Which electric shaver runs on the mains

Choosing the right electric razor

Maintain a neat appearance today allows modern technology, namely the electric razor. This device is not too common, because many people prefer to buy machines because of the ease of use. In this article, we will talk about the features of electric shavers, their functions and what to pay attention to when buying such a device.

Best Electric Shaver in 2022 (Top 5 Razors For Men With Normal & Sensitive Skin)

The debate over whether you should use a razor or an electric razor still rages today. Electric razors require neither water nor various bottles and cans for shaving, so they are more mobile. and this is valuable on trips. It’s faster, but if you save money on a shaver, it can be of poorer quality, leaving you with shorter stubble.

The absolute pluses. the rare replacement of blades, and if the device is built in and their self-cleaning function, the operation and maintenance of the device is simplified at times. On the downside, it is expensive and prone to malfunctioning. But the price usually pays for itself over a long period of use, and the more expensive the shaver, the more likely its life.

Top best electric shavers of 2022

Among budget models it’s worth paying attention to the device from the famous among hairdressers German firm Moser, also selling under the brand name WAHL. Compact, lightweight and cheap electric razor is suitable for those who prefer to shave regularly. This baby can’t cope with a week’s worth of stubble, but once every couple of days it’s just right.

It works both cordless and cordless, but charges very slowly, nearly eight hours. It shaves smoothly, but it’s not fast. there’s only one shaving head. If you’re a fan of wet shaving. again, no. Overall, it’s not a bad travel option or a device for those who don’t have too much stubble and no particular desires for an electric razor. Demanding users would better buy something more expensive.

What’s better: trimmer for the grass or an electric razor

The purpose of special individual trimmers. alignment, cutting long hair on the head, beard, mustache, they are definitely not suitable for bristles, except for very long. These gadgets will never give you a close shave. For this purpose, shavers are not only the best, but indispensable.

One BIG Problem With Electric Razorsand 3 Ways To Solve It!

Today’s electric shavers have small built-in trimmers for grass, but they’re not for complicated tasks. Much more interesting is the fact that they can be transformed into a professional full-fledged grass trimmer with attachments, since the base that provides the blade movements is similar in the two types of devices.

Power for the electric shaver

Gone are the days when you had to plug your shaver into a socket. These are now high-tech devices that are battery-powered (but can still be powered by the mains). It’s as easy as charging your shaver and carrying it in your suitcase when you travel. One charge lasts for many days of intense shaving. However, as always, there are different nuances, including the abundance of models on the market.

Power supply from the mains does not disappear. In cheap electric shavers, this connection method is still alive. That means you have to look for an outlet to shave, which isn’t always convenient.

Some shavers can even be recharged via USB on a computer. modern devices support the “fast charging” function. This means that a higher current is used. But in this case it’s better to use only the original charger to avoid the colorful fireworks.

The cheapest razors are equipped with nickel-metal hydride batteries. NiMH. NiCd batteries are also used. Both types of batteries are considered somewhat outdated. Their main disadvantage. “memory effect”. Because of this, you have to wait until the battery is fully discharged before you can charge it again. Otherwise, the battery life is gradually decreasing.

It’s more advantageous to buy an electric shaver with lithium batteries. They recharge quickly, and they don’t have a “memory effect. Charging lasts almost 8 times faster than cheap analogues.

Some electric razors run on AA batteries. Handy feature if you run out of battery somewhere on a trip and can’t recharge it.

Best electric shaver for sensitive skin: Philips OneBlade QP2620/20

The Philips OneBlade looks like a traditional fashion razor. With the stubble combs, you can trim your beard at home and shave smoothly. OneBlade shaving technology gives you 200 swings per second for extra convenience and speed. Chargeable for up to 8 hours, after which you can use it for 45 minutes.

The only downsides are the cleanliness of your shave and the cost of extra blades, which last for 4 months. OneBlade technology gives you a different shave than competitors with mesh and rotating blades. However, the razor should appeal to people with sensitive skin who want to avoid rashes.

  • Battery type: nickel-metal hydride.
  • Battery life: 45 minutes.
  • Charging time: 8 hours.
  • Waterproof: no, water repellent.
  • Blade life: 4 months.

