Whirlpool washing machine display errors

Error codes of the washing machine Whirlpool

The display on the control panel of the machine is not only for displaying the program times. It also shows error codes that appear as a result of malfunctioning appliances. Washing machine ” Virpool ” is no exception. The manufacturer has provided different codes to alert you to certain malfunctions. Their deciphering is specified in the publication, as well as in the user’s manual.

Error codes of Whirlpool washing machines

Main causes: bad drain, sensor breakage, wrong powder:

  • You are using a powder not suitable for this washing mode: try to change the detergent
  • Too much detergent in the washer: try reducing the dosage the next time you wash
  • Water not draining properly from the SM: see error description “F03”
  • Water level sensor defective or open in circuit: check circuit, check and replace sensor
  • Same for inlet fill valve
  • Malfunction of the controller: call a master

Increased foaming can cause the following:

  • You are using a powder not suitable for this washing mode, for example, you filled the automatic washer with powder for hand washing: try to change the detergent
  • Too much detergent in the mix: try and reduce the dosage the next time you wash
  • Water not draining properly from SM: see error description “F03
  • Water level sensor faulty or open in circuit: check circuit, check and replace sensor
  • Same for foam sensor if installed
  • Control controller failure: call a master
  • Broken circuit between the circuit boards: wire-check, repair of wiring, strengthening of contacts and connectors
  • The imaging board is faulty: diagnose, repair or replace
  • Control board malfunction: call for service

This code may appear in two cases:

Very likely the problem is in the sensor (pressostat), less likely. In the electronics:

  • Sensor malfunction: check and replace the sensor
  • Broken contacts or breakage in the sensor circuit: check and restore wiring, retighten contacts
  • Problems with the control module

The motor reversing relay has failed: it is on the control board, so it is better to contact professionals to replace it

  • First make sure that the internet in your apartment is working properly
  • Try a Whirlpool Service Centre
  • Nothing helps. call a specialist

As a result the electronics blocks the start of the wash. Possible causes:

  • The most obvious first step is to close the door more tightly
  • Then make sure that no objects are interfering with the closing of the door: if the error remains, then something is broken
  • Open circuit between triac (door locking device) and controlling controller: check circuits, check contacts
  • Something is broken in the door opener, e.g. lock or loose hinges: in principle, the lock can be repaired yourself, but the door opener. Complex unit that turns on the electronics, so it is better to contact the service
  • Door lock sensor defective: replace
  • Problems in the control controller of the Whirlpool: diagnosis and replacement

Error codes for Whirlpool washing machines without a display

Sometimes the Virpul washing machine does not turn on, and a few LEDs on the control panel “wink”, inviting you to read the manual or.immediately contact the specialists, who will be able to come and perform the repair of washing machines Whirlpool in the shortest possible time. But not always the service department is around, and if the Whirlpool washing machine does not turn on, and your home is far from civilization, you can try to find the faulty unit yourself, by the self-diagnostic system codes. In washing machines with a display, these so-called error codes are displayed on the screen display or board, and if you have a washing machine without frills, and there is no indicator, you can find out the code of failure by glowing or extinguished control panel indicators. Let’s consider how to use the error indication system in washing machines without displays in more detail.

If you have a Whirlpool washing machine, you can find out the error codes from the state of the nine indicators located at the top of the control panel. Each of them is assigned a specific number, which we will indicate in the table decoding service codes:

  • Indicator light for the lack of water;
  • Indicates that the washer is in the prewash phase;
  • Lamp indicating that the washing is in progress;
  • Washer is in the rinse phase;
  • Machine stopped with water in the tank;
  • Washer is on the spin/drain stage;
  • Open door indicator;
  • Indicator of clogging in the filter;
  • Service Indicator.

The first seven LEDs are in a row, the eighth and ninth are below and in opposite parts of the panel. Below, in the table, there are error codes of washing machines Whirlpool without display, their decoding and short recommendations on diagnostics and troubleshooting.

There is not enough water in the tank to wash or no water at all

Make sure that the water inlet tap is open and that the water supply pressure is normal.

Clean the strainer inside the inlet spigot of the washing machine.

Check the hydraulic “elbow” on the drain hose.

Damaged connection wires or defective fill valve, level sensor

Inlet valve stuck in open position.

The tank, internal hoses or lines are leaking.

Defective leak sensor or controller malfunction.

The used water does not drain from the tank.

Check drain hose and outside drainage system for blockages.

