Which photoepilator is suitable for blond hair

To make the purchase not disappointing, it is necessary to take into account a number of important criteria. In this case, attention is paid not only to the characteristics of the model, but also to personal nuances.

  • Power. For home use, it is better to buy units with a capacity of not less than 5-8 J. A device that is too weak will not do the job and will not stop hair follicle growth. And too powerful can cause burns.
  • Lamp life. In any photoepilator is built into the lamp, whose work is designed for a certain number of flashes. Once this resource is depleted, the lamp will have to be replaced, and possibly the entire device should be replaced as well.
  • Modes. Good models have the ability to adjust the power to suit your hair and skin type. There are sensor analogues which detect your skin type and set the necessary values automatically.
  • The area of treatment. The more flashes you do, the sooner you will use up the resource. So it is worth keeping this number to a minimum. So it is necessary to choose the devices with the greatest area of influence.

First and foremost, your device should match your phototype. The so-called Fitzpatrick scale is an aid in determining this. The table shows the six skin reactions to UV radiation. You will find it in the manual to any home epilator. The more melanin your skin synthesizes, the darker it becomes. But it is this pigment, which also determines the color of our hair, and serves as a conduit through which the energy of the work lamp penetrates the hair follicle, heats it and turns off. hair fall out as a result.

which, photoepilator, suitable, blond, hair

If the skin is too dark, the light pulses are scattered over its surface, leaving the hairs virtually untouched. What’s more: In some cases, there may even be a risk of burns. Therefore, after sunbathing or salon tanning, it is recommended to postpone the use of a photoepilator. Well, those with naturally dark skin tones (Fitzpatrick types V-VI) need to be especially careful when choosing a home device. The best solution, especially if the body hair is blond or gray, will be the elos epilator.

But there are some latest models of photoepilators that can be used with any skin type, for example: Philips Lumea or Homedics DUO PRO.

Most modern photoepilators are equipped with UV filters as well as special sensors-scanner which detect the skin type automatically and depending on its tone select the mode of operation: intensive or gentle. Such filters and scanners exclude any risk of skin trauma and make it possible to avoid special glasses during epilation.

Anatomy of photoepilation: where you can and where you cannot use it?

There is an opinion that the photoepilator can not be used on the face and deep bikini zone. This opinion is correct, but only partially. In the manual to the photopilator the manufacturer necessarily points out the limitation in the use of the device. For example, photoepilation is not suitable for the thyroid area. As for such body areas as arms, legs, armpits, bikini, and also back and chest (for male hair removal), then there are almost no limitations if photoepilation is not contraindicated for you in principle (read about counterindications in the relevant article).

The new generation of photoepilators using HPL, eHPL and ELOS technologies have practically no limitations. The possibility of a choice of any of five levels of power, special nozzles, and also a function of switching-off of the device at insufficient contact with a skin completely exclude risks of getting damages of skin, eyes or mucous membranes during procedure. Such devices include: Silk′n Glide, Philips Lumea, Homedics Duo IPL, Iluminage Me Touch, Silk’n Flash Go Lux X and all ELOS epilators.

Preparation for photoepilation

First carefully study the instructions to the photoepilatoru and find out if there are any special instructions for the use of the model. Sometimes the instruction refers to the need to use a special gel or lotion, gives instructions on how to use a photoepilator with additional functions, whether it is necessary to shave hair with a loom or on the contrary grow it.

General rules that make the use of photoepilator comfortable and the effect will be the best:

  • Don’t visit the solarium for 3-4 weeks, don’t use self-tanner and protect yourself from direct sun rays. Going outdoors, use creams with high SPF. at least 50.
  • A month before the planned procedure should not perform other types of hair removal, except for the use of a regular razor. If you have hair removal with hair wax or electric hair removal, photoepilation will be useless. hairs will not be removed.
  • Two weeks before photoepilation, avoid taking any medications such as antibiotics, tetracyclines, fluoroquinols, etc.д. If undergoing hormone treatment, medication must be postponed. Antiviral treatments are safe to use.
  • In 3-4 days, shave the places to be treated. for hair regrowth to the optimal length of 1-3 mm suitable for photoepilation (the instructions may specify other requirements).
  • In 1-2 days you should conduct a test run on a small area to identify possible skin reactions.
  • Just before you start, check the surface of the skin for possible damage. If you have any, postpone hair removal.
  • If the surface is undamaged, thoroughly clean it with a scrub and dry it.

