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The best epilators for hair: rating 2022

To underestimate the convenience of using an epilator is very difficult. Unwanted hairs are removed quickly, and the result lasts at least 2-3 weeks. A wide range of epilators with different configurations and price policies cause some difficulties in choosing the most preferable model. Today in the article we will consider the rating of the best epilators in 2022.

If it was decided to buy an epilator for personal use or as a gift, it is recommended to get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of technology beforehand.

The main advantages of using epilators:

  • Large range of epilators from different manufacturers, with different configurations and pricing. Everyone has the opportunity to choose the most acceptable option for themselves.
  • Cost savings, because you can remove all unwanted hair yourself at home. No need to visit a beauty salon.
  • Small size, small weight and equipped with a rechargeable battery allows you to take the device with you on trips, business trips.
  • Includes a variety of attachments and accessories that extend the functionality of technology. For example, with the grass trimmer you can make an attractive intimate hairstyle, and the facial attachment will remove all the unwanted hair above the upper lip.
  • Ability to work on all parts of the body. If we are talking about a quality epilator, he will be able to make smooth any area of the body with minimal trauma and pain.
  • Speed of treatment. No need to use additional cosmetics or pre-steam the skin. A few minutes and your feet are smooth.

From the main disadvantages should be highlighted the following:

  • Painful sensations during hair removal.
  • The appearance of ingrown hairs. Frequent epilation causes the hairs to thin. As a result, they are not always able to “penetrate” the skin and grow under it.
  • High cost compared to single/multiple machines.
  • Restrictions on certain growth areas. Manufacturers do not recommend the use of an epilator on deep bikini to avoid traumatizing mucous membranes.

How to choose a good epilator for hair?

Laser and photoepilators

At the moment on the market of household products there is a variety of epilators for home use. In spite of the fact that their purpose is the same. hair removal, but the principle of operation, indications and contraindications may be different.

To begin with we should understand what modern devices for removing unwanted hair are offered by the beauty industry. To date, there are two main types of epilators. laser and photoepilators.

The laser epilator is based on the principle of the laser beam effect on the skin and hair follicles. As this method is rather complicated, moreover not always painless, which is important for girls with sensitive skin, it is most often used in the conditions of the salon.

Quite recently photoepilation was only salon procedure and professional photoepilator was a device reminding system of a spaceship. But progress is not standing still. a modern device can fit into a tiny case, in a bedside table. For home use, mainly devices based on the principle of melanin heating by pulses of light wavelength of 755 nm at a power of 5 J/cm² are used. The impact on the dermis at this time does not occur.

The light wave is able to influence only the hair follicle, which is in the growth stage. The photoepilator has no effect on the “sleeping” follicles. Therefore, in order to get rid of unwanted hair, it is necessary to undergo a course of several procedures.

To summarize: Alexandrite, Diode or Neodymium?

Given the characteristics of these areas of epilation, we can conclude that the neodymium device effectively removes light hair due to the properties of the laser. The possibility of using diode and alexandrite cannot be ruled out, because there are preparations that, in parallel with the removal procedure, saturate the hair with pigment, which helps to recognize it.

Elos. hair removal, is considered one of the highest quality and safest. Guarantees the complete removal of any hair: light, lank, gray. Due to the simultaneous use of two energies. light pulse and current, allows you to remove and completely destroy the active hair. Cooling gel with anesthesia is used for comfort. There are minimal risks and no burns during the procedure. The most important quality of Elos is the ability to remove the light and gray pigment.

Diode or Alexandrite, which is better?

In the process of the alexandrite beam functioning, the laser beam hits only the hair itself without damaging the epidermis around it. The customer does not feel any pain. It is necessary to treat the skin with anesthetic before starting the diode laser. And even after that the presence of unpleasant sensations is possible.

  • To remove thick hairs in the bikini area with the alexandrite laser, several treatments are required. It acts only on those hairs that are in the process of growth. The diode is able to remove them at any stage.
  • The cost of diode laser procedure is much lower compared to alexandrite laser.

Before epilation, the master with the client must choose together which laser is better, alexandrite or diode. Laser epilation will be effective if all parameters are the same. Everything plays a role: color, thickness of hair, sensitivity of the skin, the number of sessions.

Laser hair removal. review

I will tell about laser hair removal all that I know. And about my huge negative experience.

I have excessive hairiness. Not hormonal, but hereditary. Daddy. very hairy. I’m not like him, of course, but in any case, the hair in the wrong places gives me a lot of trouble. It was especially hard when I was younger. Back then, hairiness was just perceived by me as a universal tragedy. Now I’m 43 and I treat myself much more easily. But still, sometimes you want to be smooth. Especially. on the face.

From an early age, I looked for different ways. Lightened my hair, pulled it out, shaved it. I even begged my parents for a portable electric epilator. For a huge amount of money. And this in the early 90’s.х. But I couldn’t handle his fine needle.And I gave it up.

