Why icos heater will not charge

Why IQOS may not charge, what to do in this situation

Today there are many options on how a smoker can get the necessary dose of nicotine. The first and easiest option is an ordinary cigarette. After it remains an unpleasant smell on your hands, hair and clothing. The second option is a vape, it has a lot of smoke and a pleasant aroma. It can be smoked throughout the day, but it comes out quite expensive.

The last option is a system for heating tobacco called IQOS. Sticks for this thing cost like cigarettes, only after smoking IQOS there is no unpleasant smell, and the dose of nicotine is also replenished. Consider, IQOS stopped charging, why this happens, what to do in this situation.

How does the charging process work for icos?

Charging the gadget is uncomplicated. You just need to insert the holder into the charging block, close the cover, press the button on the block and see if the indicator blinks to make sure the process has started. As soon as the LED stops flashing. done!

The charger is designed for 20 uses, so a full battery is enough to use one pack of sticks. The main thing is not to forget to put the holder back in the charger (for 5 minutes or longer) after each stick is used. Alas, this is the manufacturer’s idea. uninterrupted operation is not yet provided.

Charging process

Insert the battery charger into the socket, which feeds the energy to the power supply. It takes two hours to generate power.

If the device does not charge or flashes red when charging the holder, it may be because the inside of the stick is soiled while you are using it.

The kit includes a cleaning brush to be used periodically. It is recommended to use it at least once a week. Use sharp sticks, brushes, use them to clean the remains of tobacco. After the procedure aikos will stop charging badly.

How to clean an Icos with a non-functional charger?

The smoking gadget requires regular cleaning. If you neglect this procedure, the taste and aroma of the steam will not change for the better. Dirty device has slower heating and quicker charge consumption.

Aikos can be cleaned manually or automatically. When 20 sticks are used, charging automatically starts cleaning the device by heating it. When the process begins, the green light on the device blinks. After cleaning is complete, the charger automatically recharges the holder.

You can start the cleaning process yourself by pressing and holding down the cleaning button until the corresponding light flashes green.

If charging does not work, you can clean the device manually. You can remove stick residue with special tools that come with the ecocigarette.

  • Remove the cap from the holder.
  • Pressing the cleaner until it clicks, take out the 2 brushes. short and long. Do not use them until the heating element is completely cooled.
  • Install the holder in the long brush. Rotate the brush to clean the heater until it is 100% clean.
  • Insert the short brush into the cap and use rotational motions to sweep away tobacco residue.

Brushes should be kept clean by rinsing with water after use. After the brushes are dry, reassemble them and put them back.

There is nothing complicated about recharging Aikos. The main thing is to keep the device clean, and it is advisable to clean it both automatically and manually so that not a crumb of tobacco remains inside the gadget.

How to prevent problems

Most often Icons break because of improper use or damage. Therefore, a few rules should be followed to prevent breakdowns:

  • Avoid shocks as well as other mechanical damages, the contacts of the device can easily come loose;
  • do not keep the device in the cold for a long time, it may stop turning on;
  • Before use, the sticks should be warmed up for at least 20-30 seconds;
  • avoid getting wet, otherwise malfunctions may occur, moreover it is necessary to protect it from falling into water;
  • Always use the original charger and sticks, if they are fake. the device can fail, so do not save in this case. it will cost more.

After use, check the device to make sure there is no debris left in it.

IQOS 3 white light flash and how to fix it.

If Aikos is under warranty service, then in case of malfunctioning specialists advise not to dismantle the electronic heater by yourself. Take Aikos to a service center. If you disassemble it yourself, the right to warranty service is canceled. To avoid malfunctioning it is necessary to use Aykos correctly and follow the rules of operation. Such a device also requires care. If the red light flashes. perhaps it is enough to charge or reset the tobacco heater Iqos.

Why don’t you charge the phone??

When the smoking device quickly consumes the charge, or there were some problems with recharging, which aikos blinks red light of the indicator lamp, you should deal with the causes of the problem:

  • if the device is badly charged, or the discharge is completely consumed, recharge it;
  • Frequent pressing of the “fire” button causes malfunctions. forty-second breaks between puffs are recommended;
  • When the device is not disconnected properly, its elements overheat. Pause, reactivate and turn off the smoking device;
  • There is a problem with the firmware. Note that such situations rarely occur.
  • If the gadget fell, the contacts in it came loose Remove the lid, fix the connections.

Frequency of different IQOS malfunctions

Many devices can not constantly work without hiccups, sometimes the user breakdowns catch at the wrong time, and when they appear periodically, does not stop, it causes irritation to people. Complaints that come from Aikos users are often similar, such as a feeling of bitterness, poor draw, little smoke. There are other breakdowns in the device, when the device constantly turns off on its own, there is a melting of the filter. If the problem is recurrent, you need to clean the device. The process is not time-consuming and can be done manually, but cleaning should be done more often so as not to clog icos.

Aikos users sometimes have causes of a serious nature that prevent them from enjoying the smoking process in peace, relaxing. Causes prevail of various nature, starting with the disconnection of the device, which then can not be reconnected. Damage also occurs when Aikos is smoked for 1 minute and then turned off. Causes of failure are particles falling inside the device, faulty charging.