Beurer HL100 photoepilator

Low price and low resource, but does not traumatize the skin. Best as your first photoepilator or when resources are very limited.

  • Lamp life. 0.75 thousand. flashes;
  • use on the face. yes;
  • skin sensor yes;
  • Hair type. any hair type except white or very light;
  • the principle of operation. from the network;
  • Country of production. China;
  • approximate price. 3500 p.


Simple and elegant photoepilator for removing body hair, even a person without experience with such a device can easily understand. Despite the advertising, not suitable for sensitive skin.

  • lamp life. 200000 flashes;
  • Skin area (cm 2). 2, 8;
  • for face. no use;
  • built-in ultraviolet filter. yes
  • approx. cost. 4500 p;
  • principle of operation. from the network;
  • The number of modes. 7;
  • skin type sensor. yes;
  • producer country. China.
  • burns, especially on sensitive areas;
  • the skin needs additional treatment;
  • not always suitable for sensitive skin;
  • not suitable for face.

BaByliss G933E

The alternative to visiting the salon. epilator, which is not inferior in quality and durability of expensive analogues. It is suitable for all areas, even the face, and does not sting.

  • lamp life. 100,000 flashes;
  • Contact area (cm 2). 3;
  • Power modes. 5;
  • skin type sensor. yes;
  • contact sensor. yes
  • power. from the network;
  • Approximate cost. about 7000 p;
  • manufacturing country. China.
  • Relatively low price;
  • does not burn;
  • suitable for the face;
  • There are sliding and high precision modes;
  • The result is noticeable immediately, the hair does not grow long;
  • Bluetooth module.

IPL photoepilator Beauty Star FLASH (1 million flashes)

Great for those who have long wanted to try photoepilator, but are afraid. everything is aimed at the safety and comfort of the user. Eight modes, detailed instructions and user-friendly interface.

  • Lamp life. 999,999 flashes;
  • facial use. yes;
  • skin type sensor. yes;
  • Number of intensity modes. 8;
  • approximate ;
  • country-manufacturer. China.
  • Included safety glasses and razor for particularly sensitive areas;
  • There is a rejuvenation and acne prevention function;
  • stylish appearance;
  • convenient and understandable interface;
  • there is a safety sensor chip;
  • Durability thanks to multi-level protection of the motherboard;
  • long-lasting life.

NDCG Photoepilator ND01

elegant and gentle photoepilator with large body surface and skin rejuvenation function. Removes hairs almost imperceptibly, but you must have patience to get rid of all.

  • Lamp hour 350000 flashes;
  • the ability to apply to the face. yes;
  • bikini area. yes;
  • Rejuvenation and acne treatment function. yes
  • Reach (cm2). 4
  • The principle of operation. from the network;
  • Approximate cost. 8500 p;
  • country of manufacture. China.
  • has the function of “ice touch”, epilation with cooling;
  • touch screen, understandable interface;
  • the package includes two cartridges, glasses;
  • works without unpleasant feelings and burning.

Home photoepilator LESCOLTON T009X

LESCOLTON T009X photoepilator can operate in manual and automatic modes. Comfortable and easy to handle. Has a function to activate collagen production.

  • Lamp life. 300,000 flashes;
  • treatment area (cm 2). 4;
  • skin sensor. yes;
  • for use on the face. yes;
  • intensity modes. 5;
  • the approximate price is 10,000 roubles;
  • The principle of operation. from the network;
  • producer country.China.
  • Can work in manual and automatic modes;
  • There is a function to activate the production of collagen;
  • The package includes a replacement lamp, protective glasses and three mains adapters;
  • handy and easy to handle.

Philips BRI863 Lumea Essential

Photoepilator for those who do not want to waste time learning a new and incomprehensible technique. here everything is very simple and understandable. Ideal for quick, insensible hair removal on arms, legs, areas without particular sensitivity. It “sees” badly the bikini zone and armpit skin if it is dark.

  • lamp life. 200,000 flashes;
  • The ability to apply to the face. yes;
  • skin sensor. yes;
  • intensity modes. 5;
  • Skin area (cm2). 4;
  • the principle of operation. from the network;
  • approx;
  • country of production. China.
  • very simple interface;
  • Long-life lamp (no need for replacement for life);
  • painless operation;
  • there is a sliding function;
  • does not require additional protection of the skin with special creams, gels;
  • noticeable effect (loss of most hair) is visible already after four procedures.

