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Unusual use of dishwasher tablets

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The manufacturer has found a universal form of detergents for dishwashers. tablets. They have replaced gels and powders. The main thing is not to mix up the place of insertion. there is a special compartment for tablet preparations. Let’s find out where to put the tablet in the dishwasher and how to use it correctly.

Preliminary Preparation

Above all, set aside items that cannot be washed in the machine, and remove waste from the rest:

  • With a spatula, sponge, paper towel remove pieces of food from the surfaces, you can rinse, but do not wash out;
  • Drain the used frying oil and wipe off the grease from the pans with a cloth;
  • Soak any excessively dried-on residue in hot water for 5 minutes;
  • wipe off the egg and cheese traces with a sponge. they are difficult to clean, even with strong detergents;
  • Rims from broths and soups on the walls of pans disappear only on long programs with strong water heating and with powerful tablets. to wash on short cycles, go over them with a sponge.

Is it necessary to open the package?

Each detergent tablet is packed in a film that protects it from moisture. To answer the question of how to put the capsule: in the package or not, can the instructions for the product. If the wrapper is soluble, the briquette is placed in the tablet compartment of the dishwasher without removing the film. It is very convenient, you do not need to wipe your hands beforehand. Dissolving packaging is available in such products as Amway, Finish, Sodasan.

If the packaging is removed to avoid softening of the tablet, make sure your hands are dry.

If the wrapper is not water-soluble, be sure to remove it

The soluble coating is a huge advantage. These pills are more expensive, but they are convenient to use and your hands stay clean.

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Hints about solubility and whether or not you need to remove the wrapper are listed on the product packet.

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Do I have to open the package??

Each tablet of the detergent is packed in a film that protects it from moisture. To answer the question of how to put the capsule: in the package or not, can the instructions for the remedy. If the wrapper is soluble, place the briquette in the tablet compartment in the dishwasher without removing the film. It is very convenient, there is no need to wipe your hands beforehand. Soluble packaging is available in products like Amway, Finish, Sodasan.

If the package is removed to avoid softening of the tablet, make sure your hands are dry.

If the tablet‘s wrapper is not water-soluble, be sure to remove it

The soluble shell is a huge advantage. Such tablets are more expensive, but they are convenient to use, the hands will remain clean.

Hints about solubility and whether or not to remove the wrapper are listed on the product package.

Components of a purchased rinse aid

You can save a lot of money if you can calculate the amount of preparations you need, but you will spend even less if you make a very effective rinse aid yourself. To create a similar remedy yourself, you need to know at least approximately what substances and in what dosage are included in the factory rinse. Different manufacturers and brands still use the same or identical base components. All rinses contain:

tablet, dishwasher
  • Nonionic surfactants;
  • Carboxyl-type anionic polymers (they may also be called polycarbonates);
  • Citric acid, which is available in any home;
  • Tensides, as well as a small amount of ethanol.
tablet, dishwasher

So, the rinse aid is quite possible to prepare at home, because its components are readily available. Of course, in addition to the above ingredients there are others that are not available to us, but even without them you can create an excellent budget substitute for the expensive branded rinse aid.

Where to start using

Once you have made the purchase and received it through the delivery service, you can proceed to the direct operation of the device.

  • Initially you need to install the dishwasher permanently. The floor surface must be level, otherwise it must be leveled out with a spirit level.
  • Hoses for water supply and drain are connected.
  • After connecting the hoses and checking for leaks, the water valve can be opened.
  • Now it’s time to read the manufacturer’s instructions, so as not to violate the recommended rules for using the technique.
  • Check the contents inside the machine, there should be no forgotten parts, foam or manufacturer’s stickers.
  • Place the detergent in the dishwasher.
  • Connect the appliance to the mains, it should be checked for proper operation in a test mode and only then proceed to the full operational start of the dishwasher.

Do not neglect the instruction manual, as the procedure for starting and using the appliance may vary depending on the manufacturer’s settings. If any defects are detected, the expert appraisal can reveal a violation of operating rules, which can deny you a warranty repair.

Why do we need a “dry run”?

“Idle” run is a necessary procedure that will reveal improper operation or its complete absence. Caused by mechanical or human error, so be sure to run a test run before operating.