Failures that occur when smoking Aikos:

Iqos 2.4 Not Charging Possible Fix (TearDown and Clean)

  • Failure of the lid. the user violates the rules of operation, the problem is mechanical, the solution is better to visit the service center, where the necessary element will be replaced;
  • The holder is clogged. smoking causes a sense of bitterness. The main cause of failure is the ingress of liquid, to fix it, you need to disassemble the device, dry the relevant part;
  • Little smoke. the problem arose with the battery. The situation is not solved independently, it is better to visit a specialized master;
  • Blinking indicator. in this case you need to check the battery key, knock softly. If the actions did not bring any changes, you will have to visit a technician.

Technics and devices are fragile items in today’s world, not every device can withstand the load and be durable. Any device needs rest, but also the work process is important so that the elements do not stagnate. Therefore, when buying Aikos, you should carefully read all the points of use in order to correctly use the device for smoking.

It is necessary to know, if the device or elements of the device are in water conditions for a long time, it will adversely affect the performance of Aikos. Therefore, after getting liquid, dry immediately!

The holder discharges quickly

Very often the IQOS holder discharges quickly, the reasons may be the battery element defect in the device, the device settings are out of control, the button does not work or there are problems with charging. It must be remembered that the resources work inconsistently, or rather in normal mode for a certain time, and then they decrease the speed and there are various breakdowns of the device.

There are a few rules to avoid breaking your Aikos holder. First of all it is necessary to charge the battery always to the end, the stick that worked all day should not be left together with the process of charging the device. It is not recommended to smoke while it is being charged. over, it is recommended to use only original charger for Aikos and cables. If all the conditions are met, then there will not be a problem with the battery for a long time, you need to use the device carefully and take care of the safe condition. At the same time, you need to remember to clean the device regularly, and do not ignore the heating time sticks, as well as the component to choose the size of the device.


IQOS is bitter often in inexperienced user. The cause of the sensation of bitterness can be a faulty battery, which will require replacement. If this problem occurs, then first it is better to inspect the evaporator element, and then contact a technician in the case where no problems are detected behind the device. In general, the problems that arise with the smoking device, more often occur due to the inexperience of the smoker, so if a person does not understand the device, then at the slightest damage it is necessary to contact the service center, so as not to break the icos.

If you are a novice Aikos smoker, remember to charge the device for at least five minutes after each stub. This will improve performance followed by a stick.

Not charging

If the device does not charge and spontaneously turns off quickly when smoking, then you need to check the battery. Most often in such cases there is a problem with the charger, i.e.к. wires can constantly be damaged, in order to find out the cause of the problem as soon as possible, you need to buy a new charger. If the problem is not corrected, then most likely there is a problem inside the IQOS, in this case you should not disassemble the device yourself and try to fix the parts, it is better to go to a specialized technician and understand what happened. Inexperienced users often try to solve the problem at home and thus cause even more damage.

The device does not turn off

Users of aikos are faced with the fact that the device does not turn off, in this situation, there may be a problem with the key, which should be checked for functionality. The button can be pressed harder and check what will happen next, if there is no change, it is better to refer to a smoker. It is possible to check for water that may have blocked the process and caused the failure, if this is the case, dry icos. Almost all regions use the device for smoking, so it will be easy to find a specialist for repair.

The heating element is broken

The users of Aykos complain that when the body part doesn’t get warm, the problem is most likely in the battery. Elements fail over time and need to be replaced with a new component. Damage can occur even when the device is used unsafely, you can contact the store where the purchase was made, if of course the problem arose almost immediately after purchase. Also, the cause can be the owner of Aikos himself, who constantly presses the holder button and the device begins to overheat, and the contacts melt. Therefore, when using a smoker, you do not need to press the button unnecessarily, because I just want to.

Why IQOS stopped charging?

IQOS should automatically charge after the device is inserted into the charger when it is operational and functioning normally.But sometimes there is a problem when the device is not charging. The specialists of the company name several reasons for the charger malfunction. The underlying causes include:

  • The user has violated the rules and requirements for operating the device, such as mixing up the button or inserting the holder into the charger the wrong way.
  • There was a malfunction or disturbance in the firmware.
  • Unexpected system overheating.
  • The device has not been cleaned for a long time or the cleaning process has not been performed properly.
  • There is a mechanical breakdown in the system, such as overheating in the wire, or internal contacts have come loose.

If nothing helps (contact support)

The above methods did not bring the desired effect, the problem of the device. the firmware (board). It remains to take the device to be repaired.

icos, heater, charge

Specialists will perform repairs of any complexity, return the device to serviceability, without compromising the quality components: arrange the nodes of the electrical device, using the diagnosis and high-precision equipment in the work.

To get advice, it is necessary to call a hot line for the trimmer, by the number published on the website of the manufacturer.

Caution! To avoid repeated malfunctions, it is necessary to use the equipment correctly.

  • Careful handling of the device: do not damage it, drop it, overcool it. The fragile design of the device is very sensitive.
  • Do not let moisture get in. The equipment is not protected against water: rain drops or wet hands can cause a malfunction.
  • Before smoking, wait a certain amount of time until the indicator light flashes, then inhale. This will increase the amount of smoke, prolong the life of the device.
  • After smoking the stick, aikos 3 is placed on recharge for 300 seconds. There are models that allow you to smoke a couple of sticks without charging.
  • After use, the machine is checked for debris.

It happens that the tobacco wakes up, stays inside. It is possible that the tobacco will ignite the next time you use it, permanently ruining the equipment. 6. The use of cotton swabs is recommended for the maintenance of the connector. When cleaning, be careful not to get tobacco on the board inside.

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