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Robot vacuums

Traditional vacuum cleaners are gradually fading into the background. Robotic vacuum cleaners are endowed with artificial intelligence, so even a beginner can handle setting up the device. Cleaning the house no longer takes a lot of time. The models presented in the Foxtrot online store carry out dry and wet cleaning. Built-in brushes and vacuum cleaning. The device is controlled by the remote. Also smartphone compatible.

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The latest models of robotic vacuum cleaners work with any surface, whether it is carpet, pile carpet, laminate or tile. You can buy a device with a minimum markup in original quality on the official Foxtrot website.

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Zoning the room into rooms

One of the latest features that are being introduced into new robotic vacuum cleaners is the zoning of a room into rooms. The meaning of the technology is that the robot builds a map of the room, and then divides this map into rooms according to its own logic.

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Room boundaries can be manually changed by combining several rooms into one or vice versa, dividing the room into additional zones. This opens up some very useful possibilities later on. The first is the direction of the robot vacuum cleaner to the desired room for cleaning, an analogue of the function for selecting cleaning zones, only in this case, instead of selecting the desired zone with a rectangle, you immediately select the desired room. The second possibility is to set the cleaning schedule not only by time and day of the week, but also by room. For example, you can program a robot so that at 8 am in the kitchen, at 9 in the hall, and at 10, when everyone is already awake, in the bedroom and nursery.

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The function of zoning a room into rooms is relevant for large areas, if you have a one-room apartment, it makes no special sense.

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