Whether it is possible to make a fireplace out of a stove

How to make a stove for dacha with their own hands: the choice of the best option and the manufacturing process

Method of expansion of construction is considered the simplest way of remodeling. Its peculiarity is that the old stove will have to be well cleaned, and the equipment itself to make more modern. to change the outdated finishing material for a new.

The biggest difficulties arise with the remodeling of the furnace of the former stove. Experts advise using cast iron plates or fireproof bricks to overlap the furnace.

To redo the furnace completely is the most difficult task. The work begins with the complete dismantling of the entire structure. After which the foundation is considered. If its quality meets modern requirements, it can not be dismantled. Old and cracked foundations will have to be redone.

It is worth noting that the complete dismantling of the construction must also be carried out correctly:

  • The superstructure is completely dismantled from ceiling to floor;
  • Whole and good bricks are put aside (in the process of building a new structure they can be used);
  • Dismantling the old furnace should not be accompanied by severe damage to nearby walls and interior objects;
  • Carefully observe the former furnace. In the process of dismantling, try not to damage its doors or chambers. Damaged equipment will have to be discarded and a new one made.

What to keep in mind?

Before you remake the stove into a fireplace with your own hands, it is necessary to become more familiar with the basic nuances, requirements for remodeling and the design itself to which you should pay attention:

  • On the condition of the old stove. It should not have serious damage. The same applies to the chimney system. The draught should be fully operational, the smoke is completely discharged from the furnace to the street. The cross-section of the pipes must be suitable;
  • If the furnace was open or equipped with a door, you will have to replace it completely. For this, buy in a specialized store or make your own hands a door for the fireplace made of tempered glass or metal;
  • All chips and cracks in the furnace must be repaired properly and completely. In the presence of severe damage, you will need to redo the damaged area, to replace the brick with your own hands or with the help of a professional stove builder.

A small wall fireplace in the form of an arch with a firebox, suitable for heating a small cottage

possible, make, fireplace, stove

A closed steel island-type hearth that heats two rooms at the same time

What to finish the fireplace?

Make a fireplace out of the stove is not so difficult, if the design is strong and reliable, then you can only expand the hole for the firebox, make a beautiful and convenient portal from it. After that, you can mount the glass fireplace door, which will give the whole structure integrity and decorativeness. The last stage of finishing works is performance of finishing works, for this purpose any material can be used, which is used for tiling fireplaces. The simplest is a brick, but you can also use a stone or ceramic tiles, tiles. Presentable to such a design will give a natural stone.

The question of how to make a fireplace out of a stove arises among many dacha owners. There can be several variants of such alterations, the work itself should begin with a thorough inspection of the stove, it is quite possible that the masonry from scratch and will not have to. It will save a lot of budget and time.

How to make with their own hands?

This stage of construction of the fireplace is more complicated. First it is necessary to dismantle the old stove, inspect the foundation. If necessary, it must be levelled and then waterproofed. Otherwise, moisture rising from the ground along the foundation will reach the base of the fireplace, leading to its destruction. The dimensions of the base of the structure should not exceed the dimensions of the foundation.

possible, make, fireplace, stove

The mortar for a masonry fireplace should be of high quality. The longevity and quality of the construction depends on it. Plasticity and normal fatness of the mortar are the main criteria by which it should be selected in the store or prepared independently. From too greasy mortar in the construction can appear cracks, and dry composition threatens to crumble after drying.

Each level of the masonry is measured with a spirit level. The work requires refractory bricks, which are used to build the fireplace firebox

It is important to know that when building the walls of such a unit between them and the furnace, there must be an air space in order to avoid the destruction of the furnace. This is because the different types of bricks used in the work (fireclay and red brick), expand differently at high temperatures

To avoid laborious work with the glass door, the glass must be removed before installing it. Stove tape is attached to the sash with the usual twist. To put it in place, you’ll need mounting tape. It must be screwed to the door, and then make four (minimum) fastening knots. Steel rivets in this case will be the most reliable fixing.

When the fasteners are ready, the mortar can be mixed. You need to prepare a homogeneous mass without lumps. You will need to use a construction mixer for this.

The firebox must be wrapped around the whole perimeter with asbestos cord, well moistened with prepared mortar. The door for the firebox must also be wrapped with such cord. For a perfect result and to create uniformity it is necessary to make several turns, and then to test the winding with a rubber mallet.

After these manipulations, you can install the sash in place. To make it more secure, it’s secured with ceramic dowels. Cracks that form suddenly, you can close with asbestos cord soaked in cement mortar. A flat-blade screwdriver will help in this case.

It usually takes a couple of days for the mortar to set. After this period, a test furnace is made. If this reveals places leaking smoke, they are grouted with cement mortar.

