Why is a new washing machine shaking and jumping. The problem with the bearing

The washing machine knocks when the spinning what to do

An uneven distribution of things most often occurs when there is too little things in the car, or these are too small things or, vice versa, large.

To eliminate the cause, you need to open the drum of the machine, and straighten the linen on the drum with your hands. If necessary, first drain the water through a drainage filter or an emergency plum hose, otherwise the hatch door will not open. You can also avoid imbalance if you put in the drum of a washing machine both large and small things mixed, of course, given the type of fabric and color.

We extract a foreign object

If an extraneous object gets between the drum and the tank, the operation of the washing machine is prohibited. Understand that something got into the drum is quite simple. It is necessary to twist the drum from side to side with the hand when the car is turned off and without linen. Metal objects such as coins, a bone from a bra, pins, metal buttons, rivets will ring, you will not confuse such a sound with anything. In addition to metal objects in the tank, garbage can be stuck, for example, not shaken out of the of the seed.

It is not so easy to extract an extraneous item. In some cases, it is impossible to get an item without extracting the tank from the car and without disassembling it. Especially since the tanks are indifferent, that everything complicates. Different ways of extracting objects, on the example of bones from a bra, are described in the article on our website.

Checking and replacing bearings

The knock of bearings, as a rule, is preceded by a creak. Therefore, you need to listen to how the washing machine works. If the bearings are suspected, do not operate the machine. The part may break so that the machine will not be repaired.

You can determine the breakdown of the bearings by twisting the drum with your hand from side to side and shaking up and down. If you find a backlash and hear a knock, then definitely the bearings need to be changed. The life of the bearings is about 5 years, so the repair may turn out to be inevitable. Replacement refers to complex repairs, so they most often turn to a specialist for help. But if there is a desire to independently repair the technique, then read the article how to change the bearings in the washing machine.

Shock absorbers and FPS

If the washing machine knocks and at the same time vibrates, then faulty shock absorbers may be the reason for this. Thanks to the shock absorbers, the vibration that occurs at high speeds occurs, and if they are worn out from time to time, then the tank with the drum will swing as a pendulum, an extraneous noise will appear.

In addition, it is not so difficult to do this in almost all washing machines, the exception is Samsung and Hans. To replace the part in these machines, you will have to pull the tank out of the case, in all other cases, the replacement is made without removing the tank, the detailed instructions of which are presented in the video below.

If the cause of the drum knock became a network filter, then in this case it must be securely fixed to the car body. It is located behind the back wall of the case. To extract and fix it, it is necessary to remove the top cover, find a torn filter and fix it to the side wall on the holders using self.tapping screws.

Thus, to understand why the automatic washing machine knocks, you need to listen well to it and twist the drum with your hand. Even if it is not possible to call one hundred percent cause of breakdown, then at least you can limit their circle for sure. And only after that, seek help from a specialist.

The washing machine jumps during washing. reasons

The vibration of the machine with an annex can be triggered by various reasons, the most common of them are considered below.

Incorrect installation of a washer

Incorrect installation on the floor is one of the frequent reasons, as a result of which the washing machine when spinning is very noisy and jumps.

Ideally, the washer should stand without tilts and distortions, all legs should touch the surface. The floor should be smooth and smooth, but not sliding. In case of violation of these conditions, the automatic machine at high speeds begins to swing towards the slope, shake and make a heavy noise.

Uneven distribution of linen in the drum

The washing machine jumps when spinning, when the laundry is unevenly distributed along the area of ​​the drum. It can be lost in one heap, for example, when small things fall into the pillowcase. At the same time, all the weight of wet linen falls on a small section of the drum, as a result, the car is very swinging in the direction of movement.

Also, the operation of the equipment can be disturbed due to overload if the weight of the contents exceeds the permissible according to the instructions. Then the drum cannot turn at the desired speed, and the whole mass of things performs prolonged pressure on the lower area. With underloading, linen sharply throws over the entire affordable area, which also rocks the device for washing.

Transport bolts

Transport bolts are a fixing mechanism that protects the tank and a shock absorber from swinging, strokes against walls and damage during transportation. The device works, even if the mounts are not removed, but the washing machine shakes and rumbles, and its parts wear out faster.