Verify the operability of the drain pump. Check reliability of wiring and contacts (including connectors).

Water in the tank is not heated to the required temperature

Using a tester or multimeter, check the proper operation of the temperature sensor and its circuits.

Verify if the heating element is intact by measuring the resistance of the coil and check for breakdown.

Check connection wires and operation of the temperature sensor using a tester. Thermistor resistance should be about 6 kOhm at room temperature.

The motor rotates very slowly. No tacho pulses.

Check tachogenerator washer is in place. Check speed sensor communication bus to central controller.

Control circuits on motor disturbed.

Triac (located on main controller board) or controller itself may have malfunctioned.

1.Check heater and connection wires.

Verify if the water level sensor in the tank is functioning correctly.

Relay in the central controller may be broken.

The coil of the heating element is burned out or “punctured” to the housing.

The contact in the connection wires from the heater to the controller is broken.

The water in the tank is being pumped very slowly or not at all.

Check that the strainer in the priming valve is not “clogged”.

Inlet valve does not open fully.

EEPROM memory gives invalid values

Central controller defect. Contact a professional.

Breakage of the electric motor or its circuits

Worn brushes or defective motor windings.

Open or loose contact in motor cable.

Relay, simulator or other control elements located on the central controller board are out of order.

Dosage of detergent exceeded. Wrong powder selection.

Central controller malfunction.

Check continuity of wires between control panel and central controller. Checking the controller itself is possible only in the workshop

The central controller receives signals that the tank is both full and empty.

Faulty pressostat or wiring connecting it to the controller.

A signal from the level sensor indicates that the tank has been full for more than 1 minute.

Anchor stops rotating during wash cycle

Check speed sensor and sensor circuits. The central controller could have malfunctioned.

Electric motor does not change the direction of rotation when washing.

Reverse relay is out of order (on the central controller board).

Too slow speed of rotation of the electric motor. Sometimes there is no rotation.

Stator coil relay breakage. You need to replace it.

Press and hold “Reset” button for longer than three seconds. After opening the lock, open the hatch and re-close the drum flaps.

In this article we looked at error codes of Virpul, their decoding and possible causes of breakdowns. But before you start repairing the washing machines Virpul, you should try to “reset” the washing machine, de-energizing it for a few minutes. If the machine stops with the same service code after restarting, there is probably a malfunction. But in order to be sure of the fault of a node or a detail it is necessary to compare the error codes of washing machines, external manifestations of the breakage and the results of visual inspection and checks with a tester or a multimeter. Repair with your own hands is not always the easiest and fastest option to fix the failure. In order to quickly restore the operational state of your washing machine, we recommend contacting the repair of household appliances in Kiev, professional craftsmen perform repairs more quickly and efficiently.

Error codes of whirlpool washing machines.

Washing machines are no longer a luxury but a necessity, without which in the house as without hands. The modern market is full of variety of washing machines from different manufacturers. But today we will talk about Whirlpool washing machines, namely about error codes of whirlpool washing machines.

Quite often it happens that the machine starts its work and immediately on her panel we can see the lighted LED or two LEDs, and the washing machine Whirlpool lit button service. What does it mean washing machine whirlpool light on service, and how to reset the error on the washing machine whirlpool?

When such a light comes on, you should understand that some kind of malfunction has occurred in the washing machine and further use of equipment is not recommended. Otherwise, it can lead to even more breakdowns.

The thing is that the machines from this manufacturer have built-in self-diagnosis. This means that if something went wrong in the technique, it diagnoses itself and gives the user certain error codes on its display whirlpool. If the washing machine is an older model, then the light bulbs will simply turn on.

All these whirlpool washing machine errors that may appear on the display during self-diagnosis are specified in the instructions of the appliance.

If you will be informed about what the error h2o means on the washing machine whirlpool or any other, you will be able to fix the problem and bring it back to life. Or let a technician know about such and such a problem.

But there are often cases when users throw away such recommendations from manufacturers or lose them. Therefore, we have collected all known error codes of whirlpool washing machines with a display and placed them in a table for your convenience.

whirlpool, washing, machine, display, errors

This table details what the error codes of whirlpool washing machine mean.

Error codes of Whirlpool washing machines

Modern Whirlpool washing machines, equipped with a display, signal a malfunction with a code that begins with the letter F. In older machines without a display, errors are signaled by the activation of indicators on the front panel. It looks like this:

The main codes of such models can be visually represented in the following table:

The washing machine does not draw water or draws very little water and washing is impossible.

