special detergent levels bores many people. over, in order to pour the salt, you need to wait until the compartment dries.

No need to rush, so as not to spill. If the lid is not screwed on tightly, the walls of the work compartment can corrode. And it takes a relatively long time to change the rinse aid.

Dishwasher Finish Gel already contains all the ingredients you need.

The salt and rinse aid can be put into the detergent dispenser, which means no need to open the salt and rinse aid container.

The gel is easy to dispense, no limescale is produced, and the dishes are shiny and beautiful. Efficiency is slightly reduced, or the savings compared to standard detergents.

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But it’s a real time saver for the housewife! And with its easy-to-set cycle, the dishwasher is a pleasure to use.

The tablets are actually the equivalent of a gel or powder. The advantage is that they are easy to use. You can put as much as you need in the tray and the result is guaranteed.

It is worth remembering that hard water (more than 26 dH) will still require the use of salt, and a rinse aid copes better with streaks than tablets.

Therefore, combined products are used only in conditions of limited time.

load, tablet, dishwasher

When choosing Finish tablets for the dishwasher, you must remember that they come in different compositions. Some are pressed powder, others contain all the necessary components for the correct operation of the equipment.

In the latter case, neither rinse aid nor salt is needed. A complex tablet consists of several layers, each substance forming a shell.

The whole construction resembles a nested doll, where the salt is embedded in the rinse aid, which is in turn covered by a thick layer of powder.

It is believed that all the components will gradually dissolve and fall into the compartment one by one.


Like any appliance, the dishwasher gets dirty. Neither salt nor clean water will save it. Every 30 cycles the dishwasher should be cleaned. The appliance is turned on with an empty working compartment. A dishwasher cleaner is made with a special detergent.

For a pleasant aroma, you can add special fresheners. Then after the cycle the dishes will smell like lemon or something else.


It’s appropriate to mention the composition of the dishes. According to the European tradition, the set includes 11 items. Accordingly, there are special trays and baskets for each variety in the dishwasher. For the process to go without a hitch, you need to follow the simplest tips:

Analog to tablets. gel: where to pour?

Where to put the tablet in the dishwasher. We discovered. But what to do with the liquid detergent?

Many users prefer to use dishwashing gel instead of tablets. Its application depends directly on the selected program.

For example, if the “Pre-rinse” mode is set, the detergent is poured into the rinse aid compartment. If the main wash mode is running, the gel overflows into the container for powder or other detergents.

Many users argue that the manufacturer specifies a dose that is clearly more than necessary. If you reduce it by a quarter, you can achieve the same result, but save money. Even if the product contains components with an emollient effect, the use of salt is recommended in any case.

Washing shirts with yellow stains

Dishwasher capsule easily copes with fresh stains on white clothing. White clothes often turn yellow after prolonged use, especially in the armpit area. You can fix this by adding a tablet to the washing machine. Even old stains can be removed with this cleaner, making your clothes whiter for sure.

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A little bit about the ratings

The best-selling brands in Russia are Finish (All in 1 and Quantum) and Somat (Gold). These pills are multifunctional and clean difficult dirt perfectly. There is serious competition among brands, and this is good for consumers: hypermarkets regularly organize sales with 40-50% discounts. During such campaigns the price of 1 cube is reduced to 10-13.

In the last 2-3 years, the demand has increased for safe products: biodegradable, hypoallergenic, without phosphates, fragrances, etc.п. The best known brands: BioMio, Oppo, Meine Liebe, Ecover, Frosch, Filtero, Nordland.

Finish and Somat are also on the trend: they do not contain phosphates and replace them with surfactants or minimize their share.

load, tablet, dishwasher

Judging by consumer reviews, worthy competitors to the above are Sun and CleanFresh tablets, at a price of 10/pc. Washing quality like a premium brand. But these products are not sold everywhere.

There are many well-known brands, and new ones are coming out all the time. Many large retail chains have included their brand names in the range: the price is usually low, and the quality is average.

Note. read more about ratings in a separate article.

In general, the advantage of tablets in comparison with other dishwashing detergents is their compactness and comprehensive composition. And the main thing is that every year they become more environmentally friendly and safer for health.

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