Spring or shock absorber

Shock absorbers, as well as springs, are designed to extinguish the fluctuations of the tank that occur when the drum is promoted. Over time, especially with frequent overloads of the machine, these parts wear out.

Shock absorbers are located from below, right under the drum, they are clearly visible if you turn the washer. Usually there are 2 or 4, depending on the model. The springs are in front of the tank and behind it. When they are worn out, broken, or fasteners flew, the machine begins to swing and knock, as the tank sags.

Extraneous objects

During the scrolling of shirts and dresses in a washer from them, small details (buttons, decorative bows, patches, bones from a bra, pieces of wool, etc.D.). Substituted fragments are clogged between the tank and the drum, which makes the technique tremble.

Weakening of the belt

In a number of cars from the motor to the drum there is a special belt. When the power is supplied, the engine rotates and with this connecting drive begins to unwind the drum. Sometimes the belt wipes, flies, or its tension becomes weaker, which makes movements uneven and rocks the structure.

Damage to the bearings

Bearings are metal or plastic parts connecting the pulley to the drum. Usually there are two of them: internal and external. Differ in size, remoteness from the drum and workload.

Under the influence of liquid and a wet microclimate inside the washing machine, the bearings begin to oxidize, and then rust and wear out, can completely destroy. At the same time, the drum is freely sways to the sides and rotates heterogeneous, with difficulty turning on separate areas. In the most severe cases, it completely jams it, water begins to flow from under the machine.

On average, bearings retain performance for 7 years. It is not recommended to use the technique with such a breakdown, since the fragments of the parts can completely break the washing machine.

The failure of the counterweight

The counterweights are two heavy concrete or plastic structures that are in front of the drum and behind it, next to the springs. They are also used to extinguish vibrations when moving and guarantee the stability of the entire structure. As a result of wear, they are able to crumble into several parts, or fasteners can fly from them.

Problems in the operation of the electric motor

Most often, the problem that causes the shaking of the machine lies not in the engine itself, but in the broken mounts of the electric motor. It is located from the side of the rear cover of household appliances. The detection of a malfunction in the electronic circuit of the device is available only to techniques with special equipment.

It is important to understand that any problem has “roots”, and in the case of washing technology, these roots are often repeated. The simplest and most obvious (but not very profitable financially) solution will always be a specialist’s call to the house, but most often the problem can be eliminated, so to speak, by improvised methods. And so, what can be the causes of the imbalance and strong noise of the washing machine during its operation?

Remember when the machine “jumped” for the last time that was inside the drum? If this is something one-part (for example, a pillow, a soft toy or a fur hat), then it is more likely that the imbalance is created due to the fact that the thing simply cannot be evenly distributed on the drum. If the problem is still in this, then you can solve the problem by adding more small linen or other things to the drum. Of course, sometimes a similar problem can occur in a working machine even with competent loading. this is quite normal. Modern models have a system of auto.boarding, and more budget washingrs still combine an excavation with a rinse, so there should be no significant imbalance.

Incorrect installation

A similar problem most often arises in those who decided not to use the services of installers, but simply brought them independently, took out from the box and connected the washing machine. 2 different reasons for the “jumping” of your machine can be loomed from this approach: transportation bolts are not turned or the machine is not at the right angle. In the first case, it is enough just to push the washer and promote/loosen the transport bolts necessary only for the transportation of the device and fix its moving parts, which should be in a free position during operation. In the second situation, it is enough to take the level and measure the degree of inclination of the technique, correcting if the irregularity is still discovered. Many manufacturers have foreseen this problem in advance, so most models of washing machines have adjustable legs in height.

Immediately note that only “symptoms” will remove soft lining under the legs, but they will not eradicate the problem. Often they are needed when a completely serviceable equipment is installed on a tile or other hard surface, due to which chips and scratches can form with prolonged work on it (surfaces), and the vibrations themselves will cause discomfort. It is better to buy them after the proper installation of the washer and only when the problem has arisen above. In other cases, such a decision will be only temporary and not very rational.

