Which budget vacuum cleaner to choose for an apartment.

The best budget vacuum cleaners of 2021

Home household appliances can significantly facilitate human life and take on the “fulfillment” of routine cases. For example, vacuum cleaners that simplify the process of cleaning carpets and other coatings. Effectively collect garbage and dust from surfaces. A large range of vacuum cleaners with various design features, configurations, built.in options and pricing policies cause difficulties in buying the most suitable option. Today in the article we will consider our rating of the best inexpensive vacuum cleaners for the home in 2021.

To maintain the purity of carpets and other surfaces, it is necessary to have a powerful and productive vacuum cleaner in the arsenal. However, any kind of this technique has advantages and disadvantages. To dispel all doubts about the acquisition of a particular device, you should definitely familiarize them with them.

10 Best Vacuums For Apartments 2020

The main advantages of the use of vacuum cleaners:

  • A large range of household appliances with different configurations and pricing policy, everyone can choose the right option for themselves.
  • Good mobility. A person does not need to transfer a rather heavy vacuum cleaner on his hands, his design is equipped with wheels.
  • High.quality rid of dust and garbage.
  • Strict work on a program given by the user.
  • Long service life subject to all operating rules.
  • Quite large sizes and weight.
  • The need to replace/clean the filter.
  • Energy dependence. If at home, electricity is turned off, then cleaning with a vacuum cleaner will not be possible.

The issue of choosing a budget, but productive vacuum cleaner is open to many. Before choosing a specific model, you need to analyze what tasks will be facing a vacuum cleaner, which surfaces he will have to regularly clean. By answering this question, you can familiarize yourself with other criteria for choosing an inexpensive vacuum cleaner for the home.

  • Type of vacuum cleaner. By the method of cleaning, they are divided into dry and wet. For dry cleaning, bags of vacuum cleaners, cyclone and with aquafilter are purchased.
  • The absorption of the vacuum cleaner. The accompanying documentation indicates two capacities: the amount of power consumed and the absorption power indicator. The second value is measured in aerial reapers. The optimal power will depend on the type of surface. For smooth floors, 250 aerovatt is quite enough. Vacuum cleaners with a capacity of above 350 Aerrowtt qualitatively clean the carpet coatings of pets wool.
  • Ergonomics. For the comfortable use of the vacuum cleaner, it is important that it is convenient and equipped with the following functions: power adjustment, indication of filling the vacuumber/filter, the function of rotation of the brush in a radius of 180 degrees, adjustable in length of the absorption pipe, the possibility of vertical storage of the case.
  • The possibility of filtering. Vacuum cleaners for use at home can be equipped with a coarse cleaning filter (motor), aqua and thin.preparation. Vacuum cleaners are less effective, which are equipped only with a motor filter, but their cost is most acceptable.
  • Equipment. Not only warranty coupon and related documentation, but also additional nozzles can be attached to the vacuum cleaner. Most often 3 nozzles are attached: turbo, mini-turf, nozzle for parquet. expensive models additionally attach a nozzle for the generals and cleaning of mattresses.

These are the main criteria for which it is recommended to pay attention to when choosing an inexpensive vacuum cleaner for the home. It is recommended to buy household appliances in large/chain stores of household appliances, where before selling all equipment should be tested for performance. Make sure of all accompanying documentation and warranty coupon. To facilitate searches, we will get acquainted with the best inexpensive vacuum cleaners in 2021.

Supra VCS-4090

The VCS-4090 model of the Japanese company SUPRA opens our rating. The vertical device is represented by a combination of gray and chocolate tones. This is a practical solution not only for home, but also. car interior. The folding structure “2 in 1” guarantees ease of use even for the smallest spaces. The product weighs only 1.75 kg.

The container is a container with a capacity of 600 ml as a vacuumboard, which is well suited for dry cleaning. The power of the device itself is 600 W (absorption of 180 watts).