Photoepilator Sensica Sensilight Mini 100

This photoepilator can be called a “woman’s whim”. it combines all the wishes: does not burn, gives a quick effect, protects the skin, compact, simple, “sees” all the zones and hairs.

  • lamp life. 100,000 flashes ;
  • action zone (cm 2). 3;
  • use on the face. yes;
  • skin type sensor. yes;
  • principle of operation. from the network;
  • country of manufacture. China;
  • approx
  • it removes even the light hairs;
  • works on darker areas of the skin;
  • stylish look;
  • fast hair removal;
  • simple interface.

Photoepilator Gezatone IPL ICE300

it takes a long time to get rid of hair, but it is long-lasting. in some areas it stops or almost stops to grow. Quick smooth skin effect is better not to wait.

  • lamp life. 300,000 flashes;
  • skin type sensor. yes;
  • facial use. yes;
  • 5 modes of intensity;
  • effective area (cm 2). 2.7
  • the principle of operation. from the network;
  • approximate ;
  • country-manufacturer. China.
  • does not burn, does not dry out the skin;
  • built-in “ice touch” function;
  • does not overheat;
  • reliably removes hair;
  • elegant design;
  • Includes purse, wire, adapter.
  • no safety glasses;
  • Does not work with dark hair;
  • does not give a fast effect, if you need it. it is better to buy a conventional epilator.
  • high cost.

D’Evi Skin 8 Pro IPL Hair Removal Home Photoepilator with Skin Rejuvenation Function

Gives an effect much faster than many other models. Really helps get rid of pimples and improves skin appearance.

  • the lamp life is 990,000 flashes;
  • intensity modes. 5;
  • acne protection function. yes;
  • indicator of skin contact. yes;
  • use on the face. yes
  • Power supply type. from the network;
  • Approximate cost. about 15,000 p;
  • producer country. China.
  • great resource;
  • There is a “smart memory”. the next time you turn on the unit will offer the same settings that were in the previous session
  • fast treatment of the body;
  • quick effect.

CosBeauty Perfect Smooth photoepilator

The special advertising on the additional lamp suggests that it will be needed very soon. Despite the claimed “cosmetic salon” effect, the result is the same as most others. For such a resource, this photoepilator is expensive.

  • Lamp life. 300,000 flashes;
  • The possibility of changing the lamp, yes;
  • intensity modes. 5;
  • Acne prevention feature. yes;
  • the use on the face. yes;
  • surface area (cm 2). 4,5;
  • the power principle. from the network;
  • Approximate price. 16 600 p;
  • country-manufacturer. China.

RIO IPL8000 photoepilator

One of few models which keeps the promise that hairs will disappear for a long time, and even forever.

  • Lamp life. 150 000 flashes (40 000. cartridge);
  • area of action (cm 2). 4.9;
  • skin type sensor. yes;
  • The ability to use on the face. yes;
  • the ability to replace the lamp. yes;
  • intensity modes. 5;
  • the principle of power. from the network;
  • approximate price. about 18 900 p;
  • Country of Origin. China.
  • there is a function of child protection;
  • convenient design with protection against drops and damages;
  • large area of action;
  • relatively fast effect;
  • permanently removes hair.

Braun IPL BD 3005

One more confirmation that Brown does everything in good faith. You can forget about your hair in less than six months after you start using it. Works even on darkened skin and sensitive areas.

  • Lamp life. 250,000 pulses;
  • The ability to replace the cartridge. yes;
  • The area of action (cm 2). 3;
  • The power principle. from the network;
  • the number of modes. 3;
  • use on the face. yes;
  • skin sensor. yes;
  • approximate ;
  • Country of production. UK.
  • quickly and completely destroys all the hairs, for a long time;
  • After repeated use, the hair can disappear forever;
  • Comes with a razor for particularly sensitive areas;
  • elegant design, it comes with a purse-case;
  • “not even too dark hairs are noticed;
  • no burning;
  • No skin protection required.

Silk’n Glide Xpress 300K

Handy model, in a few minutes treats the whole body and improves the skin, like after a beauty salon. But the effect in the form of hair removal will have to wait at least six months.

  • lamp life. 300,000 flashes;
  • acne protection yes;
  • area of action (cm 2). 3;
  • skin type sensor. yes
  • intensity modes. 5;
  • the principle of power. from the network;
  • use on the face. yes;
  • country of manufacture. Israel;
  • approximate price. about 21,000 p.