Internal reasons why the washing machine vibrates

Damage of different details can cause vibration of the washing machine:

  • Wear of the bearing of the drum of the washing machine.
  • Broken or jumped tank spring.
  • Wear of the tank shock absorbers.
  • The problem with the tank counterweight, he cracked or weakened by fastening bolts.

A malfunction of the shock absorbers of the tank of the washing machine leads to vibration and shaking during an annex

Shock absorbers are designed to suppress the fluctuations of the tank of the washing machine when spinning (at high speeds). Over time, shock absorbers wear out and stop working as they should. Shock absorbers are located below and connect a lamp of a washing machine with the body. Shock absorbers may look different:

In this store you can buy new tank shock absorbers for your washing machine. It is recommended to change both shock absorbers at once.

Wear or destruction of the bearings of the washing machine the cause of vibration and shaking

The drum bearings are another detail of the washing machine that wears out over time. When wear in the bearing, backlash (beating) occurs, and since the shaft of the drum is installed on this bearing, the drum is also impoverished and vibration appears when squeezing linen appears.

If you do not replace the bearing during, it can completely destroy and damage the drum and a tank of the washing machine.

The bearing must be replaced with the seal!

Damage of the springs of the tank of the washing machine leads to vibration and shaking of the washing machine

Tank, inside the body of the washing machine, suspended on special springs.

During operation, the springs lose their elasticity. Or one of the springs can burst, or jump off the mount. As a result, there will be a vibration of the tank, during the rotation of the drum. It is necessary to replace all the springs at once. You can replace the shock absorbers along with the springs.

If the counterweight fastening is loosened or the counterweight has split, it causes the vibration of the washing machine

Counterweight, this is a heavy detail that extinguishes the vibration of the tank of the washing machine. Most often, counterweights are made from concrete. Concrete products can collapse and crumble over time. Or the counterweight mount can weaken.

What models vibrate most often

Despite the new developments in the design of the automatic machine, the manufacturers are not able to achieve a complete decrease in noise. The rapid torsion of the drum, natural vibration is most manifested in:

  • built.in narrow models of brands LG, indesit. A narrow case and a reduced support lead to movements during poor fasteners or incorrect buildings;
  • Metal tanning machines. The roar is due to poor sound insulation;
  • small technology. Compared to full.sized models, manufacturers use fewer devices that drown out the engine.

Narrow built.in model Metal tank difference between a standard and small.sized model

Rules for loading linen

To prevent the noise and jumping of washing, you need to lay the optimal number of things in the drum. The capacity of the model, for example, 6 kg, indicates that you can download up to 6 kg. Before the start of the program, linen straightens and evenly laid out on the drum.

Be sure to pay attention to the maximum download

With a lack of mass, the automatic machine is spinning without weighting. Free drum move leads to loosening. If you regularly wash one thing, a breakdown of the device is possible.

What experts advise when a washing machine jumps

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Identification and elimination of a malfunction

We will try to study in more detail the possible breakdowns and ways of their independent elimination. Because nevertheless some can be solved without even performing a disassembly of the body of the washing machine. It is better to entrust the hands of the masters from the service center, because over several years of active operation, much could have occurred. We will analyze the situations in which the user will be able to do something himself.

Incorrect installation

This is a common problem that is due to the fact that the technique is not exhibited relative to the horizon. Any equipment, in the design of which there are suspensions and oscillatory movements occur, needs an accurate exhibition. If this is not done, then the center of mass of the drum will shift to the side and it will be unpleasant to knock.

At high speeds, beatings will occur that will lead to a shift in the car from their place. To set equipment, you need to use the level. Take a longer length than 60 cm so that it lay on the ribs on the sides. Should be set in two planes. First longitudinal, then transverse. Installation is carried out using special adjustable legs. They are rubberized specifically in order to partially compensate for the vibration and so that the technique does not slip on the tile. Adjustment is carried out by twisting or twisting these legs from all 4 angles.