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver S500

Novelty performs well with both dry and wet shaves. It’s water resistant up to IPX7 which means you can stay dry. Powerful motor Mabuchi 260 drives three shaving heads, movable in 5 directions. Each item is equipped with two rows of blades made of premium stainless steel from Japanese brands JFE and SANDVIK. Microgranular coating ensures easy gliding and effective removal of bristles from your face.

The hair is cut as close to the skin as possible, which eliminates the possibility of skin trauma. The shaving head can rotate up to 360 degrees. All the important information, including the remaining amount of charge, is displayed on the LED screen. LEDs also let you know when you need to clean your gadget. Moisture proof body lets you safely use foaming and shaving gel. Battery capacity of 800 mAh is enough for 60 minutes of operation without recharging.

Top 5 best electric shavers for men by price and quality

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver S500

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver S500

An electric rotary shaver for men, suitable for dry and wet shaving and equipped with three movable heads. The unit rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to find the best angle to work on any area of your skin. Equipped with its own battery that provides up to 60 minutes of battery life, which needs to be charged for at least 110 minutes. Travel lock protects against accidental activation, and a warning light tells you when your shaver needs cleaning.

The dual blades can be rinsed under running water, and there’s a brush included. Pressure sensitive heads follow the contours of your face with confidence for a smooth, non-irritating shave. Handle is elongated, ergonomically shaped and does not slip in the hand when wet.

  • The system used is rotary.
  • What kind of shave you need for dry and wet shaves.
  • Powered by rechargeable battery.
  • Number of elements. 3.
  • Operating time/charging time. 60 min/110 min.
  • Optional Travel Lock.
  • affordable price;
  • build quality;
  • Inexpensive replaceable blades;
  • High capacity battery that holds its charge well
  • Works well with old bristles.

Philips S5572 Series 5000

Philips S5572 Series 5000

Popular among men with rotary wet & dry shaving system, part of series 5. Refers to the standalone devices and is equipped with a battery that provides up to 50 minutes of independent work, supports the quick charge, if the device is completely saturated, and you need to shave right now. In the package you will find the cleaning cartridge.

Three heads are movable, moving in five directions and perfectly repeat the contours of the face. Shaver can be cleaned under running water because of the waterproof design. There is a detailed indication related to the work of the battery (charging, battery level, low), the signal to clean or replace the blades for new ones. It is installed on a comfortable charging base and has a non-slip grip on the handle.

  • System used. rotary.
  • For what shaving. dry and wet.
  • Powered by rechargeable battery.
  • No. of elements. 3.
  • Working time/charging time. 50 minutes/60 minutes.
  • Optional high power mode, five head directions.
  • easy to clean and can be rinsed;
  • handy grass trimmer;
  • low noise level and reduced vibration while working;
  • shaving quality;
  • informative display.

Philips S9531 Series 9000

Philips S9531 Series 9000

And this is the more modern development of Philips in the ninth series. Company justly considers it the most functional and reliable electric shaver in the range. It has a rotary system, three pressure sensitive floating heads and a pivoting shaver head that together give you a quick shave with perfect glide on your skin without irritation. The shaver has three modes: Instant, Instant, and Delicate, and a customizable feature. The handle has a small backlit display.

Power is supplied by its own rechargeable battery, which provides up to 50 minutes of autonomous work after one hour of charging. That’s enough for up to 17 shaves. To alert the user is used discharge indicator, the need to clean the system or replace blunt blades. In addition to the travel case, the manufacturer offers a charging base in the kit, there is also a travel lock that protects against accidental activation of the shaver during the trip.

  • System used. rotary.
  • For what shaving. dry and wet.
  • Cordless power.
  • Number of cells. 3.
  • Operating time/charging time. 50 minutes/60 minutes.
  • Personalized adjustments for extra convenience.
  • Beard styler;
  • Works with all bristles;
  • Three modes plus user settings;
  • low noise level;
  • Holds a good charge;
  • minimum vibration level.

