Which vacuum cleaner is better Samsung or Philips

Tricks of marketers

Many buyers believe that the efficiency of a vacuum cleaner is directly connected to the suction power. Expertise of Roscontrol established that this indicator is far-fetched in many respects. Firstly, the quality of cleaning is more affected by aerodynamics and functionality of the nozzle on the tube, and secondly, to fix this parameter is almost impossible suction power varies greatly from one operating condition, such as the floor covering material, the strength of the brush pressure, the degree of filling of the dustbag.

That is, you can and should measure the suction power in different modes of the device (this, by the way, prescribes to do and international standard), and manufacturers indicate a single figure for solidity. As a rule, it is optimal in their opinion, the ratio of the volume of air flowing through and the rarefaction of the air created by the motor. That’s why the measured power had no effect on the final score of the samples, and the values themselves sometimes diverged significantly from the claims. We purposely simulated a moderate loading by measuring all the samples in the same way. In the end, the weakest vacuum cleaner were Vitek VT-1848/BK, Bosch BGS5ZOOO1 and Dyson DC52 Animal Turbine (we remind you that the last two leaders of the test on carpet cleaning efficiency!). Philips vacuum cleaners were the most powerful. So, the efficiency of garbage collection is largely influenced by the design of the basic nozzle, as well as the presence of a specialized nozzle for the carpet with a rotating brush capable of picking up fragments of debris. So the owners of carpets and pets is better to focus on vacuum cleaners with turbo-brush kit, rather than chasing after high power values.

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Ilya Sukhanov, head of the testing laboratory of NP Roscontrol:

Since the advent of container vacuum cleaners, the debate did not stop: what is still more convenient bag or container? Contrary to assurances of marketers, unequivocally establish the advantage of a particular system of filtration and garbage disposal is difficult enough each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. A bag vacuum cleaner is definitely more hygienic. A bag filled with, for example, damp food waste, and therefore germs and mold, you can just throw away. And the container in most container vacuum cleaners will need periodic maintenance to clean the container to collect the waste and pre-filters. I personally find this process more tedious than changing bags. The second question, which usually interests consumers, whether container vacuum cleaners really are cheaper? At first glance, yes, because you don’t have to buy disposable bags. However, the price of a container vacuum cleaner is always higher: for the difference you can buy a lot of disposable bags, in some cases for several years to come! As for the other indicators, the traditional bag models, other things being equal, at least are not inferior to fancy container ones in terms of convenience. But the efficiency of a vacuum cleaner depends on its overall design, not on the type of dust collector.

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Which vacuum cleaner is better Samsung or LG

Choice of tools for cleaning your home or office, always a lottery. The more responsible choice of complex equipment. a vacuum cleaner. Each time the buyer solves the problem of how to buy a device that meets the needs, while not overpaying for redundant options. In everyone’s ears, as reliable such companies produce goods for the home, LG, Samsung, Phillips, Philips. So what vacuum cleaner is better to choose, LG or competitors? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each of these brands, let’s understand.

Which vacuum cleaner is better Samsung or Philips: comparative characteristics of the main parameters

Such global giants as Philips and Samsung have long been known in the domestic market. Technics of both companies. it’s a guarantee of quality and durability, but going to the store, there is a logical question, what better vacuum cleaner Samsung or Philips, what home appliance to trust the cleanliness in the house and what are the advantages of the model range of each group. Let’s try to grasp the subject together.

Пылесос PHILIPS. 5 лет эксплуатации. ОТЗЫВ

Power. This characteristic is the most understandable and closest to most consumers. What manufacturers of home appliances know very well. And in an attempt to impress potential buyers, they often overestimate the real power.

Philips cordless Vacuum Cleaner vs Samsung cordless Vacuum Cleaner (Amazing home appliances)

If you believe the manufacturer’s information, then the declared maximum power consumption of vacuum cleaners DAEWOO and Philips is 2000 watts. Which, if it were really true, would be very good in comparison with the competitors: all other participants of the test declared only. 1,800 watts. But this is in fact far from being the case! Measurements show that Philips has only 1750 W average power under load, and DAEWOO has even less. 1500 Watt. This is instead of the promised 2000!

Electric vacuum cleaners differ in weight, but not that much. From 3.390 kg (DAEWOO) to 4.03 kg (Philips).

Philips, Samsung, and Bosch vacuum cleaners showed an enviable dust-cleaning ability (on a pile carpet surface) (97% of dust). Among the outsiders was a vacuum cleaner DAEWOO, which collected only 82% of the dust.

