Which Multicooker is better than Redmond or Mulinex

Choosing the right multicooker from the variety of models on the market is a difficult task. Are expensive devices reliable, what are the characteristics of household appliances and the difference between the device from different manufacturers? Let’s talk about it one by one.

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This electric appliance is the “daughter” of the rice cooker, which was so appreciated by the inhabitants of the East, who consume this cereal. But progress does not stand still, so today a relative of the rice cooker. multicooker is able not only to cook cereal porridge, but also to stew, fry, boil and even bake.

Kitchen gadgets are different from each other:

  • Design. Popular manufacturers do not work hard to create the “make-up” of the electric appliance. If you do a review of multicookers by design, it is difficult to identify a particularly eye-catching model. This is not the main criterion of your choice.
  • Power. It is known to determine the speed of the cooking process.
  • Accessories. Spatulas, measuring pans, a steamer dish and recipe book are a standard set to the multicooker, but the material from which they are made.

On the shelves you can see multicookers from manufacturers such as “Redmond”, “Polaris”, “Philips”, “Moulinex”, “Vitek” and “Panasonic.

It is better to compare the models in the table. Pros and cons speak of the reviews of buyers themselves.

Inexpensive options for multicookers:

Figures Redmond RMC-M4503 Panasonic SR-TMH102NTW Polaris PMC 0511 AD Vitek VT-4200
Power 900 W 490 W 650 W 800 W
Bowl volume 5 л 2,5 л 5 л 5 л
Plus Reasonable price Can be taken on trips, lightweight, does not take much space Bowl with convenient

Everyone chooses appliances to his/her taste. Some multicookers have a baking function, others are great for making yogurt.

Some nuances when choosing an appliance

To choose a really useful and good device from any manufacturer, you need to consider the main points:

  • Determine the required volume of the bowl. If you plan to cook for only one person, it is better to buy a multicooker with a bowl of 2-3 liters, respectively, for a larger number of suitable device with a bowl of four to six liters.
  • Make a list of modes that will be used most often. Do you need a pressure cooker or a steam cooker function? And according to this list choose a multicooker. So, for example, a multicooker with deep frying function can cost an order of magnitude more than a similar device without it. If this mode will not be used, it is better to buy a cheaper appliance.
  • Decide what power device is necessary and what will be convenient to control by touch or with buttons.

What’s the difference?

There are usual multicookers (Redmond RMC-M90, RMC-M4513, RMC-M251), and there are multicookers. pressure cookers (Moulinex CE500E32, Redmond RMC-PM504). Pressure cookers are different because they cook under pressure. At the expense of even heating up of the cup the atmosphere is pressurized inside, that’s why the dishes are cooked faster than in the usual multicooker.

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Models also differ in capacity and number of programs. The Redmond RMC-M90 multicooker has a 3D heating function which allows to cook food up to 30% faster. A feature of the multicooker with this function is that the heating element heats the food not only from the bottom, but also through the whole volume of the multicooker, so the heating is faster. Other models do not have this mode. The Redmond RMC-M251 multicooker has a function “Vacuum” and “Intelligent control”, which we will tell you about a little later and in more detail. And with a separate manual mode in the Moulinex CE500E32 multicooker you can cook according to your favorite recipes without being bound to programs.

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The power of multicooker depends on the cooking speed and quality of prepared meals. The power in the reviewed multicookers ranges from 860 to 1000 W. So, multicookers with a power of 800-900 watts are considered the best, because it takes a small amount of time to cook food. Models with 1000 watts, such as the Moulinex CE500E32 and Redmond RMC-M4513, are not considered economical because they use more electricity.

Comparative table of characteristics of the reviewed multicooker:

Model Redmond RMC-PM504 Redmond RMC-M90 Redmond RMC-M4513 Redmond RMC-M251 Moulinex CE500E32
Number of programs 15 45 programs (17 automatic, 28 manual) 13 11 21
Baby food mode
Vacuum Program
Power 900 W 860 W 1000 W 860 W 1000 W
Material Stainless steel, plastic Plastic Plastic Metal and plastic Plastic, stainless steel
Special Features Deep fryer, vacuum, baby food 3D heating Vacuum, remote control, steamer, smart menu Multicooker pressure cooker
Type of control Sensor Sensor Electronic Electronic Mechanical

Which company is better to buy a multicooker?

Previously, we have already told in detail about how to choose a multicooker and we were often asked a question about the rating of good and bad manufacturers of multicookers. Well, today we will talk about these companies, their history, reputation and level of consumer confidence.

Which of them can be trusted?? Are there such that specialize in multicookers? Which brands are really foreign and which of them only pretend to be? Answers to all these questions will help you find out which company is better to buy a multicooker with their huge variety.

Number of programs

The CE 500E32 from Mulinex has the largest selection of cooking modes. 21 programs along with delayed start and temperature maintenance for 24 hours. This pressure cooker, of course, is slightly inferior to other models in terms of cooking speed, but it has full functionality. You can adjust the temperature, use delayed start when cooking in almost all modes, except “Multichef”, “Fry” and “Yogurt. The only thing that does not suit some users is the porridge cooking mode. It takes some getting used to cooking cereals with milk.

Midea MPC-6002 has 15 built-in programs with a delayed start up to 24 hours. The model also has automatic heat maintenance, temperature and pressure regulation. Soups, meat, side dishes, baked goods, yogurt, dough are cooked quickly and without much strain. And here with porridges the same problem, as well as with Moulinex. the cooking time does not coincide with the declared, and the mode has to be restarted. True, this drawback is not found on all devices.