Braun 3020s Series 3 ProSkin

Braun 3020s Series 3 ProSkin

The sieve version of the Braun electric shaver with floating heads and movable unit that can follow the contours of your face and together with the pressure sensitive shaving elements gives you a soft shave. Light & compact, travel friendly, cordless or cordless (up to 45 minutes). Manufacturer has taken care of the roadblock function and supplemented the shaver with a trimmer for beard and mustache.

Three floating heads and a metal mesh with more holes are responsible for shaving, which allowed for shorter sessions. The device switches the voltage independently and can therefore be used even in case of mains instability. Handle anti-slip, comfortable grip. It has a protective cap and convenient cleaning brush. Battery supports fast charging, the shaver will be ready to use in just five minutes after plugging in.

  • The system used is a sieve system.
  • What kind of shaving you want to do. dry or wet.
  • Powered by battery/grid.
  • Number of cells. 3.
  • Run time/charging time. 45 min/60 min.
  • Comes with grass trimmer and roadblock.
  • Stand-alone operation and from the network;
  • lightness, compactness;
  • Handles coarse bristles;
  • Easy cleaning;
  • does not irritate even sensitive skin.

Dry and wet shave

Dry shaves without water, humectants, or foaming agents are the default setting for all electric shavers. Wet shaving with this device is an attempt to get better performance and minimize irritation caused by contact with skin razor heads.

In order for your electric shaver to be used for wet shaving, it must be sealed. This feature is found in both rotary and mesh shavers. What’s more, being sealed makes it easy to use, you don’t have to worry about getting it wet, and to clean it, you can simply rinse the head under running warm water and dry it. Wet models are a good idea if you have sensitive, irritated skin.

Some advanced models of rotary shavers (Philips shavers pioneered this system) have a special container and dispenser in the body for a proprietary foaming agent and humidifier. The top of convenience, but the price is not unreasonable.

Men’s electric shavers

There are discounts by promo code sidex250: popular Men’s Electric Shavers. at a discounted price, no prepayment, in stock 2482 pcs. Category: Hardware for yourself. Delivery. Moscow and other cities in Russia. Before buying, use the selection by parameters, read reviews, see characteristics.

Panasonic ES-RW30. Eco-Friendly wet/dry shaving system, battery operated, can last up to 21 min autonomy, 2 shaving heads, flexible head, flexible shaver head, swiveling shaver unit

which, electric, shaver, runs, mains

Netshaving system, 3 shaving heads, dry/wet shave, battery powered, 54 min battery life, floating heads, battery charger and cleaner

Philips 3000 series shaver gives you a comfortable shave. 5D pivoting flexible heads, PowerCut blade system and wet/dry shaving modes give a smooth skin without irritation.

Electric shaver. mesh shaving system, dry shave, battery & cordless, 50 min battery life

Braun 5190cc Series 5. hairnet shaving system, 2 shaving heads, dry / wet shave, battery-powered, 50 min battery life, floating heads, movable shaving block, battery charger and cleaner

Braun 5147s Series 5. hairnet shaving system, 2 shaving heads, dry/wet shave, battery powered, 50 min battery life, floating heads, pivoting shaver unit

Braun 3050cc Series 3. electric shaver, mesh shaving system, dry shave, battery and mains power, battery life up to 50 minutes, 2 shaving heads, floating heads, movable shaver unit, quick charge for one shave, built-in trimmer for grass, cleaning and charging unit.

Panasonic ES-RW30. mesh shaving system, dry / wet shave, runs on battery power, battery life up to 21 minutes, 2 shaving heads, floating heads, movable shaving block

which, electric, shaver, runs, mains

Sinbo SS-4023. mesh shaving system, dry / wet shave, battery operated, battery life up to 45 minutes, 2 shaving heads, waterproof body, built-in trimmer for grass

Braun 9292cc Series 9 electric shaver. hairnet shaving system, 5 shaving elements, dry / wet shave, battery powered, 50 min battery life, display, foil shaver, battery charger and cleaner

which, electric, shaver, runs, mains

Sinbo SS-4032. rotary shaving system, dry shave, battery operated, battery life up to 30 minutes, 3 shaving heads, movable shaving block, built-in trimmer for grass

Braun 9385cc Series 9 electric shaver. Netshaving system, dry / wet shave, floating heads, 5 shaving heads, watertight body, battery powered, autonomous runtime up to 60 min

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