Vertical parking is a valuable option, thanks to which the storage of equipment becomes extremely simple. The basic configuration provides for the presence of nozzles for cracks, floor and furniture, which will put the perfect order in a small apartment. Food comes from the network. Noise level during operation. 72 dB.

Owners of a Japanese vacuum cleaner, among the advantages, note small sizes and a convenient arrangement of the handle. However, it is worth considering that the device is not designed for long.term operation and is suitable for use only in small areas. Alas, to collect large garbage to such an unit cannot.

Starwind SCH1550

Starwind products are located above. The brand has existed in the market since 2008. Despite the relatively young age, the company won the sympathies of consumers in demand at attractive prices. Basically, this is small household and climatic technology.

The SCH1550 model is made in black light with turquoise inserts. The vacuum cleaner with the option of vertical parking is a manual type, which means that it boasts mobileality and compact dimensions. Its low weight (only 1.41 kg) goes well with good power (800 W). Therefore, the device is suitable for various surfaces.

Buyers also consider the advantages a removable control handle and a reusable filter with an easy cleaning option. The volume of the dust tank is 1 liter, which is enough for a full.fledged restoring order in a large apartment.

Portable assistant eats from the network (cord length. 5 meters). The kit provides a pair of nozzles (brush and slit). In general, the owners turned out to be enough basic set for comfortable cleaning.

  • Power 800 watts.
  • Light weight.
  • Transformation into a car vacuum cleaner.
  • Dust Tanks 1 liter.
  • Washing filter.

Philips FC9573 PowerPro Active

Many models with a cyclone filter suffer from uncomfortable use. There is no such problem here. This is a very beautiful and functional vacuum cleaner. He received two handles for carrying, and he supports vertical parking. And he is only 5-kilogram. Believe me, some models of this type weigh noticeably more!

The container present here has a volume of 1.5 liters. This is enough in order to clean up even in a fairly large house. After the end of the process, you need to devastate the container, and it is advisable to wash it. Perhaps this will not suit some consumers. they can be safely called lazy people.

If we talk about the cleaning process, then it is nothing special. At that moment, a 1900-watt engine operates. Of course, it was not possible to achieve a 100 percent efficiency, so the absorption power is 410 watts. But this is a wonderful parameter! It should be noted that all inexpensive vacuum cleaners with a cyclone filter are mercilessly noisy. Philips FC9573 PowerPro Active. no exception to the rule. Measurements next to him will show 82 dB. But if someone is sleeping in the next room, you can reduce the power using the corresponding regulator located on the case. The device is connected to the mains by means of a 6-meter cord. At the end of the work, it is independently wound inside the vacuum cleaner. And under the case hides a place for storing nozzles! And this is not to mention the presence of a soft bumper here! In a word, the manufacturer definitely needs to be thanked for the thoughtfulness of the structure.

A set of this model also causes joyful feelings. There is even a turbo engine here! There are only questions to the absorption pipe. it is composite, not telescopic.


  • Rich equipment;
  • There is a power regulator;
  • Vertical parking is available;
  • Not very large weight;
  • There is a place for storing nozzles;
  • A very long network cord;
  • Great absorption power.

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Samsung VC21K5150HP

This vacuum cleaner is usually sold for a very impressive amount, but sometimes it can still be bought for 10 thousand. rubles. It should be noted that this is one of the most beautiful models of this kind. And this despite the fact that most of the vacuum cleaner occupies a container with a cyclone filter having a two.liter volume.

This device is designed for dry cleaning. The capacity consumed by him is 2100 watts. A lot. But the absorption power here turned out to be significant. it reaches 440 watts. If your apartment has a parquet or laminate, it is recommended to slightly reduce power. I am glad that the corresponding regulator is on the handle. you just need to not forget to insert batteries into it, the charge of which is enough for the entire service life of the vacuum cleaner.

which, budget, vacuum, cleaner

Like other models with a cyclone filter, Samsung VC21K5150HP suffers from a high noise level. At some points, he can reach 84 dB! This once again makes us thank the South Korean manufacturer for embedding power controller. And the vacuum cleaner has the HEPA H13 filter. It cleanses the air that is blown out. However, do not forget that from time to time the filter will have to be changed, and it costs a lot of money. As for the connection to the mains, it is carried out through a 7-meter cord. Even the owners of rooms with huge rooms should be enough for this length. After using the vacuum cleaner, it is enough to press the button, which will make the cable hit the inside.

