Which hairdryer with a rotating brush is the best?

Best Product Comparison

All the main parameters of the hairbrushes listed in the rating were summarized in a table. This is more convenient to compare and you can choose the best device for you.

Model Power, W Functions Number of modes Features Price,
Braun AS 530 1000 Steam humidification, cold air delivery 2 2 meter cord length, loop for hanging 3085-4990
BaByliss 2735E/2736E 1000 Ionization, cold air 5 It has a removable filter, the cord rotates, ceramic coating 5390-5490
Philips HP8664 Volumebrush 1000 Ionization 5 Bristle brush material. natural bristles, ceramic coated 3970-4565
Philips HP8656 ProCare 1000 Ionization, cold air supply 3 There is a power on indicator, the ability to remove teeth from the brush 3392-4329
Polaris PHS 1002 1000 Cold air supply 2 Ceramic coating, autorotation of nozzles 2690-3190
Scarlett SC-HAS73I10 1000 Ionization 2 Comes with brush head, round brush head, transformer nozzle, overheat protection 1389-1400
Rowenta CF 9520 1000 Ionization Removable filter, cord rotates 3690-6542
Polaris PHS 0745 700 Cold air supply 3 Transformer brush with adjustable diameter, overheat protection 710-1418
Polaris PHS 1202 1200 Cold air supply 3 Includes 3 nozzles, overheat protection 1090-1567
VITEK VT-2296 1200 Cold air supply 4 Ceramic, tourmaline coating, power on indicator 1567-1600

Now we note the clear favorites of the rating.

which, rotating, brush, best

The best hair dryers for long hair

Hair dryers are universal appliances that can be used to create a curling effect, form soft curls, and straighten stray hair. The devices combine two functions: a styler and a hair dryer. Usually devices with brush heads are used for short haircuts, but there are also universal models. They can be used on any hair length. However, for a full-fledged quick drying, such devices are not suitable. The main purpose of devices. styling.

which, rotating, brush, best

When choosing a hair dryer-brush for long hair, it is important to be guided by the initial state of their strands. If they are thin, porous and damaged, it is better to give preference to devices with the function of cold air, ionization and protective coating on the brushes. But even the safest devices can make hair worse, so use them with heat protection.

TOP 4: Best Blower Brush 2021

Holders of thick long curls are better suited for devices with no spinning heads. The point is that rotating brushes can tighten the strands and tangle them. And, judging by reviews, it is even more comfortable to use static devices for styling. Choose a blow dryer brush based on your own needs. It’s not just about styling. it’s about drying your hair? Then pay attention to appliances with power of 1000-1200 Watt and removable nozzles. They can not, of course, fully replace a regular hair dryer, but with these devices drying takes less time than with hair dryers with power of 600-800 watts.

How to make styling with a blow dryer brush even more interesting?

If you go over the roots with a blow dryer with a diffuser nozzle, you can get just incredible volume in combination with waves from a blow dryer-brush.

Highlight individual strands in the waves by making clear curls with a curling iron. An interesting solution is to pass the curling iron on the upper strands at the parting and then gather them into a loose ponytail on top of the curl.

A similar style option is to combine a hair dryer with a rotating nozzle (for volume and waves) and a goffer (to add texture to your hair).

which, rotating, brush, best

Valera Turbo Style 1000 Tourmaline with thermal brush and concentrator

Experiment with different styling products. For example, if you go through the hair dryer-brush, changing the direction, you can create a trendy “chaos” on the head, which well emphasize the wax applied to the tips of the hair.

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