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Best 2, 3 and 4 burner gas cooktops

A good built-in gas range should be reliable, ergonomic and stylish in a kitchen. By ergonomics we mean ease of cooking (regulation, heating speed, placement of burners and.т.д.). Unlike a freestanding stove, the gas cooktop can be placed not strictly above the oven, and on any part of the countertop of the kitchen set. Modern hobs must be equipped with an electrical ignition switch and a gas control system in the absence of a flame.

According to the results of independent expert reviews and positive consumer feedback, made a rating of quality built-in gas hobs at 2, 3 and 4 burners in 2021. In this article, we do not discuss which stove is better gas or electric, because we consider this question irrelevant. Since if the apartment on the project gas, and the stove is gas. An electric hob is not a good idea because of the high cost of electricity.

Additional features of a gas cooktop for the kitchen

A good advantage in choosing a cooktop is the presence of gas control and auto ignition functions. Gas control is a thermoelectric system that stops gas flow if the burner goes out. This system is self-contained and does not depend on electricity. But this function also has disadvantages: the gas supply can take longer than necessary over time. It can be turned off if you don’t need it.

Almost all gas-powered cooktops have an auto-ignition button. Pieza can be automatic or semi-automatic.

The function of protection from curious children’s hands will be a necessary solution in families with small children. Pressing the button blocks access to gas on all burners.

Choosing a convenient gas cooktop: useful tips for the housewife

A built-in gas cooktop in the kitchen is cool. And it’s even cooler when it not only looks stylish, but is really comfortable. Then you want to cook delicious treats for your loved ones more often, and the mood during household chores is always good. And the correct cooktop saves a lot of time, because it is much more convenient to cook several dishes simultaneously, because its ergonomic design allows you to freely use all the burners, without problems by placing pots and pans of different sizes, including very large. And everything fits perfectly.

But we’re not going to tell you how to use a good hob, we’d better share some tips to help you choose a really comfortable model. So, we tell you what to look for when buying, so that your new cooktop will be the perfect helper in your kitchen! #x1f60a;

How to choose an electric hob?

What electric hobs are made of, and what burners are there?

An electric cooker can look in two basic ways. The most popular today. a perfectly flat glass-ceramic surface with the High Light heating zones on it. You can tell their location initially only by the outline, but when they are turned on they quickly turn red and give off heat brilliantly. Because of this the cookware heats up very quickly.

The second option, the so-called cast-iron pancakes. They are located either on stainless steel or enameled steel panels. Such surfaces have a low price tag, but at the same time the cast iron pancakes heat up long enough, which does not contribute to the current question about energy efficiency.

What the control panel can be?

In the case of an electric panel, control plays a slightly more important role, so it is not superfluous to pay attention to this element. The easiest solution. mechanical control. It is most often used in versions with cast-iron pancakes and is represented by four knobs, as in the case of gas cookers. Less often, but still happens, a mechanical control of this type can be found in the glass ceramic hobs with High Light heating zones.

Gas, Induction, Electric: The Complete Guide to Kitchen Stovetops

But usually, if we choose modern High Light panels, they will need to be controlled by sensors. It is much more convenient, because, in addition to the fact that we can set the necessary power of heating, we can get the timer for switching off, lock control, residual heat sensor and other tricks.

StopGo, a residual heat indicator and other useful functions

The question of which electric cooktop to choose can be somewhat more complicated than in the case of gas. The fact that the electric panel is quite multifunctional and among other things we need to decide on the range of useful for us functions. Here are a few of the most common additional modes.

which, better, cooktop

Sometimes we need to be distracted from cooking in the kitchen by some unexpected issue, such as a phone call, or someone suddenly rings the doorbell. With the StopGo function it is possible to stop the electric cooker for a short time and then continue using the same settings.

Immediately after cooking, you may not know whether the High Light burners have cooled down or are still dangerously hot. In that case the residual heat indicator is helpful, because the “H” symbol lets us know that we can still burn ourselves.

Electric hobs are also interesting to us because they can be quite automatic. To free up some time from kitchen activities, we can set a timer and distract ourselves with other things. And when the time comes, the High Light burners will automatically turn off.

And in some electric surfaces there may be one or more expansion zones. There are High Light zones that we can turn on with different heating radius. for small pots we turn on a small circuit, for larger pots we can make it larger. It’s convenient and helps you cook efficiently even in dishes with irregular shapes, such as duck pots.

Design and color. how it affects the price list?

The most common solution in case of an electric surface is a glass-ceramic 60 cm wide canvas in black. Other deviations from this standard have an impact on the price tag. For example, if we decide to buy a wider model, it leads to an increase in its cost. The same scenario happens when we want to choose any color other than black. White, red, gray, sand and other colors will cost a lot more.

Comfy recommends: Great electric hob in black. Hansa BHC63366.


The latter are more practical to care for, since it is easier to clean the smaller elements. over, if the material allows, they can be washed in the dishwasher.

Mandatory condition. rubber feet on the inside. They are needed to prevent the metal from scratching the hob and to keep the grill from sliding.