  • Water supply problems.
  • Faulty inlet or drain system.
  • Pressostat malfunction.
  • Electronic module error.
  • Check if there is water in the system and if the water pressure is sufficient; check if the valve is open enough.
  • Inspect hoses, inlet valve for blockages and defects and repair if found.
  • Inspect the pressostat, if necessary. replace it with a new one.
  • Check electronic module and replace defective components if possible. If impossible replace the module itself.

Older non-display machines have working lights and 9

Machine stops washing (at any stage)

Aquastop system suddenly intervenes. Relevant for machines equipped with this function, such as Whirlpool FWSF 61052 W

  • Check if the valve is blocked for no reason (if there is no real leakage). In this case it is better to replace the valve.
  • The machine is leaking. Inspect the tank, hoses, hoses and other components. All except tank can be replaced. Tank failure of this nature is usually irreversible.
  • Check control module. There you can either repair or replace the entire unit.

Diodes 5, 6, 8 of old machines work simultaneously

  • The problem with the drainage system.
  • Control module breakage or malfunction.

  • Check the drain pump and make sure it is working. Most often, such an error occurs in machines with a solid record of work, when the pump is already quite worn out. If defective. repair the pump or replace it with a new one.
  • Carefully inspect the entire drainage system: hose, impeller, etc.д. Flush them necessarily and if it is impossible to install them back. replace them.
  • Determine if there is a problem with the control box. often than not, it must be replaced as a whole.

Lamp 4 and 9 on washing machines without display light comes on

Machine refuses to heat water (assuming that the set program calls for heating water).

  • Problem with heat sensor.
  • Breakage in the circuit of the heating system.

Whirlpool Washing Machine Fault & Diagnostic test mode to find your error codes

  • Inspect the sensor and if necessary. repair or replace.
  • Check circuit, remove contact fault.

Measure the sensor resistance (if it does not match). replace the sensor or its components.

  • Displacement of the spring washer in the drum rotation system.
  • Tachogenerator itself fails.
  • Circuit breakage “card. motor. tachogenerator
  • Inspect washer position. If there is a problem, reinstall the washer. Restart the washing process.
  • Diagnose tachogenerator. If necessary, replace the indicated part.
  • Check power supply circuit, correct if there is a problem.

Simultaneous actuation of indicators 4, 5, 6, 9 on old versions of washing machines

  • Problems in the motor circuit.
  • Triac defect.
  • Control unit breakage.
  • Repair circuit fault.
  • Visually inspect and repair / replace triac.
  • Replace the control module.
  • Heating element burned out.
  • Pressostat malfunction.
  • Control unit malfunction.
  • Check heater wiring and contacts (could be caused by oxidation).
  • Inspect and repair pressostat, replace if necessary.
  • Eliminate control unit malfunction.

Machine puts too much water in the tank.

  • Pressure sensor problems.
  • Water inlet valve doesn’t work.
  • Control module defective.
  • Inspect pressure sensor fittings first. If necessary, replace it only or replace the sensor.
  • Inspect components of inlet valve, remove defects.
  • Repair the control board, if necessary replace the control unit.

The machine does not execute the set program, does not make a sound, does not rotate the drum.

  • Thermosensor defect.
  • Check triac. often some parts of the control box need to be replaced. If impossible, replace the entire unit.

The washer shows no sign of life at all, giving only the error indicated

Determine if there is nothing wrong with the power supply in the apartment: socket, electrical wiring. Eliminate the faults.

It is important to remember that under no circumstances should you connect household appliances with extension cords and adapters!

Indicators 3, 4, 9 on machines without display

Washing machine doesn’t warm water, runs program when cold

  • The relay in the electronic control module “stuck”.
  • Heating element defective.
  • The wiring connection is broken.
  • The thermostat broken.
  • Check the electronic module and change the relay if necessary.
  • Check if there is no current breakdown on heating element. In the case of this damage it is necessary to replace heating element.
  • Check wires in module-heater circuit, remove breakage.
  • Replace temperature sensor.

Water intake problem: Water dispenses very slowly or cannot be dispensed at all

  • Problems with water supply in the water supply network. Thermostat blocked with powder.
  • Water supply valve failure.

Whirlpool Washing Machine Error Codes | 2021

  • Check that the water supply pressure is sufficient. Check the dispensing valve and open it sufficiently to permit normal water flow.
  • Rinse the detergent dispenser (it is better to remove it completely).
  • Clean lime from the grid of the inlet valve. Reinstall.