Testing the appliance in “idle” mode is conditioned by the following points:

  • Necessary check of equipment performance. aimed at detecting possible defects in the assembly, transportation or improper installation of equipment and components.
  • Cleaning function. Running the dishwasher in “idle” mode allows you to get rid of various contaminants and lubricant residues.
  • Initial familiarization with the functions of starting and operating the appliance. Before direct loading of the dishes you will be able to understand the features of the household appliance.

Problems that can be detected during the test mode stage:

  • Failure of integrity or malfunction of the power supply connection cable;
  • damaged or broken supply and drain hoses;
  • filter leakage;
  • failure of the electronic programming system;
  • Faulty or damaged water nozzle;
  • The incorrect operation of the washing or drying modes;
  • water heater element malfunction.

During testing, it is important to use the longest mode with the highest temperature and all necessary household detergents to remove traces of factory grease and dirt. Otherwise, when you continue to use the device, dangerous and harmful to human body substances can remain on the dishes.

Algorithm of the first switching on

After all the work on the installation and preparation of the dishwasher for operation is done, you can begin loading detergents and auxiliaries. Keep a complete list of the necessary detergents at hand. For the first start of the dishwashing process, we place them in the specialized compartments according to the instructions and in the recommended amount. You will need:

The sequence of operations is similar for all brands:

  • Pouring the salt into the salt reservoir.
  • Then pour the conditioning liquid. rinse aid into your compartment.
  • In the compartment for detergents we put a tablet, powder or gel for washing up.
  • Load the dishes into the baskets according to the rules, type and level of dirt.

Before pouring the salt into the salt container for the first time, pour a liter of water into it. This will prevent the particles of the loose product from sticking together. For further washing this procedure is not relevant, the water will already be in the compartment.

Main ingredients

  • A stain bleach (e.g. active oxygen),
  • enzymes,
  • Anticorrosive additives and against scale formation,
  • antibacterial agents,
  • products for extra shine and t.д.

The range of products on the market is enormous. Look at Yandex Market. there are more than 100 kinds of tablets. Which products do you prefer??

The price factor aside, the decisive criterion for the choice is the composition, and it is this that determines the cleaning result. Tablets according to the content of the ingredients can be divided into two categories:

  • One-component (compressed powder with a minimum amount of salt);
  • combined (multi-component, all-in-one);
  • Eco-friendly products (phosphate-free, fragrance-free and biodegradable).

The single-component pills are designed for everyday washing and will fail to rinse heavily soiled dishes. They are used with the addition of a special salt and rinse aid. Thanks to their simple composition, they are inexpensive, costing 5-8 dollars apiece.

The most effective in terms of degree of cleaning. multicomponent. Their ingredients are balanced to remove difficult stains and burnt-on food residues as much as possible, while special additives soften the water, shine the glass, and protect the dishwasher from mineral deposits.

The numbers in the “5 in 1”, “7 in 1”, etc.п. The numbers in the names of the components do not mean the number of components, but the value of the functions: soaking, grease, descaling, shine, etc.

Experiment. 100 Dishwasher Tablets. in a Washing Machine. deep cleaning

However, if the utensils are not heavily soiled, it is not advisable to use them: the price is more expensive (15-27 /pc.), and the result of washing will turn out as at conventional tablets.

Eco-friendly bio tablets cost from 13/pc. And have their pros and cons:

  • Their advantage is safety for human body, environment and delicate dishes (they work at low temperatures as well);
  • The disadvantage. they don’t remove colored stains, soot, and they dirty your dishwasher faster.

What you need later

Salt, rinse aid, tablets or powder. whatever the dishwasher needs daily.

After a while. 3, 6, or maybe 12 months, depending on the owner’s neatness. there will be visible dirt in the hopper of the machine. Whitish plaque, lime deposits on the corollas, possibly an odor. these are signs that it’s time to clean your helper.

What detergent to use depends on the dirt:

tablet, dishwasher
  • Antikalipin (electric appliance scale cleaner). dissolves lime scale on the heating element and the surfaces of the machine;
  • Citric acid is a popular copayment for mineral deposits;
  • Special dishwasher cleaner. removes grease film, limescale, rinses spray nozzles and drain hoses, gets rid of unpleasant odors.

With these products, caring for your dishwasher comes down to a few simple steps, which are described in separate articles. Regular cleaning will extend the life of the appliance, and dishes will wash better.

You are now armed and ready to start your kitchen helper. Assemble the components of the set individually or buy a ready-made set. it does not matter. Load the machine and your dishes are clean!

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