Braun PL3011 Silk-expert IPL Pro 3

Epilator that does not burn and self-determines the power. If you need to remove hair permanently in three months on all zones. this model is the right one.

  • Lamp life. 300,000 pulses;
  • the area of influence (cm 2). 3;
  • intensity modes. 4;
  • use on the face. yes;
  • skin contact sensor. yes;
  • Approximate cost. about 28,000 p;
  • country of origin. UK.
  • can work in automatic mode;
  • very fast effect;
  • UV protection;
  • there is a sliding mode;
  • does not overheat;
  • elegant design, purse-case included;
  • fast and complete hair removal;
  • Accepts even tanned skin and blond hair.

SmoothSkin Muse

Practically “eternal” epilator which does not need any cartridges and does not hide any hair. You’ll pay a lot, but not have to worry about finding money for a replacement cartridge.

  • Lamp life. 1 million pulses;
  • intensity modes. 6;
  • UV protection. yes;
  • treatment area (cm 2). 3;
  • mains-powered principle;
  • Manufactured in the UK;
  • approximate
  • two skin sensors;
  • removal of all hair, including blond hair and on tanned (but not very swarthy) areas, in 3-4 months;
  • It has a gentle mode;
  • Elegant, rich design;
  • comfortable rubberized handle;
  • safety goggles included.

Philips BRI956 Lumea Prestige

One of the few devices where the manufacturer guarantees up to two months of lasting results. Before buying, be sure to study the list of contraindications, there are many.

  • lamp life. 250 00 flashes;
  • The number of nozzles is 2;
  • Can be used on the face. yes;
  • The ability to replace the lamp. yes;
  • the area of influence (cm 2). 4;
  • The type of power. from the network / battery (Li-lon);
  • the country of manufacture. Slovenia;
  • approximate price. 47 000 p.
  • there is a replaceable battery;
  • Accepts tanned areas of the skin;
  • does not cause irritation;
  • 2 nozzles, including for delicate epilation, there is a nozzle for the armpits;
  • fast and permanent effect.
  • Does not work on red, very light and gray hairs;
  • Many contraindications, in particular. not suitable for skin with a lot of moles, papillomas or very swarthy;
  • Sometimes it burns on particularly sensitive areas;
  • overpriced.

What is the best photoepilator?? We compare and choose! Top rated home photoepilators 2018

Buying a photoepilator is a serious financial investment. And of course, everyone is interested in the fact that this device for home care of the body served us faithfully for many years, and not gather dust on the shelf. But how to make the right choice? Every year new models appear on the market. How to determine which one is the best? What you need to pay attention to when buying?

Let’s assume that your friend uses a popular brand of photoepilator and is quite satisfied with the result. Is it enough to immediately follow her example? Of course not, because we are all different: skin tone, color and structure of hair, its localization, hormonal background and other nuances require individual approach. So it is best to trust the experts.

In our online store you can at any time contact a consultant who will help determine the choice. Well, to make it easier to navigate in a variety of devices, we have prepared for you a rating of photoepilators, based on technical characteristics, customer reviews and expert evaluations.

The third category of the top gathered the best photoepilators from Aliexpress. This marketplace is full of different functional yet inexpensive devices. But it can be hard to choose among them. That’s why the Vyborexperta.Based on the level of demand and reviews have identified the clear leaders 2021 on Aliexpress.

Dcovor IPL Epilator

Chinese-made photoepilator, available in 5 colors. It acts directly on the follicles, stopping further hair growth. In addition to the main option promotes skin rejuvenation, acne reduction.

8 Modes with 3 to 5 J/cm² Intensity for more applications. Window area, that is, the coverage of a single flash. 4.5 cm². Claimed lamp life of installed lamp is up to 999,999 treatments. Designed for removing unwanted facial hair, bikini zone.

Triple protection guarantees performance, reliability. It’s built-in sensor chip, side illumination, motherboard support from failure. Multi-layer lenses increase efficiency with a wide range of coverage.

The device is powered only from the mains. Case size 168×112×78 mm. A compact but legible display will keep you informed of all that is going on. Comes with glasses, razor.

  • Versatility;
  • Triple protection;
  • 8 levels of intensity;
  • Wide lens range;
  • Compactness;
  • Colorful colors.

The average course of application of the nominee is 1.5-2 months. If hair lengths are longer than 8mm, it is advisable to remove them beforehand with a shaver. Compact size and ergonomics are guarantees of comfortable use.