A telescopic pipe is supplied with the device, to which there are no complaints. As for the nozzles, you are waiting for a brush and three small accessories.

which, budget, vacuum, cleaner


  • Power regulator is on the handle;
  • Nice design;
  • Very high absorption power;
  • Long network cord;
  • A high.quality filter is used.


  • Not all copies have a long service life;
  • There is no handle for carrying;
  • It is inconvenient to close the cover of the vacuum cleaner;
  • High noise;
  • Not always sold at a low price;
  • The set of nozzles will still arrange not all.


This vacuum cleaner should arrange an vast majority of buyers. It has a pretty design and quite large wheels, thanks to which it easily overcomes different obstacles. for example, wires. Cyclone filter here is placed in a 1.5-liter container. Also, the device received the Hepa 12 filter. It is thanks to him that air breaks out, almost completely devoid of dust particles.

Arnica Bora 4000

Another vacuum cleaner, which is usually sold for very big money. Take it for adequate 10 thousand. rubles will be possible only during some sale. And he is worth that! Especially if your house has carpets. The fact is that the engine of this device has a capacity of 2400 watts. Even taking into account the aquafiltra significantly reducing the efficiency, it turns out that the absorption power reaches 350 W. This is definitely enough to draw dust even from the depths of the carpet. And certainly you will not have problems with the collection of wool from pets.

This model has a green body coloring. Most of the vacuum cleaner is occupied by the engine. Also, there is a lot of space an aquafilter, the volume of which was 1.2 liters. Somewhere under the case, a 6-meter network cord is hidden, which can work independently. The vacuum cleaner also includes a mount for accessories and an air flavor.

Like many other devices in our rating, Arnica Bora 4000 provides only dry cleaning. But it is still different from competitors. The presence of the waterfilter allowed the manufacturer to realize the function of collecting fluid. This is great news for those who spill something regularly! As for sound insulation, in this regard the vacuum cleaner is almost no different from other models with a low price tag. measurements show that the noise level reaches decent 79 dB. And it is impossible to reduce it in any way, because there is simply no power regulator here.

A huge number of nozzles includes a 6-kilogram vacuum cleaner. That is why this model is often trying to sell for very big money. The most of the buyer will be pleased with the turboratory. Less interesting is a slit nozzle and a traditional floor brush. And pleasant bonuses are nozzles for furniture with soft pile and a variety of textiles.


  • A high.quality filter is used;
  • Very rich equipment;
  • A very long network cord;
  • Decent absorption power;
  • Possible collection of fluids;
  • Avatization is available.


  • An uncomfortable and short absorption pipe;
  • There is no power regulator;
  • High noise;
  • The vacuum cleaner cannot be called light;
  • At the mentioned price, it is extremely rare.

Mie Acqua

This vacuum cleaner once got to the pages of the site Expertology. Then we said that this model is similar to a reduced version of the R2D2 from Star Wars. Nothing has changed since then, the design of the vacuum cleaner remains the same recognizable.

Of course, Mie Acqua is bought not only because of the appearance. People like the compactness of the device. Also, one cannot but appreciate it, and this is one of the few models capable of collecting a shed liquid. And these are far from all the main advantages of the vacuum cleaner! However, he, unfortunately, has serious disadvantages.

Inside this model is a small engine, the power of which does not exceed 1200 W. It is easy to guess that with such a parameter you can not dream of a particularly strong suction. Indeed, measurements show that the absorption power is only 200 watts. So, such a vacuum cleaner will cope with the carpet only with great difficulty. Against this background, the presence of power on the body case seems a real mockery. By the way, the size of the motor did not affect the noise level. it is very decent.

