Which epilator is suitable for deep bikini

Epilator for the bikini zone: what is the best, reviews

At home, a woman is limited in the choice of options for removing unwanted hair, especially in the intimate area. Only special creams, an old tried-and-true machine, wax or paste, an electric epilator are available to her. The latter is considered very convenient, but is it better than other methods and how to epilate the bikini zone epilator?

How to EPILATE Sensitive Areas with less PAIN: Armpit, Pubic hair, Bikini line || Hair Removal

Professionals assure that absolutely any of existing methods of hair removal can be applied to all areas except face. skin here is thin, sensitive, some options (classic shaving, wax) are undesirable. With bikini zone, including deep, there are no such problems: if you’re comfortable working with epilator here, think about the “can” and “can’t” is not necessary. However, not all women agree to do it:

which, epilator, suitable, deep, bikini
  • The skin on your pubis and perineum is very sensitive and easily damaged. Hair growth occurs in several directions. Together these factors cause injuries that take a long time to heal.
  • This type of epilation can not be called painless. the upper part of the pubis can not cause discomfort, but the lower, the greater the sensation. If you can’t use an epilator on your legs, it’s better not to touch the deep bikini. it’s much more painful.
  • The irritation that occurs in the vast majority of women, disappears slowly, but smooth skin after epilator also remains longer than after a razor: up to a month.

Top 10. Galaxy GL4960

The device works both from the mains and from its own battery. This, combined with the many nozzles in the kit, makes it really versatile.

  • Average
  • Country: Russia (made in China)
  • Power: from battery, from network
  • Battery life: 45 min
  • Tweezers type: metal
  • Number of tweezers: not specified

Budget for 1500 epilator has the characteristics of more expensive models. The manufacturer has provided massage rollers to reduce the pain of hair removal, moisture-proof body, so it can be used in the shower. It comes with all the necessary attachments. for bikini zone, body, shaving, massage for face. Powered by a built-in battery, one charge lasts about 45 minutes. No complaints from users about appearance, shape, ergonomics. But there are disadvantages too. not the best quality plastic, not the most painless epilation. Tweezers miss hairs, so you have to do it several times.

  • Good design, ergonomic shape, easy to use
  • Moisture resistant body, can be used in the shower
  • Accessories, nozzles for the body, face, bikini zone, shaving
  • Massage balls, reduces the pain of the procedure
  • Accessible
  • Not the best quality plastic, looks flimsy
  • Misses hairs, which slows down the epilation procedure

General recommendations for bikini waxing

Prevention of hair ingrowth after any of the methods of painless bikini hair removal is required. A few days after the procedure, you can make a light scrub designed for the intimate area.

Attention should be paid to hygiene before the procedure. Since bacteria can penetrate from the skin into the wounds formed (when shaving) or in the hollow points of the skin with the removed bulbs and cause infection.

Those who have very sensitive skin, as well as those with damaged or near blood vessels, should consult a doctor before choosing an epilation method to avoid adverse effects.

Before the procedure, it is sometimes necessary to grow the necessary length of hair (with laser hair removal), so that the manipulation took place most effectively. For painless bikini waxing, hair length should be 5-7 mm. It’s enough to follow these simple recommendations and the question of how to painlessly epilate your bikini zone will no longer worry about.

What to look for

A good epilator for bikini zone must have three main characteristics. If you’ve found a model that combines all three, then you’ve found your ideal genius. So, a quality device for hair removal in the bikini zone should meet the following requirements.

  • Battery powered. Cables are old hat. Today there are many compact, lightweight and cordless epilators on the market. They are a head above their opponents “on a leash. You can use it anywhere. from the bathroom to the bedroom. You don’t need an outlet, and the cord doesn’t twist around your leg. Modern models hold a charge for 30-40 minutes, which is quite enough to remove hair.
  • Speed of use. tweezers and speeds, the better for your skin. 40 tweezers cut hairs faster than 20, and 2-3 speeds let you spend as much time as you want. Simply select the most comfortable mode. and go, to a smooth skin.
  • Large number of nozzles. Less pain, more convenience. The more tips in the kit, the better will be removal from different areas of the body. If you want to remove hair only in the bikini zone. an epilator kit must have at least one special nozzle for this area. Attachments for other areas won’t be superfluous either.

Top 5 best epilators

Since the market of epilators is quite large, it is difficult to choose a quality and effective device on your own. Let’s consider the top 5 best devices for removing unwanted vegetation in the tender zone, which are often recommended by beauticians.

Rowenta “Silence Soft EP5660”

Compact network epilator with a long wire, which is often used by girls to remove hair in the bikini zone at home.

The device is equipped with 24 small tweezers, because of which it is quite slow to process the intimate area. However, the roller massage nozzle makes the procedure not only painless, but also to a certain extent pleasant for the girl.

From the advantages of the device can also be noted nozzle for peeling, which is available in the kit, as well as built-in backlight, which makes the procedure faster and easier.

Remington “EP7020 Smooth Silky”

The rotating head of the epilator includes 40 tweezers, which are positioned in such a way that the device practically can not damage the skin of a girl even when processing the most hard-to-reach places.

The device easily adapts to the curves of the body girls, and massage roller and impregnation with aloe prevents the occurrence of pain and irritation when using an epilator. Because of this, you can also use the device to remove unwanted vegetation in the armpits.

Powered epilator has a fairly long cord, which makes it easy to perform epilation does not arise.