Machine not working completely, does not respond to commands

  • Processor malfunction. often it is necessary to firm up controller.
  • If this does not work, then the entire module must be replaced.

Indicators 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 of machines without display are lit

Machine does not rotate the drum or makes no operating sounds

  • The control board is defective.
  • The tachogenerator is defective.
  • Worn out motor brushes.
  • Wires are damaged.
  • Inspect each of the above components and replace with a new one, if necessary.
  • Check and repair damaged areas between board and motor.
  • Inspect and repair broken electrical contacts.
  • Check that the control board is not damaged in any area. (Repair if necessary).
  • If these measures do not solve the problem, replace the entire circuit board.

Machine has difficulty emptying water after a wash. Increased foaming is noticed during washing.

Problems with quantity or quality of detergent.

  • Restart the washing programme by completely disabling the programme and then restarting the appliance. This will flush out the excess detergent.
  • Adjust the amount of detergent used for the next wash cycle by consulting the instructions. (If you have problems with this, use a capsule.).
  • Check the quality of detergent: it must be intended for automatic washing, not for hand washing.

The machine suddenly stops or does not start the washing process at all.

There are problems with the power supply outside or within the machine.

  • Check that there is electricity in the house.
  • Check that the socket supplying the SM is working properly. (Try plugging in any other working electrical appliance.).
  • Carefully inspect the plug and power cord of the washing machine. Important: Never carry out this action with the plug inserted into the socket!The power cable could be broken and could pose a health or safety risk.
  • Inspect the washer-dryer’s mains filter and confirm that it is in good working order. If it is defective, replace it with a new one.

Machine does not perform a wash or stops suddenly

The control board malfunction or breakdown.

  • Restart the appliance once more, it may be a one-time failure.
  • Diagnose and repair the board. If repair is impossible, replace the machine for a new one.

Indicators 2, 4, 6, 9 are active on machines without display

Machine stops washing at any stage or does not work at all

The washerdryer doesn’t take in or doesn’t heat water

  • The heating element malfunction.
  • Wiring or power supply problems.
  • Check whether mains voltage is sufficient in the apartment.
  • Check heater, replace if necessary.
  • Check and examine the wiring in the circuit “circuit board. heating element”. Eliminate malfunction, replace wires.

Indicators 2, 4, 5, 6 and 9 illuminate simultaneously in machines without display

The appliance does not start the program, but water can be filled in the tank.

Inspect and correct pressostat malfunction. If impossible to repair. replace element with a new one.

Lights 2, 3, 9 illuminate at the same time

Machines without display give out lights 2, 3, 5, 9

  • Foreign bodies in the drum.
  • Electronic module failure or malfunction.
  • Check if the drum rotates freely by turning the appliance off and turning it by hand. If drum rotates freely and does not make a sound, there is another cause.
  • Diagnose and repair faults of the electronic module. Replace if necessary.

Indicators activation. 3, 5, 6 and 9 on machines without display

whirlpool, washing, machine, display, errors

The drum rotates in one direction only

Inspect electronic module and repair relay failure. If repair is not possible, this part must be replaced.

2, 3, 4 and 9 light bulbs on the front panel of non-display machines

The machine does not rotate the drum at all or only very slowly

One of the most unusual and rare errors, it happens only with the latest models, for example WM E104A S RU, FWD91283WS RU

No software update.

  • Check the stability of the Internet connection, check that the router is in good working order. If there are problems eliminate them by contacting your Internet Service Provider.(The rest theoretically should be done by the machine itself in the background).
  • If it doesn’t help. contact a Whirpool customer service center. Important: in the case of breakdowns of such high-tech models, do not solve them yourself, because.к. In this case, you may lose your right to warranty service. (For some of the latest generation models from this manufacturer the warranty service period may be up to 12 years).

Whirlpool Washing Machine Error Codes Diagnosis

The door lock mechanism does not work, the machine “thinks” that the door is not closed.

  • Check whether the hatch locking device itself works. To do this, press with something narrow and metal in the place where the door hook usually hits. If the machine drew water, then the UBL is functioning properly.
  • Inspect carefully the hook and door. Obviously, the problem is a mechanical malfunction. Most often the cause is wear and tear of the part, and it is better to replace it.
  • Try opening and closing the door as tightly as possible.
  • Inspect the cuffs, if there is mechanical damage to the rubber. replace them.
  • Check the operation of the UBL itself. If it is impossible to repair. replace with a new one.