The part can be made of enamelled steel or cast iron.

  • Enameled steel is less expensive, lighter and easier to clean because of its smooth surface. But it is not particularly durable. The material can sag under a heavy pot, and the enamel over time is damaged and chipped.
  • Cast iron is very strong and resistant due to its heavy weight. Do not bend for a long time and retain their beauty (with proper care). Cast iron is porous and absorbs dirt well and is not easy to clean. It cannot be washed in the dishwasher or it will rust.
which, better, cooktop

Additional features

To choose the right gas cooktop for the kitchen, pay attention to the additional features of the appliance. The following options will greatly facilitate the cooking process and ensure safety at work.

  • Gas control. This option guarantees safe use of the hob. If the burner flame goes out for any reason (great draught, spilled liquid, etc.) the water in the cooker can be turned off.д.), the gas supply will stop automatically. Consequently, there is no leakage.
  • Childproof lock. Another point responsible for the safe use of the appliance. Represents a hob interlock. All burners can be ignited with just one button.
  • Electric ignition. You can light the flame on the gas burner without using the old-fashioned methods (lighter or match). A mechanical and automatic light can be found in the various models of cooker hobs. With a mechanical one, it is necessary to turn the burner switch and then press the button on the control panel. With the automatic one, it’s even simpler: the burner lights up instantly when you turn the switch. This option is, of course, more expensive. In both cases, there is a device with an electric spark generator which causes the flame to ignite.
  • Automatic reignition. The option is similar to gas control, and also supports safe operation of the hobs. If the flame is suddenly extinguished during gas supply, the burner will automatically light up again. If the appliance is faulty in any way, the gas supply will be cut off to prevent leaks.
  • Combustion support. This option, particularly on more expensive models, makes it possible to maintain an optimal temperature until the food is served directly to the table.
  • Timer. You can use the timer on the control panel to control cooking time. An audible alarm sounds when the set time expires.

Features of gas stoves

Replacing in the kitchen obsolete gas equipment that could serve more than a decade, many people wonder how to choose the right cooktop, gas built-in or freestanding.

This is primarily due to the emergence of a wide variety of cooking equipment designs on sale for the kitchen.

The gas cooktop is more common than its electric counterpart

The decision on how to choose a gas cooktop, you need to take into account some features compared to other types of cooking equipment:

  • The gas cooktop is cheaper than all other types of cooking appliances, separate ovens and full-size cooktops. Electric stoves are also superior in price. It comes in handy for people who rarely use the oven or don’t use it at all.
  • The gas cooktop, like all built-in appliances, can be easily integrated into the countertop, and a large variety of design and color solutions gives the kitchen a beautiful aesthetic appearance with its appearance. Before you choose a built-in gas design, you need to make sure it matches the size of the countertop.
  • Frees up space in the kitchen, which previously occupied the oven, standing next to the furniture can be pushed more closely to the countertop with a built-in panel (some designs stoves to avoid damage to adjacent furniture required compliance with 10 cm. distances).
  • Modern gas ranges for the kitchen are equipped with high-tech controls on par with electric models, greatly facilitating the cooking process, right down to programming operations.

Glass ceramic

The glass ceramic cooktop is the most expensive option. This material is mainly used for electric and induction cooktops, but some manufacturers use it also for “gas on glass” models.

Fiberglass is a glass to which during the melting and tempering process is added a powdered noble metals (copper or titanium dioxide). Thanks to a special production technology, the heat resistance of this material is much higher than that of tempered glass.

The ability of glass ceramic to withstand heat up to 750 degrees has made it possible to equip cooktops with powerful heating elements: radiant, Hi-Light, halogen. In contrast to the cast-iron “pancakes” that reach the desired temperature in 15-20 minutes, modern electric burners are heated almost instantly, and their power can exceed 3 kW.

An important advantage of glass ceramic is that in the vertical direction it conducts heat much better than in the horizontal direction, which increases the efficiency of the cooktop. For example, it can be 90% for induction models and up to 70% for electric, depending on the type of burner.

Glass ceramic cooktops are very attractive in appearance. often it is the design that is the decisive argument in favor of buying this device. But in order to keep the appliance appearance during operation, you will have to work hard. The material sets certain requirements for cookware and care products. we will talk about this in the relevant section.

Glass ceramic surface is resistant to mechanical stress and sudden temperature fluctuations, but is afraid of pitting. If you accidentally drop a knife on the cooktop with the tip pointing down, it can break. Cold water on a heated glass ceramic surface can also cause cracks. But with proper use and regular maintenance the appliance will last a very long time.

Cast iron is an alloy of iron and carbon. The successful combination of these two components gives the grille exceptional strength. it does not sag under heavy weight, can withstand prolonged heat and retains its original appearance for decades.

But cast iron also has disadvantages. It’s a porous metal. it’s much harder to clean grease from its surface than enamel. In addition, it is much heavier than metal, and if you fall from a height, there is a risk that the grid will split, so it is not easy to take care of.

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