In addition to setting a washing machine by twisting or twisting the legs, it is also worth determining if the floor is even. Of course, even significant deviations from the horizon can be adjusted with legs, but it is still better that the surface is also even. In addition, the legs are not controlled, therefore, with a slight vibration, they can be twisted, which will lead to a further increase in the staggering of the body. To eliminate this defect, it is recommended to put thin pieces of rubber under the legs, which will additionally compensate for the amplitude of the jumps.

washing, machine, shaking, jumping, problem, bearing

Damage in the design: failure of the bearings

The most important reason for the vibration of the washing machine when spinning is the production of bearings. over, this is an inevitable process, especially if they were installed poor quality. In the process of work, they are acting forces striving to reject the axis to the side.

The bearing serves in order to hold it and thereby ensure a slight turnful. Due to the acting perpendicular to the shaft of the force, there is a production in the internal, outer clip and the balls themselves. It is usually seen by potholes and scuffs on details. The difficulty of this reason lies in the fact that together with the vibration of the drum very often arises and its leak. That is why it is better to notice the problem as soon as possible, so as not to replace other details also.

Also difficult, this problem is considered for the reason that it is almost impossible to eliminate it with your own hands. At a minimum, professionalism and special devices will be required to knock out bearings. But you can independently determine that they still have a production. It is done very simple. It is necessary to hit the drum back and forth, like a wheel when checking for a backlash in a hub. There should not be any beats at all.

Distribution of springs

As previously indicated when familiarizing themselves with the design of this technique, it usually contains 2 or 4 springs. These are quite powerful products made of thick spring steel with a rod diameter of at least 3 mm. It is available from the two ends of the ring with which it is suspended in the case and holds the drum in this state. They must ensure partially free movement of the drum so that the housing is not swinging. They are attached to special eyeballs in the case.

Distribution of springs

In some cases, due to the poor quality of metal or non-compliance with the hardening technology, the spring is less resilient and soon aged. This leads to their deformation (extension) and relative elongation. As a result, the drum is again shifted to the side, which is why unevenly acting forces arise, leading to its rocking.

To check the condition of the springs, we in the workshop set the equipment in terms of level and calculate the location of the center of the drum. If it is shifted, then one of the springs is stretched. We recommend changing two with a preliminary check of each spring. If there is a strong vibration of the washing machine, then one of the springs could even crack.

Demomper’s malfunction

The damper acts as a shock absorber. It makes it difficult to move the drum up and down when it is swinging. This is carried out due to the effort acting on the rod of the part. Over time, the seal is abrasion, which leads to liberation and a more free move. As a result, there is a chatter on one side, in relation to the other.

Due to the distortion of the drum trajectory during swinging, it is also disturbed, which causes strong chaotic shocks. On cheaper models of washing machines, it will not work to replace this part independently, because they are attached to the casing with steel rivets. They will need to be drilled, then installed on ordinary screws. In our service center, this is what a similar repair is being carried out.


Damage to the pulley

Your washing machine jumps, and what to do, you do not know? There is a decision to contact us in the service center. Also in such a situation it is worth paying attention to all the details. If there is no beating in the drum, it hangs in the center and the springs are intact, then there may be damage to the pulley. This is a duralumin part in the form of a large rim on which the belt is wearing. Duralumin is relatively strong metal, but still it can be damaged from bending to break. Of course, in the latter case, the breakdown will also be well audible. This can be if you purchased a used washing machine from unknown hands.

Damage to the location of the springs and damper

Vibrating the drum of a washing machine can not only due to damage to the spring or damper. Rarely, but still such cases happen, the eye is damaged, to which these elements are fixed on the case or the drum itself. Unfortunately, you will not only not be able to repair this breakdown with your own hands, but we will not do this in the workshop. The reason is that it is extremely difficult and actually impossible to repair the attachment sites. Only one thing will remain in such a situation. buy a new washing machine. We are ready to buy the old one from your spare parts.

Is it worth it to carry out repairs with your own hands

A washing machine can and is a relatively simple household appliances, but, in fact, it only seems like that, because in it, like in any other, there are many nuances. In particular, there may be many reasons why the washing machine jumps. To correctly diagnose specific, it is better to contact the service center immediately.