In machines without display 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9.

The error is specific only to machines with vertical load, e.g. TDLR 70220, AWE 7515/1

The washing machine does not start working from the very beginning, from the moment of setting the working program

Error codes of Whirlpool washing machines

Whirlpool washing machines of different years report a breakdown in two ways:

Understanding what each code means, you will be able to quickly resuscitate the washing machine, assisting it yourself or reporting the nature of the problem to the master.

For those who have lost the user manual, we have prepared a table with codes for Whirlpool machines. We have collected in the table the codes and combinations for all models, described what each code means and what to do to save the machine from breakage.

Faults and malfunctions of Whirlpool washing machines

Whirlpool washing machines belong to the middle price category that is why they are of high quality and long service life. But, as with any appliance from other manufacturers, the washing machine may break down over time. To give you a hint, what exactly is wrong with your machine, we have the codes that show up on the display of your machine when there are various malfunctions.

Washing machine whirlpool error display

Modern Whirlpool washing machines are equipped with self-diagnostic system.

Error codes machine displays a certain combination of lights. If there is a display, the error is displayed directly on it.

Below is the figure with which you can find out the error correspondence of the washing machine Virpul a certain combination.


Here we will try to describe the errors in simple language for a simple user, as well as give recommendations for their elimination.

F-00 Error indicates defective seven oscillator pump. In practice, this means that the washing machine can not drain water. Therefore it is necessary to check all components related to this. Absence of a clog, a drain pump and only in the last turn the electronic module.

F-01 The washing machine cannot get water in the allotted time. It is necessary to check whether the water supply tap is not closed, whether the filter is not clogged and in the last turn the valve pouring water.

F-02 Fault on aquastop system. The error says about not tightness, leakage of the system. As a rule, to correct the error it is necessary to remove the leakage of the washing machine and remove water from the pan.

F-03, F-25,F-26 Error indicates that the washing machine can not drain the water at the set time. Most often it is caused by a clogged drain filter, less often by a faulty drain pump.

F-04, F-08, F-12 Washer is not heating water. Check the correct connection of the drain hose (height 0).F-1m), Heater and its circuits. In rare cases the reason could be electronic module.

F-05 The electronic module can not see the sensor of water temperature in the tank; it can be either a short circuit or breakage of the sensor.

F-06, F-07, F-10, F-27, F-28 Motor error, no rotation. Check motor (brushes, tachometer, windings), electronic module.

F-11, F-14, F-16, F-19, F-20 Trouble in control unit, repair or replacement required.

F-09 Level sensor shows that machine has exceeded the level required. The reason could be a skipping of water by the filling valve.

F-13 Washing machine cannot lock the door. Check if the sunroof is closed and does not work. Also the serviceability of the hatch lock itself, whether it gets power when you turn it on.

F-15 Electronic module can not see the sensor that controls the drum position, there is no signal. Requires check sensor, module.

F-18 Foam sensor detected increased detergent. As a rule additional rinsing and detergent reduction in the following washes is required.

F-21 Interaction of power and display module disturbed. Both the cable connecting the boards and the boards themselves may be defective.

F-23, F-24, level sensor (pressostat) malfunction.As a rule, the sensor is defective, but there may be exceptions.

If you still have questions, please call us.

Our masters are ready to repair washing machines in St. Petersburg quickly and not expensive!

We give obligatory warranty of our service for all kinds of works and spare parts.

What do the error codes on the display of washing machines Virpool mean?

Washing machines of different years of Whirlpool report a breakdown in two ways. Older model is signaling with a combination of light bulbs. New machine shows error codes on display.

Understanding what this code means, you can quickly provide first aid to the washing machine yourself or by reporting the nature of the problem to the master.

FH (F01) or 1 display light

No water in tank or too little water to wash.

  • Low water pressure. Contact your service company and get pressure back to normal. May have to install a pump.
  • Inlet valve closed. The valve should be opened.
  • Inlet valve filter is clogged. Clean.
  • “Self drain”. siphon effect. Drain hose is correctly positioned.
  • Problem with the pressostat. Repair or replace. Pressostat of the washing machine Whirlpool
  • Pump, water level sensor or valve wiring is broken. Check the wiring and fix the problem. The error is common in Virpool Ave 6416, 7515
  • Electronic block block blocked. Replace defective areas or the entire module.

