Where to put the rinse aid in the Bosch dishwasher

The rinse aid is a surfactant. This means it reduces the surface tension of the water, so it slides off the dishes in the dishwasher more easily. The rinse aid helps to prevent water stains on the surface, especially in regions with hard water. A rinse aid also helps dishes dry faster.

Initially, many customers underestimated the importance of dishwasher rinse aid. In fact, such a substance helps to protect dishes from stains, giving them a new shine

Concentrated detergents need to remove as much as possible from the surface of the cutlery at the end of washing. The rinse aid protects from aggressive attack and removes chemical residues. The rating includes top quality brand products with optimum features and prices.


Such a product will help to permanently remove chemical residues and odors from the surface of the dishes. The composition also guarantees protection from streaks, stains, faster drying process. This promises energy savings when the appliance is in use. Topperr has a pleasant unobtrusive fragrance, and one package contains 500 ml of rinse aid. Main purpose, prescribed by the manufacturer, is to prevent greasy film, stains, drips, protects against limescale, rust.

Compared to many rinsers, the effectiveness of cleaning, protection of dishes from streaks, staining is much higher. One bottle is enough for about 250-300 cycles at a small volume, which confirms the economy. Some customers have complained that the dispenser is clumsy, which makes dispensing a little tricky.

Paclan Brileo

World famous brand CeDo offers high quality, easy to use and environmentally friendly detergents, among them Paclan rinse aid received the highest praise. Its effective formula contains nonionic active-surfactants, preservatives, and a component with antibacterial biocidal activity. Regular use will protect the appliance from limescale, scale, remove completely the remains of detergent, stains, greasy shine from the cutlery, make them shiny and new.

  • Unobtrusive odor;
  • Antibacterial action;
  • Versatility;
  • Unique formula;
  • Inexpensive price tag;
  • Convenient shape of the bottle.

Users most often approve of how shiny and clean the dishes come out of the washer. Since the composition contains preservatives and non-ionic surfactants, some buyers are concerned.

Can I use common salt in the dishwasher??

Owners of PMs try to reduce the cost of operation and replace the specialized salt with ordinary table salt. If you look at the composition of both products, it is exactly the same. NaCl. They differ only in fraction: tableware has small particles, while the specialty ones have coarser ones. As mentioned above, the presence of sodium ions is important, so at first glance ordinary table salt is quite capable of replacing the more expensive product. Dishwasher tell us that even when using food grade sodium chloride for a long time, the dishwasher runs smoothly.

But manufacturers say that it is imperative to add a special salt solution. Because regular sodium chloride contains impurities that, once in the machine, crystallize not only in the salt reservoir but also on the filters. This leads to breakdowns and poor dishwashing.

Of course, by choosing regular salt, you can save a few hundred. But the probability of breaking the product will increase, and the repair of the dishwasher can cost much more, not to mention the complete replacement of the appliance.

rinse, bosch, dishwasher

Find a tank for pouring the salt preparation must be found before the first power on the equipment. In most Bosch models, it is located under the bottom bowl.

Open the hopper door and look into the tray. You will find the reservoir with a lid near the drain filter. When loading for the first time, it is recommended that you pour water into the container first, and then fill it with salt. You can use a special funnel for this, so as not to spill pellets.

In some models, the salt compartment is located in the door of the device.

Characteristics and contents

Automatic dishwasher rinses can be divided into two categories. simple and multifunctional. The first group of products performs only one task. cleans the dishes from dirt. The second group provides care not only for the dishes, but also for the unit, so it is more popular among Russian consumers.

Complex action rinsers differ in composition and chemical formula, but their formulation always contains the standard components:

  • anionic and cationic surfactants (surfactants). bind grease and dirt molecules and remove them from the surface of the dishes;
  • Non-ionic surfactants. prevents excessive foaming
  • polycarboxylates. protect the metal parts of the automatic machine from rusting;
  • acids (citric, lactic, fruit acids). they soften or neutralize aggressive alkaline compounds contained in powders and dishwashing gels;
  • Oily alcohols and tensides. reduce the surface tension of water and create a protective film on the walls of dishes;
  • Water. acts as a solvent for all ingredients.

The manufacturer may decide to add synthetic fragrances or essential oils to the mix, giving the cookware a berry, fruit, or citrus smell. For those who suffer from allergies or have a negative reaction to the saturated aromas of household chemicals, there are hypoallergenic formulations without dyes, fragrances and other aggressive substances.

Setting the hardness setting

For the right dosage of salt, it is necessary to assess the condition of the water. Use the test strips, if they are included in the package of the washing machine, or a household method.

Hard water quickly washes away laundry soap foam from hands or a piece of cloth. With soft water, it takes more time and effort. You can also tell by the white stain on the apartment’s plumbing.

In the majority of models of Bosch automatic dishwasher there are 7 levels of water quality: from soft (0) to very hard (7). The salt consumption is determined as follows:

This amount of salt is enough for several months of dishwasher operation. Always check the gauge before starting the appliance again. The device will alert the user when the salt needs to be added. It is better not to let the level drop to zero, but fill the tank when the indicator flashes at the 2-3 mark.

The first start of the dishwasher: preparation, choice of product, algorithm of actions

We all know the feeling of impatience when we want to try out a new appliance we have just bought in the store. But there are cases when you should not hurry, for example, the first start of the dishwasher Bosch, Samsung or any other brand should be performed according to the instructions.

Appliances of different manufacturers differ considerably, that’s why the exact observance of the instructions in the manual is a must during the first start-up. For background information and useful tips, read our article.