Step-by-step instructions for remodeling

It is necessary to make a scheme, which is better to order from the master. Specialist will make calculations to avoid mistakes, rework. It will be established at once what materials, tools are needed for work.

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Will need fireproof bricks for the furnace, heat-resistant blocks. The material can be found at a construction store, in the market, or delivered through a reliable company.

For masonry you will need dry cement mortar, clay, a construction mixer, a nozzle for the drill.

Under the mortar we need a large container, clean water. The mixture is applied with a trowel.

To ensure that the fireplace is level, you must constantly monitor the laying, using a building level, rule, plumb.

The first fireplace row is placed on the waterproofing with the markings, laying down the mortar. After laying, according to the rules of poryadovka, you need to put the second tier with a shift of half, third, quarter of a brick. To make the rows even, the blocks should be evenly cut with an angle grinder.

Brick masonry layout means the location of bricks of each successive row above the joint of the blocks of the previous tier.

The clay in the mortar prevents the destruction of the structure, while the sand-cement mixture cannot withstand such loads. In combination with clay you can achieve a heat-resistant effect.

To form the furnace cavity you will need a thick sheet of refractory metal, on which the following rows will be placed.

Immediately place a frame under the future door, and secure it with fireproof wire.

Converting the stove into a fireplace

The very first action to take before installing a new fireplace is to prepare a future drawing. All the dimensions must be suitable for the old foundation.

Remodeling the stove into a fireplace takes place in several stages:

  • Stove foundations are reinforced with waterproofing. As a waterproofing material is used roofing felt. Several layers of the material are placed on the grout.
  • The next step is to install the base under the fireplace. A new base can be built or a stove base can be used if it is in excellent condition.
  • The firebox is made according to new drawings, since the furnace firebox is not suitable for the fireplace. To create a base for the firebox around the circumference of the structure is surrounded with brick masonry.
  • The firebox itself is built. The walls must be made vertical. It is desirable to check the clarity of the lines of the future side walls of the furnace with a construction level.
  • Correct calculations are also important for the chimney construction. It is laid out with the help of masonry. Every few rows you need to remove the excess of the mortar from the inside of the chimney, because they can still be covered with soot. Because of this the chimney will have to be cleaned often.

The chimney can be made of more than just bricks. You can consider a sandwich pipe, streamlined shape and smooth walls that do not hinder the exit of smoke from the fireplace.

Where you can see a Russian stove

Step by step answers to all questions. In our country, a huge part of the population lives away from civilization. In the 90’s there was a trend of extinction of villages. Young people left their parents’ houses and went to the city in search of a better life. Many buildings are left simply abandoned.

Today, agriculture is gradually taking a course to recovery, which means that the staff is attracted, provided with housing. Many families who have personal vehicles, acquire country houses and move into them, continuing to work in the city.

Most village homes were equipped with a stove. In order to dismantle the stove, you need to reret the floor covering and seal the hole in the roof under the chimney. Not everyone had the desire and ability to do it, and so the symbols of warmth and comfort in the house, glorified in Russian fairy tales, still stand.

Gasification made it possible to install a burner in the stove and give the structure a second life. But the modern approach to reconstruction implies that there will be a remodeling into a functional, stylish fireplace.

possible, make, fireplace, stove

What will the renovation of the furnace

Russian stove in the house is installed in such a way as to heat the maximum living space, the location in the center was not excluded. Now think about it, is it not a modern style?

In our image, the furnace has the image of a certain structure with rough edges and whitewash, leaving traces on the clothes, in case of accidental touch, but if we level the edges and use modern materials, then we can already outline interesting projects, which by originality of design will not yield to the leading design developments.

The possibility of building island types, wall options, stylization of the room under the decoration of a rustic hut (a promising trend). All this awaits us after the transformation of the old stove into a modern fireplace.


Arrange the chimney

One of the important elements in the construction of any fireplace is a chimney system. All combustible materials in the combustion emit smoke, which should not enter the room. This mechanism is represented by a one-piece pipe, extending to the street. It is also possible to assemble a device made of several pipes connected by an elbow.

The pipe, that takes out the combustion products, is installed in the prepared hole in the upper part of the stove. Fastening to the wall is done with brackets. If you need to make a contact or a bend, it is done with the use of an elbow. Connecting areas are treated with heat-resistant sealing compound.

As a result, the pipe is led to the roof, where it must rise at least 5 cm. The top of the chimney is decorated with a cap and a mushroom that protects it from water and debris.

Photo 12 Initially the chimney is led into the ceiling, and then onto the roof.

At the finish line we have a finished furnace device. If there are technical or financial possibilities, the fireplace is additionally decorated with decorative details. You can choose the wrought iron items, statuettes, etc. Parts can be painted with a special paint, giving them even more elegance and luxury.

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