FA (F02) or 5 and 9 light

  • Blocked intake valve. Replace the valve.
  • Leaky hoses. Tank or connections. the system is leaking. Replace parts. Important: If the tank is leaking, it is NOT repaired, and replacement is quite expensive. It is worth to change machine.
  • Module totally or partially broken. Repair or replace module.

FP (F03) or 5,6 and 8 indicator

  • Pump broken or loose or burned out contacts. Repair or replace pump.
  • Clogged drain system. Clean hoses or pipes.
  • Control unit totally or partially broken. Repair or replace.

F04 or 4 and 9 LED

Water is not getting to the correct temperature.

  • Check contacts and clean if necessary and check sensor circuit.
  • NTC sensor may be broken. Inlet valve blocked Need to be replaced. NTC sensor

F05 or 4, 6 or 9 indicator

Temperature sensor defective. Measure resistance in the temperature sensor. Replace defective part.

F06 or 4, 5 or 9 LEDs

  • Motor rotates weakly or does not rotate at all. Check the spring retainer in the tachogenerator, it may have come loose. Check position of reset washer. Or, replace tachogenerator.
  • Communication in board-motor-tachogenerator triac broken. Communication must be restored.

F08 or 3 and 9 light bulb

  • FET burned out or wire breakage or oxidized contacts. Carry out maintenance or replace the heating element.
  • Control box or pressostat defective. Check parts and replace if repair is not possible.
  • Broken pressure sensor. Replace pressostat or its connections.
  • Inlet valve is defective. Replace the part.
  • Control module defective. Repair or replace entire unit.
  • Problems with thermostat. If repair is impossible. replace.
  • Triac defective. Individual parts of control module must be replaced.

Faulty connections. Check voltage in the mains. Restore to the required parameter.

F12 or 3, 4, and 9 lights

  • Relay controlling the water heating is stuck (on the electronic block). Relay must be replaced.
  • Faulty heating element or short circuit to cabinet. Use a tester to test the heating element. If the heating element is defective. change it.
  • No contact between module and heater. Check the wires.
  • Sensor defective. F14 or 3, 4, 5, 9 light bulb F14 or 3, 4, 5, 9 light bulb Replace defective part.

F13 or 3, 4, 6 and 9 LED

Water doesn’t come out or takes too long to come out.

  • There is too little pressure in the water supply. Contact a service company. May have to install a pump.
  • Water inlet valve is clogged. Clean the filter grid.
  • The powder compartment is clogged. Remove cuvette and flush.

F14 or 3, 4, 5 and 9 light bulbs

EEPROM values are incorrect. Processor may be faulty. Controller needs to be upgraded or the whole module needs to be replaced.

F15 or 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 LED

Whirlpool washing machine errors

Check and replace if necessary:

  • Motor brushes
  • Control board parts (triac or relay)
  • Tachogenerator
  • Between the board and the motor, check the wiring
  • Control unit. repair or replace

Control system is defective. Check contacts, replace defective parts or replace entire board.

F18 (Fod) or 2, 5 and 9 indicator lights

Machine blocked because of wrong powder. Use a different, recommended powder.

Power supply malfunction. Washing usually stops or won’t turn on at all. Check the power filter, power cord continuity, line voltage, outlet. If defect detected. repair or replace defective part.

Command board is malfunctioning. Restart mode, if it doesn’t help. repair or replace board.

  • Water not flowing through powder compartment. Blockage. clean it.
  • The heater does not work properly. Check wiring from board to heating element. Test the heating element. replace it if it fails. Check the mains voltage. Take measures to stabilise it.

F23 or 2, 4, 5, 6 and 9 lights

The water intake system has failed. The washing machine is signaling a full or empty tank. The pressostat is most likely defective. You will need to replace it.

F24 or 2, 3 & 9 light

The water control system has failed. Machine gives more than one minute of tank full alarm. Check the system and parts. Repair or replace the entire system.

F26 or 2, 3, 5 & 8 light bulb

Electric motor only turns in one direction. The relay that controls the motor (on the electronic module) has burned out. Change a relay.

The error is rare and only occurs with the latest models. This error indicates an unsuccessful attempt to update the software via the Internet. Contact your service center or internet service provider.

  • Try closing door more tightly.
  • Check the sunroof locking device. Replace if it can not be repaired.

Bdd or 2-6 and 9 LED

Drum flaps not properly closed. To reset the error, you need to press the “Reset” button and hold for 3 seconds until the message indicating that the drum is open appears. Then open the lid, close the flaps and start the washing programme. If the error cannot be reset, you will need to contact a professional.

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