The best vacuum cleaners are distinguished Philips, Bosch, Elektrolux: not a single thread will be missed! Slightly less accurate was the Samsung vacuum cleaner, which has a 98% cleaning capacity. The most careless. DAEWOO vacuum cleaner with 90% cleaning capacity.

The most economical in terms of power consumption was a vacuum cleaner Bosch, which during operation consumes 49.5 watts / hour. On the contrary, the Philips vacuum cleaner was the least economical of all the models in the test, with an energy consumption index of 56.1 (W)·ч).

Битва пылесосов: Philips vs Dyson, кто лучше?

In the category of dust emission, Samsung, Bosch and Electrolux are recognized as the cleanest.

Vacuum cleaners are the least noisy. Bosch and Electrolux. The noisiest vacuum cleaner DAEWOO.

There were no surprises in the usability test: all vacuum cleaners were consistently rated as good. The fact that none of them fell even to the rating Average and, moreover, Unsatisfactory, it is really good, but the fact that no one was awarded an excellent grade, can hardly please potential buyers.

Comparison of vacuum cleaner brands

Each brand has its own strengths and weaknesses. Let’s compare the best brands of vacuum cleaners.

The comparative review is made on a 5-point rating scale based on feedback from consumers who use the equipment of the declared companies.

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Bosch or Philips

Bosch Philips
Price 3,8 3
Appearance 5 5
Build quality 4,2 4,9
Reliability level 4 4,3
Power 4,6 5
Durability 3,9 4,5
Comfort in operation 4,7 4,8
Maintenance costs 4,3 3,6

LG or Samsung

LG Samsung
Price 4,9 5
Appearance 4,6 5
Build quality 3,2 4,6
Level of reliability 3 4,7
Power 4,1 4,5
Durability 3,2 4,8
Comfort in operation 4 4,6
Maintenance costs 4,7 4,9

Karcher or Thomas

Karcher Thomas
Price 3 3,4
Appearance 3,7 4,5
Build quality 4,8 4,5
Reliability level 5 4,8
Power 4,7 4,7
Durability 5 4,8
Comfort of use 4 4,2
Maintenance costs 3,1 4,3

Philips or Samsung

Philips Samsung
Price 3 5
Appearance 5 5
Build quality 4,9 4,6
Reliability level 4,3 4,7
Power 5 4,5
Durability 4,5 4,8
Operating comfort 4,8 4,6
Maintenance costs 3,6 4,9

Based on the scores in the table, it is easy to see which brand wins in its performance from the user side, rather than the manufacturer’s side. Flawless technology is difficult to find, but from the experience of those who have already bought and tested this or that appliance, you can orientate your choice.

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For the house it is at home, where there are usually large areas and laminate is best to buy a robot to clean regularly ordinary bag once a month to do a general cleaning and remove construction debris.

For home in the sense of an apartment, I would advise a cordless upright, with good suction power. This is the most convenient option, believe my experience. Take it out once a week, clean it up, put it back in the closet. I wouldn’t buy a robot in a regular small-town apartment. trouble than it’s worth. Will hit furniture and thresholds, get stuck in curtains or under the couch, get tangled in scattered things. slippers, dog and cat bowls, etc.д. Get the

I want to give some advice to people who choose a vacuum cleaner, as a little in the subject. Point by point.

1 WET CLEANING. For a vacuum cleaner to wash well, but not spread dirt on the floor you need a fairly large cleaning unit on the type of Thomas. Every time you will have to fill it with water and detergent, and pour out the dirty water after each cleaning, and regularly clean the filters. Another thing you can not move it sharply water splashes out. In short, if you have a small house or apartment, it’s easier and faster to mop the floor with a regular rag. No. Robotic vacuum cleaners and cyclone vacuum cleaners with wet mopping don’t wash anything at all, they just spread the dirt on the floor. Sufficiently

I think the most convenient vacuum cleaner. with bags, especially disposable bags.

Was a vacuum cleaner with aqua filter. the water tank must be rinsed every time after cleaning, even the minimum, dirtying the bathtub or sink.

With the container turned out to be even worse. It cost almost 12,000 Samsung. It looks like this only in ads: throw the trash out of the container in a bucket, put it back and you’re happy. In fact, the container. is not a bowl with smooth walls, inside a bunch of irregularities, the container itself is complexly shaped and looks like this at best:

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