No need to rush to put the dishes in the new dishwasher. no need to do it during the first run

What gel is better to use??

Dishwasher detergent should be chosen according to consumers’ reviews. By studying the opinions, you can make a top of the best gels. The rating includes both local and foreign brands of different cost.

The best gel is Finish. a universal gel that cleans grease, soot and other types of dirt. Can run in both cold and hot water without leaving streaks or soapy residue. It costs between 600-800 for a 650 ml bottle and is economical to use. Leaves a definite odor on the dishes.

Customers highly appreciated the gel “Charm” from the Japanese brand Lion. It effectively removes dirt from dishes without leaving streaks or odors on glass and ceramics. It contains a rinse aid that improves the quality of washing and rinsing. Convenient packaging in half-liter bottles with measuring cup. It costs about 300-400 But you can’t buy this concentrate in mass-markets. only order it online.

Well-proven detergents from brands Finish, Lion, Sodasan, Somat and CleanHome.

Another foreign gel. German Sodasan. Its advantage is considered a natural composition, due to which the product is safe for allergic people and children. Due to the concentrated formula it consumes slowly and cleans faster in water of any temperature. It comes both with a citrus fragrance and without perfume. Price. 300-400 per 0.5 liter of concentrate.

rinse, bosch, dishwasher

The Somat brand is also praised. This product is a “3 in 1”: in addition to degreasing and descaling it can neutralize the smell. Works effectively even at fast and low temperatures. But there is a disadvantage. not eco-friendly composition, not suitable for children and people prone to allergies.

Excellent against fresh dirt CleanHome, but inferior to other cleaners for removing dried-on, encrusted dirt. The top also includes universal TopHouse and hypoallergenic Synergetic. The price tag for the bottles is similar. no more than 400 per half-liter of product.

Detergent compositions with their own hands

Homemade Recipe

It was invented by thrifty housewives. The annual cost of it is 700. For preparation you need to stock up:

The ratio of baking soda to mustard to powder is 10:3:3. Pouring everything into a metal or glass container, the composition is stored in a cool dry place. Shelf life. six months. Advantages:

Disadvantage. the presence of surfactant. Above we have already talked about the dangers of this tool. True, here it will be a little bit. The second disadvantage is that mustard can clog the impeller. This version is quite tolerable, it washes dishes well, but a rinse aid is needed, so that it wouldn’t leave a stain on the plates. It is desirable to alternate “homemade” with special tablets for the washing machine. If you use a homemade composition constantly, you will have to clean the machine weekly.

Substitute for rinse aid

To replace the rinse aid is much easier than special detergents. A budget substitute is prepared from 100 ml of water, 50 ml of hand-washing gel and 30 ml of ethyl alcohol. It is mixed gently, but not shaken. This must be done each time before use. Housewives say that this composition perfectly replaces the gel for washing not very dirty dishes.

Homemade tablets

It is impossible to make a complete substitute for pills that combine several effects. But it is easy to make an ersatz product of the classic tableted preparations. You will need:

  • English salt. 100 g;
  • Borax (can be bought at your local pharmacy). 100 g;
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice. 100 g;
  • Calcined soda. 200 g.
  • Pour the ingredients into a bowl and gradually pour in the lemon juice. The composition, which must be constantly stirred, will make a hissing noise.
  • When the mixture is “silent,” it is poured into an ice mold.
  • The mold is placed in direct sunlight or, in the worst case, on a hot radiator.
  • When the cubes are dry, they are taken out and are ready-made tablets.

Such cubes can easily replace cheap analogs, produced specifically for dishwashers.

With hydrogen peroxide

You’ll need baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and hot water. One teaspoon of both per glass. It won’t do for burnt pans, but it will do just fine for forks, spoons, and plates.

With Mustard

Ingredients: 250 g mustard, 125 g borax, 250 g soda ash. Store in the dark. This composition is good for both dishwasher and handwashing.

Homemade “chemistry”

This recipe stands out for the presence of chemical components. They don’t make it for environmental and safety reasons, but to save money. This is a suggestion from amateur home chemists. In fact, it is an ersatz product too, a cheap equivalent of chemistry, bought on the market. Needed:

The first two components are surfactants and are commercially available. It turns out that a 30-gram dose contains only 1.5 g of surfactant. Pouring such a minuscule amount into the compartment is inconvenient, so they take a powdered substance for the base. Costs a kilo of this home remedy for only 50. It performs well in water with a low hardness. For a hard one, it is necessary to add salt.

Recipes from users

Consumers can’t stop sharing new recipes. Particularly many want to create effective substitutes for pills. The latter are the most effective. You’ll need:

They are diluted with a small amount of water and poured into a mold, for example, for ice cubes. Here it is important that the volume of the product does not exceed the dimensions of the dispenser.

Pour the mixture into molds. Suitable for Eco mode.

The components are mixed and adjusted to the desired consistency by adding citric acid/lemon juice. This composition is more environmentally friendly than the previous two.

When preparing the tablets, it is advisable to wear gloves and even a mask. the components are too “dusty”.

How to: Add Rinse Aid to your Bosch Dishwasher

  • Boil a liter of water;
  • Add 50 g of laundry soap;
  • Stir until a homogeneous consistency;
  • Pour 45 grams of soda ash. Stir until it dissolves;
  • Wait for the composition to cool;
  • Add a few drops of essential oil;
  • The product can now be used. It is poured into a container from which it will be taken as needed.
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