A particularly long cord could not fit in such a vacuum cleaner. But a 5-meter cable should be enough for many people. Many, but not everyone. I am glad that the cord is automatically wound. with such dimensions of the device it would not be surprising if the wire was stored outside.

The vacuum cleaner includes an aquafilter with a volume of 1.3 liters. There is also a subtle cleaning filter, thanks to which the air is practically not contaminated. Interestingly, this baby weighs only 2.7 kg. Perhaps only those vacuum cleaners with aquafilter that are not able to cope with their main task are more light.

It remains to talk about the configuration. She includes everything necessary, and even more! In the box, not only the telescopic pipe will be found, but also a full.fledged turbo engine. At the same time, the manufacturer did not give up the usual brush, the use of which is slightly easier (but the effect of it is smaller). The buyer will also receive a slit nozzle, a round nozzle for cleaning office equipment and furniture nozzle. We have already mentioned an accessory for collecting liquids. And the kit includes a pleasant bonus: a spray gun to moisturize the air.


  • Very small weight;
  • There is a power regulator;
  • Very rich equipment;
  • The function of collecting liquids is available;
  • Does not require regular filter replacement.
which, budget, vacuum, cleaner


  • I would like more power;
  • Decent noise level;
  • Short network cord;
  • The telescopic pipe was not very long;
  • Can overturn when meeting an obstacle.

Vitek VT-1833

A rare case when a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter has a familiar design, as if a conventional bag of dust collector is hiding under its upper lid. It is possible that it was the design of the device that made it possible to significantly increase the efficiency. As a result, with 1800-watt power, the device can boast of absorption with a level of 400 watts.

This model cannot be called tiny. As a result, the device turned out to be heavy. its weight is 7.3 kg. But it is unlikely that this will scare someone, because the vacuum cleaner moves with the help of large and easily rotating wheels. And inside this model there was a place for a 3.5 liter aquafylter with a volume. This allows you to walk with the device in a huge house, you will not have to take a break to devastate the container.

If the previous model considered did not cope with air purification, then here the aquafilter copes with its task perfectly. However, this does not make the vacuum cleaner perfect. It has one serious drawback. The length of its network cord is only 5 m. Well, how could you equip such a large device with such a short cable? As for the rolling of the cord, it is automatic here. The storage of a vacuum cleaner can be vertical. This is good, a rare model with aquafilter is able to boast of such a parking lot.

of the best inexpensive vacuum cleaners for the house of 2022

Choosing the best inexpensive vacuum cleaner for home. What is worth buying. a vertical wireless apparatus, a compact robot, a model without a bag or with an aquafilter? The experts of “Markakiystvo” picked up the best budget options for different types. They are powerful and high.quality, suitable for home or apartments of any size.

As a rule, inexpensive vacuum cleaners are produced in China, less often in Poland, Vietnam or Germany. The best range of budget models can be found with Bosch, Karcher, Kitfort, Redmond, Xiaomi and Samsung companies. Before buying, it is important to decide which type of vacuum cleaner is most preferable. Vertical is suitable for those who do not have enough space for storing household appliances at home. Typically, such vacuum cleaners are compact and light, they can turn into manual. Wireless models are convenient for home or apartments of small area, but buyers are increasingly believed that such vacuum cleaners are overestimated. They are not the cheapest, at the same time they are not devoid of minuses: fast battery discharge, reduced power, instant filling of a vacuumer and so on.

which, budget, vacuum, cleaner

If you choose between models without a bag or with it, everything is subjective here. Someone likes disposable vacuumboards that need to be thrown out after filling. Other buyers do not want to spend money on them and prefer to manually empty the container, then rinse it. Both options are in about one price category. Another interesting type is a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter for wet cleaning. As for robots, you should carefully choose a budget model, otherwise the device can complicate life, and not facilitate it.

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