Experts will conduct a number of tests and quickly determine the breakdown. Also, they willingly provide advisory services to their customers. In particular, they will help to properly conduct diagnostics. For example, to identify the production in the bearing, it is necessary to shake the drum on yourself and from yourself. If you feel a knock, then this is the development. During rotation, he will be thrown from side to side.

As for the definition of production in springs and damper, you can also do it easily easily. Click on the drum exactly in the middle and abruptly release it. In normal condition, he should evenly jump upward until he stops. If it takes him away from the first pitching, then there are problems with the depreciation.

It is important to identify defects in time, because constant vibration and jumps can lead to rupture of pipes, cuffs, damage to the oil seal and, as a result, the occurrence of leaks. He, in turn, can cause other more serious external problems. By the way, if you are thinking about buying a new washing machine, it is better to purchase a direct drive equipment. For the production of such a machine, LG has a license. Due to the absence of a belt, pulley and thicker shaft, the number of probable causes of vibrations is significantly reduced.

Recommendations for choosing a good washing machine

When buying a new washing apparatus, it should be borne in mind that narrow varieties are more susceptible to vibrations. The problem is based on the lower area of ​​the support to the surface and the high height. Stability, respectively, becomes lower than that of ordinary models. In addition, in a narrow drum, things are more likely to go into a lump, as a result of this, the device unexpectedly begins to jump.

The larger the weight of the linen is capable of withstanding the washing machine, the less likely vibrations in the situation of overload or lack of space for uniform distribution. The presence of a belt is tantamount to another assistant for extinguishing vibrations. It is also noted that models with a metallic performance of the drum are given more noise when spinning.

The correct definition of the problem due to which the machine jumps will help in its elimination. Characterization of sound (deaf pounding, rattle or noise during operation) and visual inspection of parts will make it possible to carry out the correct diagnosis and identify the source of oscillations.

A number of shortcomings and breakdowns can be eliminated on your own, however, the solution of issues with the operation of the electric motor and bearings requires the intervention of the service center specialists.

Confects of the counterweight

The invariability of the position of the washing machine and the reduction of vibration is provided by a special heavy block placed inside the case. It is made of concrete or plastic, attached to the tank with bolts. In accordance with the norms there should be two counterweights that may collapse over time. Sometimes a concrete counterweight cracks, a piece breaks off from it, violating the balance.

Top-Load Washer Vibrating or Shaking — Top-Load Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Fasteners on the details can weaken from vibration with excessive loads on the drum (often due to the loading of linen from above the norm).

You can guess about the problems with the counterweights if the machine is knocking and shaking, but the rattle is absent. Repair consists in examining the integrity of the counterweights, replacing with new ones, pulling up fasteners or replacing them.

Eliminate the problem yourself or call the master?

Thus, the reasons for shaking and strong vibration of the washing machine are very diverse. The most clearly signs are manifested when spinning, when the load on the units of the device is maximum.

It is important to understand that the washing technique that rides and shifts can damage the surrounding objects in the kitchen or in the bathroom. It is possible to disconnect from the water supply hose and the flood in the room. All its mechanisms experience a destructive load that causes breakdowns with a more complex and expensive repair.

Provide an even surface under the machine, set it in level, remove transport bolts and observe operating rules. for most users are available. It is also allowed independently:

The invasion of the machine is not allowed in the warranty period. If you do not work out with excessive jumping, contact specialists who are repairing washing machines professionally. Most likely, a malfunction inside the device. Only an experienced master:

  • It has knowledge about the construction of washing machines of various models, their features and weaknesses;
  • It has tools for accurate diagnosis of a focus of a problem;
  • can easily select a new high.quality unit and replace.

If the corresponding skills are absent, then the equipment can be made completely unsuitable for further use: about 55% of washing machines are not subject to restoration after unprofessional repair.

The washing machine shakes when spinning: Reasons

Some users eventually get used to strong vibrations of the unit and do not pay attention to them. But such a situation cannot be left without interference. the problem may turn out to be both a trifling problem and a sign of a serious malfunction. The main causes of strong vibration:

  • incorrect installation of a household appliance;
  • Display of the drum loading;
  • springs malfunction;
  • damage to shock absorbers;
  • problems with counterweights;
  • District of bearings.