As a result, for a long time I used creams. depilatories. And then suddenly, about 10 years ago, I heard that in our city there was a salon laser hair removal. Of course I didn’t just go there, I ran. Decided to start with the most prominent area. From my upper lip and chin, where I was growing coarse blond hair mixed with fine blond hair. And it’s all in the midst of some distinctly pubescent hair. All in all. it all looked ugly.

This salon worked with alexandrite laser.

Alexandrite laser. Ideal for the European phototype, the fastest and most painless laser with the cryogenic cooling system,

I wondered beforehand. Will the effect be? The point is that for ideal results from laser hair removal, 2 conditions must be met.

1) the skin must be light, not tanned; the lighter the better

2) the hair must be dark. The darker, the better.

I have fair skin, but my hair is poorly colored. They were gray and there were a lot of coarse light ones that the laser didn’t see. It responds to melanin.

That is, these 2 conditions are not met.

But still, I decided to try and see the results.

the procedure is simple. I was wearing sunglasses and the doctor started flashing. Non-contact. It was pretty painful, but it was tolerable. There was an unpleasant burning smell in the process. Before epilation the hair did not need to be shaved off.

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After the treatment, I put pantenol on the treated area. There was a slight swelling and redness around my upper lip. By evening, it was gone. Instead of dark hair I saw burned stumps. And a huge number of blondes were in place.

Dark hair fell out after a while. But it didn’t make me very happy, because all the blond hair was the same as before the waxing.

Nevertheless, I went to the procedure two more times with a break in a month. I was disappointed and decided to stop laser hair removal.Because the alexandrite laser doesn’t work on blond hair.

which, best, epilator, blonde, hair

But then another salon opened up in town. Already with the diode laser. So I decided to go back for a consultation

At the consultation I was told that the diode laser can remove pigmented hair in some cases, and I was suggested to try it. Free. Because we’re not sure of the outcome.

The diode laser is quite suitable for our European photo-type. This means that sooner or later you will get rid of the hair and without much risk of side effects.

The procedure is performed in a slightly different way. It’s like an ultrasound, like a probe going over your skin. The diode is more convenient to use, because treated at once a large surface. It hurt a little, but it was bearable. Not one hair fell out after waxing. Not right away.Not after.

I decided that only electroepilation will help me and began to prepare mentally for it.

But then I heard about a new kind of laser. And I found one in our town.

It’s really a different kind of hair work. This laser does not affect the melanin, but the vessel that feeds the hair. Therefore, if you have dark skin, then among all the lasers only neodymium laser will suit you.

Neodymium laser. The only laser for hair removal that can treat any phototype, even African-Americans, even very tanned skin can be treated safely.

So I went for another consultation. I was told that the neodymium laser does wonders for blonde, lightly colored or downy hair. Just what I need.

You have no idea how relieved I was.

The procedure itself was terribly painful. I was 10 times more painful than when hair removal with alexandrite or diode laser. Here in the same way as at diode hair removal, the big area is processed at once.

After the hair removal my poor chin and upper lip were very swollen and sore, but I didn’t lose a single hair. Neither white nor lightly colored. But I was told to come again. Why.then. So I decided to do it again in a month. But the effect did not get.

Afterward I found that it works great on darker skin, but not on fine, lightly colored hairs. It’s weird, though. It destroys the vessel that feeds the hair. And then the lightly colored hairs.

The conclusion is sad. None of the known lasers can handle blond or downy hair.

As a result, I came to electroepilation to which I go already 2 years. Long and painful, but at least there is a visible result.

And I do not recommend laser hair removal for thin, blond and weakly colored hair in any form. Don’t waste your money! Tried it myself!

Laser hair removal. Review

I want to share a review of the laser hair removal procedure.

My hair is blond (natural blonde). In the bikini area the hair is a little darker than on the head. At the same time the hair is quite tough. On the leg hair is very white, but there is a lot of it, so it is uncomfortable for me to walk with hairy legs.

Before that I used razor since I was 15 years old, at 23 I went for shugaring and at some point I started waxing and epilator myself. It was after independent procedures that the complications began. I was haunted by ingrown hairs, pustules, traces of inflammation and constant irritation. Switching back to a razor didn’t help.

Then I read a lot of reviews and decided to undergo laser hair removal. After asking a few salons on Instagram, I came to the conclusion that a diode laser would work for me (because it has a higher wavelength, so it captures hairs with less melanin). I chose the studio for the price that suited me (the bikini-underarm session was about 2,500).) and a comfortable location.

Once again, the salon assured me that the laser would take blonde hair, but would require more treatments (not 5-6, but 8-10). I was okay with that and had second thoughts about trying to remove the hair on my legs (spoiler. I have not and will not).

The laser that was used at that time in the salon. InMotion D1.