Lobemoky IPL Laser Depilator

Chinese-made IPL laser photoepilator. It is a multifunctional device for the care of different parts of the body. In addition to hair removal, it helps to fight acne.

Here, too, 8 intensity levels are available, ranging from 1.5 to 3.9 J/cm². Fast startup ensures high performance. The built-in lamp is not removable, this levels its life 900,000 treatments. Indications for use. removal of unwanted facial hair, bikini zone.

Built-in sensor automatically detects the color of the skin, the appropriate mode. No nozzles included, but the ergonomic compact panel adapts to different areas of the body.

  • Ergonomic body;
  • Good stock;
  • Different modes;
  • Epidermis color indicator;
  • Informative display;
  • Acne treatment.

Manufacturer recommends using 1-3 intensity levels when working with facial skin, 3-8 with other areas. The first two weeks reduce vegetation by 25%, with a maximum duration of 8 weeks.

A machine with a mass of additional useful options. This hair removal on different parts of the body HR, removal of acne and pigmentation AC, as well as rejuvenation, stimulation of collagen production.

The area of the window that is applied to the body. 3.9 cm². Treatment intensity can be adjusted in a range of 5 operation modes. Claimed service life of the lamp installed. up to 500,000 treatments. The design is equipped not only with a derma color sensor, but also with a body temperature sensor.

Duration of one procedure may vary from 2 to 10 minutes, depending on the density of vegetation, the area of the area. 3 interchangeable lamps are included for different tasks.

The pistol form factor is ergonomic and handy. Operates only with AC power. Good readability LCD shows number of treatments, mode of action. Kit includes eyeglasses, CD with drivers.

Half an hour for full-body treatment with the appropriate lamps. The device is ergonomic, lightweight and does not slip in the hand thanks to the grooved areas.

Kyliebeauty 600000flashes

Professional IPL epilator with user-friendly display, ensuring painless hair removal. Features ergonomic design, fast operation, long quartz lamp life.

Quickly removes hair with 4 cm² window area. Choice of manual, automatic mode, 5 adjustable levels, adaptable to the characteristics of the skin. Lamp life of 600,000 flashes guarantees long use. The technology used is “IPL”.

Clear, detailed LCD monitor shows power, mode, number of flashes sustained. Flexible settings prevent irritation, damage to sensitive dermis.

Only 1 button to operate the device. LED backlight provides additional information. Indicator reveals skin tone, selecting the optimum stimulation level. Powered by mains only.

  • High-quality quartz lamp;
  • Safe even with hypersensitive dermis
  • Ergonomic casing;
  • A good supply of flash;
  • Rapid performance;
  • Display indication.

Long hairs are better removed with a machine for greater effectiveness. It is important to place the working window close to the body. Along with compactness, epilation procedures are quick, painless.

The principle of operation of the devices for home photoepilation is similar to the professional ones. The main difference is the power of devices:

The mid-level, do-it-yourself epilator delivers 7 J/cm² of light;

As a consequence, the domestic device must be used more often: every 1-2 weeks. Only after a year the frequency of procedures can be reduced to 1 time per month.

Coverage is also less than in the salon, which makes the session more time-consuming.

The salon IPL-procedure is expensive, but the efficiency of photoepilation, performed by the medical equipment is higher.

First it’s done every 4-8 weeks, then every six months. Given the somewhat painful nature of the procedure, frequency matters.

Top 7 best home photoepilators according to buyers reviews

In this rating I have collected 7 best home photoepilators for 2022. Home photoepilators. a device for permanent removal of unwanted facial and body hair at home. Photoepilators are not suitable for very dark skin, or for very light, red or gray hair. My top list includes only the best models in different price ranges from 10 to 30 thousand euros. rubles. When selecting models, I paid attention to such characteristics as the flash life, the size of the window for exposure, the number of modes and intensity levels, method of operation and availability of additional features. And to be as objective as possible and to identify the effectiveness, ease of use and determine the pros and cons of each model, I have studied customer reviews and expert reviews.


According to the type of power supply the devices are divided into:

  • Network. They are tied to a specific place, mobility is limited by the length of the cord, but they guarantee constant power and have better technical characteristics.
  • Rechargeable. Have freedom of movement. One charge is enough for 1-2 hours of uninterrupted work, but as you use the power decreases smoothly, respectively, the efficiency of the procedure.

Wireless models are convenient to use, but have a high cost, on average 40-50% higher than network models.

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