Rowenta “Soft Extreme EP8710

Forceps epilator for removing unwanted hair using the dry method. Despite the fact that it can not be used in the shower, the procedure with its use does not cause severe pain, because the unit blows on the skin and provides constant vibration, which reduces its sensitivity.

The epilator is also powered, included a variety of nozzles, including a special nozzle for the treatment of bikini zone. Thanks to it the device quickly adjusts to the relief of the girl’s body and does not cause discomfort during the procedure.

Braun “5780 Silk-epil”

One of the most popular epilators, which is also suitable for removing unwanted hair in the bikini area, thanks to the special attachment that comes with the device.

The epilator also has 40 small tweezers, as well as built-in backlight, which makes it much easier to perform the technology.

The machine also has a massage roller that reduces skin sensitivity. Additional analgesic effect is provided by the cooling handle also included with the epilator.

Philips “Satinelle BRE640”

Handy epilator for home treatment of the bikini zone. Has several attachments, including a grass trimmer attachment, thanks to which you can not only remove hairs with bulbs, but also maintain your own intimate haircuts.

You can use the epilator for dry and wet depilation, for hair removal in the bikini zone girls most often use the second option.

which, epilator, suitable, deep, bikini

Other types

There are alternatives to painful mechanical hair removal. laser, photo and needle types of epilators. The first of these is the laser epilator, which emits laser light during application. It has a negative effect on the bulb, reducing the growth of hair over time.

Similar consequences are observed after using a photoepilator. only in this case the excess vegetation is killed with a photoflash. Like the previous option, this electric epilator can be home (not just for use in salons).

Under the needle electroepilator means a device that affects the bulbs with current (the idea is not new, just not enough untwisted). this epilator is suitable for both legs and for sensitive armpits. The charge is delivered by a thin needle to a small depth, where it destroys the follicle itself directly. The device operates using the following methods:

  • Electrolysis (the penetration of direct current and the formation of alkaline bulb destroyers);
  • Thermolysis (destruction of the bulb through heat)
  • flash (painless thermolysis process in a fraction of a second);
  • Bland (thermolysis and electrolysis).

How to use an epilator in the bikini area?

These tips help you enjoy a more comfortable epilation experience.

  • Use the epilator on dry skin. While many people believe that using an epilator in the shower or bathtub makes for a more enjoyable experience, with the bikini area, the opposite is true. When you use it on dry skin, you can see better what you are doing.
  • Take a good look. Bikini trimmer line can be an uncomfortable area to epilate. We recommend using a light and a mirror so you can see more clearly what you are doing.
  • Take it easy after waxing. You want to avoid any action that may irritate the area or cause an infection. Skip the gym for a few days and don’t have sex right after epilation.
  • Apply the lotion afterwards. To help soothe any redness or irritation, we recommend using a scent-free moisturizer or lotion after epilation. The lotion can also help reduce the risk of ingrown hairs.
  • Exfoliate the skin every other day. To prevent ingrown hairs, we recommend exfoliating a day or two after epilation.
  • Don’t epilate when you have your period. The bikini area is very sensitive at this time of the month. Postpone epilation until about a week or so.

МИНУСЫ и ПЛЮСЫ ЭПИЛЯТОРА. Больно ли? Надолго ли? /Бикини/Ноги/Подмышки ВРОСШИЕ ВОЛОСЫ

If we had to pick the best epilator for your bikini zone, we’d choose the Braun Women’s epilator, the Silk-épil 7. Silk-épil 7 not only belongs to the brand known for its epilators, but also has many features that help improve comfort and ease of use. Consider the best Braun epilators.

Some of the outstanding features of the Braun Silk-épil 7 include an included trimmer for bikini grass, and light and speed settings. Whether you’ve been epilating for years, or want to try it for the first time, Braun is your reliable choice as the best epilator for bikini zone.


Epilator is a device that operates on a network and removes hairs together with the root. With regular use, hair growth becomes less active, which is a definite plus. Modern manufacturers offer a fairly large number of models to choose from, but globally they can be divided into two groups. disc and tweezers epilators.

Tweezers, as their name suggests, have tiny tweezers that grip and remove hairs together with their bulb. Disc mechanism works on the principle of clutching the moving parts. If we talk about working on sensitive areas of the body, which just include the bikini zone, it is better to give preference to models of tweezers type. Perhaps the procedure will take a little longer, but it will be less painful and of higher quality.

Choosing the best epilator, in addition to the type of mechanism, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

The best solution for the bikini zone will be the models that are equipped with cooling and vibrating heads, which dramatically reduce the painful sensations during the use of the device.

which, epilator, suitable, deep, bikini

Tips from experts for bikini epilation

Of course, all hair removal options are very different and each requires its own approach. But there are a few recommendations that will help you decide, as well as prolong the effect for longer:

  • If you have light pubescent hair, it is better not to do laser hair removal, because it will not be effective (although few people have light pubescent hair on the intimate area);
  • In between treatments with a doctor’s permission to constantly exfoliate the skin, this will help get rid of the risk of ingrown hairs;
  • It is better to refuse drinking alcohol the day before going to the treatment room;
  • Consult with your specialist, which day of the cycle is better to pass a session to reduce the pain syndrome;
  • If you opt for electroepilation, it is worth to discuss with your doctor possible options for pain relief (injections, sprays and ointments, pills).

Bikini hair removal. a procedure for those who want to always feel confident and on top, as on the beach with other people, in bed with your loved one, or in the shower alone with myself. But the choice should be taken seriously, perhaps even go through several hair removal options to choose the right one.

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