After the first session there was no visible result at all. I liked the process itself. There was no pain, I imagined that I was lying in the sun and it tingled my skin a little. I did not use anesthesia and shaved off my hair before the session.

which, best, epilator, blonde, hair

The second session was in 4 weeks. After it did not decrease the amount of hair, but I shaved less often. Before I had to do it every day/ every other day but now it is every three days and my armpit hair is even every five days. But the most important thing is. Finally all the inflamed pimples and ingrown hairs were healed. The dark trace of a torn pustule, which had been with me for about a year and protruded a little beyond the panty trimmer line and was highly visible, finally began to disappear.

which, best, epilator, blonde, hair

After the third session I noticed spitters, growth continued to slow down. The growing hair was thin. Particularly noticeable in the bikini area on the pubis, but below that, it was as if there had been no progress. It’s a little lighter and there’s more hair.

After the fourth session there was no change at all and I did not have enough patience to go to the salon every month and not see changes, while my dark-haired friend in the same period had only three sessions in another salon and got rid of 70% of her body hair.

It took me a very long time to get an appointment for the fifth treatment. The interval of a month with which I attended the procedure turned into two months, then into three, and then I gave up completely and decided that it was not my thing and went back to the razor.

After a month my hair started to grow back like before, maybe even stronger. They definitely got thicker and darker. It was frightening, because if before they were a little bit russet, now. almost black, even though I’m blonde!

I alternated shaving and shugaring, all was well, accustomed myself to use a scrub and generally do not pull ingrown hairs. just pick it up and shave it off. Then I went to another country for half a year and there I used only razors, sometimes I got irritations (they usually happen in summer when it’s hot and even cotton panties don’t help, other fabrics only make it worse).

Since the new year, I decided to try laser hair removal again, since shaving even once every three days instead of every day seems like a luxury. Plus, I firmly decided to finish the whole course, because I’m going to move again to another country, and similar procedures there cost two or three times as much as.

I chose the same studio, but they suggested a different laser this time. MagicOne X Pro 2019. I was seduced by the fact that the equipment is new, and in the reviews, they wrote that it works great with blond hair. Well, here we go. Prepared the same 2500 p. for the “bikini-underarms” complex and went for the procedure.

After the first effect was no effect, after the second hair growth slowed down, after the third there were gaps and you can shave every five days. Hair was growing, but very soft, almost invisible. After the fourth procedure, the effect is the same, but the fifth, because of the quarantine was postponed for two months. The salon told me that it’s not a big deal, the effect will not be lost, it may just need another procedure. But the salon didn’t open and didn’t open, so I chose another laser hair removal studio near my home, which was not advertised on Instagram only by the lazy one.

In it I went on May 9 for the fifth procedure. After two months of break the hair began to grow back as fast as before, but there were some tiny areas without hair. Again it felt like they were stiffer and darker.

I had a very good technician, it took us about 30 minutes to cover two areas and the laser was very thorough. Here I also chose the Magic One, but they suggested that I try Mediostar and LightSheer Duet as well. The last treatment is more expensive, so for now I would like to evaluate the effect of the Mediostar and possibly go on with it.

By the way, it is very important to find YOUR specialist. In my first studio I didn’t always have the same appointments and I could feel the difference. The order and timing of the treatment was variable. I feel comfortable being asked before the session about the effect, and being asked about the condition of the area, and giving advice on how to improve it. I usually spend at least ten minutes on each area, but this was the longest I have ever been involved in. I didn’t dare ask at the time why so quickly, because I didn’t see exactly what the specialist was doing, what buttons were being pressed and what was changing. It would probably not have much effect on the end result, but I’m used to doing the procedure longer and it was hard to deny the thought that the unfamiliar master “cheated”.

I really hope that I have enough for 10 procedures (further I am not ready to invest neither morally, nor financially) and I can maintain the effect, visiting the procedure once a year. I also hope that the result I see. It is not self-hypnosis, and it really is.


It is necessary to be guided by the fact that after the first session of laser hair removal of any hair, including blond and gray, the skin can be irritated.

Don’t panic. the initial irritation can linger for up to 7 days.The irritation of the skin due to subsequent treatments already passes quickly (within 1-2 hours).

As well as before waxing, as well as after it, it is necessary to forbid to itself something:

The areas of the body treated with the laser beam can and should be moisturized with cosmetic cream.

Well-grown blond and red hair, as well as the appearance of thick gray hair will no longer be source of irritation to their owners. A laser can do this kind of hair.

which, best, epilator, blonde, hair

What’s the best laser for blondes??

-Hair removal for blond girls is best done on a diode laser LightSheer DUET. It is applicable to any skin type, including tanned skin, and is well suited for epilation of light and fine hair Its technical characteristics allow to direct destructive energy to the follicles even with a slight contrast. In this case, its radiation affects clearly the hair follicles, without being wasted in the skin.

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