RMC-PM380 from Redmond with 14 programs, delayed start up to 24 hours. and maintains heat for up to 12 hours. ranks #3. Yes, it cooks rather long time, but this drawback is compensated by the possibility of pressure and temperature regulation (available in “Master-chef Lite” mode) and by sous-vide function. The pressure when cooking porridges, the device heats up within 10 min., It heats up in 5-10 min. But the larger the volume of food, the longer it takes to heat up the appliance. And also the cooking speed here depends on the initial temperature of the “raw material”.

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ARC DSB60-1000F has 4 positions. The model has 12 built-in “Multi-cook” programs, has a delayed start for 24 hours. start, but the cooking speed is lower compared to Midea, and the functions are less than those of Moulinex and Redmond. No complaints about problems with modes and cooking speed, but because of defects some users received copies with upside down displays. On these devices, the functions are switched on randomly.

Turbo Cuisine CY753832 from Tefal has 10 built-in automatic programs and 1 manual program. model is equipped with a delayed start for up to 12 hours., Keeps the temperature for up to 24 hours. The fifth place is occupied by the device because of the very long preheating, combined with a minimal set of functions. But it has 3D heating and the ability to cook healthy meals in sous vide mode.

Model No. of modes 3D heating Delayed start, h.
Moulinex CE 500E32 21 no 24
Midea MPC-6002 15 it is 24
REDMOND RMC-PM380 14 no 24
ARC DSB60-1000F 12 no 24
Tefal Turbo Cuisine CY753832 10 yes 12

Мультиварка-скороварка MOULINEX: дорогая против дешевой | Как выбрать мультиварку

Tefal Advanced RK812B32

The multicooker knows 45 working programs. The device has a removable six-layer spherical bowl with 2.5 mm thick walls, as well as functions of delayed start up to 24 hours, temperature maintenance, multicooker and automatic shut-off.

Advantages: The multicooker is equipped with a digital display.

Disadvantages: Uncomfortable shape and loose lid.

Tefal CY621D32

One of the main features of this Tefal crock-pot is the ceramic bowl, which has an unusual shape and resembles a small five-liter pot. This ensures uniform distribution of heat and allows you to cook even complex dishes in the container. The power of 1000 watts is more than enough for such a small volume, so even the tough meat and other capricious products are cooked quickly and deliciously. Intuitive electronic control allows not only to choose one of the many automatic programs, but also to independently program the cooking mode, including the setting of time and temperature.

They ask for this device for almost 10 000, but it is definitely worth the money.

What is the best multicooker to choose: Philips, Redmond or Moulinex

And now it’s time to get a kitchen helper. It is the multicooker modern wonder of technology that can negate the household work on cooking. The perfect tool for experimenting and cooking different dishes every time. In addition, it is a significant time saver and maintain order in the kitchen. Eliminates the need to use different cookware and utensils. Instead of connecting a stove and an oven, you will be satisfied with just one device.

But when you come to the decision to buy these appliances, the question arises which of them is the best. To understand which option is the most suitable for you, we propose to consider the characteristics of multicookers from the most well-known manufacturers, including Philips, Moulinex and Redmond.

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To become better acquainted with the main characteristics and functions of each of them let’s consider each company separately. This will allow you to compare and evaluate their main advantages and choose the right option. In particular, to answer the question what is the best multicooker. Redmond, Mulinex or Philips?

Bosch MUC88B68RU pressure cooker

This seems to be the most expensive multicooker on our list. With the function of multicooker, 3D-heating, and most importantly, induction. Of course, the auto-heat and delayed start functions are also available. Inner lid and steam valve can be removed, and there is a separate condensate collecting tray and grid for deep frying. Also comes with a spoon, spatula, measuring cup, and recipe book.

Standard 5 l capacity, Teflon coating. so it is better not to stir anything in the multicooker with anything except for the standard spoon or spatula.

Nevertheless, you can wash the bowl of the multicooker in the machine, but if you wash by hand. do it with a soft sponge without excessive pressure.

Sixteen automatic modes in total, but there are two modes that the multicooker remembers according to the settings you have made. “My mode”, and of course the manual adjustment of time and temperature (from 40 ° C to 160 ° C). The heating power of this gadget is 1200 W.

If something happens, for example if you have a power cut while cooking, the smart pressure cooker will restore all settings after turning on.

The stainless steel housing has sufficient insulation, the display is child-proof. so the kid can crawl even on the table with the running multicooker. no risk of getting burned.

And the model description also says about smart cooking modes of borscht and pilaf. and not every housewife can boast of this.

The dimensions of this gadget are typical for its kind: 30×32×40 cm. The German brand gives it a 2-year warranty. And here read the rave reviews.

Redmond Multicookers

A comparison of multicookers could be considered incomplete without the devices from the popular brand Redmond, which are steadily in demand among many buyers. You can cook just about anything, from dairy porridge to deep-fried meat. In this case, the set of available options will depend entirely on the specific model and the total cost of the device.

Many models from Redmond equipped with three-dimensional heating function, which is present in the appliances brand Moulinex.

The standard device of this type is equipped with at least 15 convenient programs and options, from which you can choose the most relevant option. According to many customers, multicookers from Redmond are considered one of the most practical compared to other analogues, because they perfectly combine great functionality and affordability. It is also worth noting and a wide range of models, as the company produces new devices almost every year.

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