Almost all of these problems can be fixed independently, without resorting to the help of specialists. What to do in each case to establish the operation of the washing machine?

How to eliminate malfunctions

The first thing to do if the washing machine jumps when pressing is to check the correct installation. The unit should stand on a flat hard surface, preferably on a monolithic floor. If you place the device on a wooden coating, then vibrations and noise when spinning cannot be avoided.

You also need to check the adjustment of the legs, which during the operation of the machine can unwind, from which, in turn, the technique will lose stability. In order not to face such a problem in the future, it is necessary to fix each support with a counter.

When installing a new washing machine, users often make the following error: forget to remove transport bolts. They are on the rear panel and serve to fix the tank during the transportation of equipment. If they do not dismantle them, the machine will vibrate and make a lot of noise when washing, and soon it will fail at all. You can unscrew the mounts using a wrench.

Before starting operation, be sure to remove the transport bolts

When the installation issue is resolved, it is important to check the volume of loading. If the clothes in the drum are distributed unevenly, it has lost a lump or too much, it can lead to an increased shaking of the washing machine. In this case, stop the machine at the spin stage, distribute the clothes manually or remove several extra items, and then resume the operation of the unit.

If you are still wondering why the washing machine jumps when pressing, remove the upper cover of the case and inspect the special springs that hold the tank on top. They wear out quickly and lose their elasticity, which affects the work of the unit. A few months after buying equipment, the spring may fail. If you have the necessary spare parts, it is easy to replace the parts and at home.

To get to the springs, just remove the top cover of the washing machine

In the machines Indesit, Bosch, Samsung and models of other brands, shock absorbers designed to extinguish the vibration of the tank often fail. You can get access to them through the rear or front panel of the device (depending on the model). Shock absorbers are attached by bolts or plastic latches: one side to the tank, the other to the lower part of the case. With wear, they weaken, as a result of which the washing machine vibrates greatly when spinning. To replace the details, it is necessary to disconnect the fasteners of the old shock absorbers and install new ones, securely fixing them in their places. It is not difficult to replace the replacement if you have hot knowledge about the device of the washing machine.

Waste shock absorbers hold the tank and reduce the level of vibration

Often the washing machine rumbles and jumps due to the destruction of the counterweights-plastic or concrete blocks, which are attached to the tank with bolts and balance it. Over time, fasteners can be shook, which leads to increased vibration and noise. The material of the manufacture of counterweights matters. For example, concrete parts are installed in the LG machine, which often crack or crumble. Plastic blocks are considered more persistent and reliable. Despite this, they also need regular inspection, especially if the machine constantly thunders when spinning. Timely verification of counterweights for the destruction or weakening of fasteners will avoid strong vibration and prevent breakdown of other details.

With prolonged operation of fastening, the counterweights are weakened

Answering the question why the washing machine is shaking when spinning, one cannot but say about bearings. These details wear out over time and become source of noise, namely: creaking or rattle during the rotation of the drum. If the problem is ignored, the bearings will finally collapse, which will lead to the free course of the shaft of the drum on which they are installed. At the first symptoms of a malfunction, it is worth replacing a supporting part, otherwise the cost of repair can increase significantly. At home, it is difficult to replace bearings, so trust the work to a specialist.

Only a professional can replace worn bearings

When the washing machine jumps and knocks, it creates discomfort for others and can endlessly end for technology. In order not to bring the unit to a serious breakdown, it is important to establish the cause of the malfunction at the first symptoms and eliminate it as soon as possible. We hope our recommendations will be useful for those who are looking for ways to cope with the constant roar and vibration of the device.

Incorrect installation and operation of the device

The reasons why the machine rumbles and jumps in the process of spinning is very diverse. from the incorrect installation of the unit to the failure of its important components. And if some of the reasons can be eliminated independently, the help of others will need the help of a qualified specialist. To begin with, we propose to figure out in which cases you can cope with the problem without outside help.

Transport bolts have not been removed

If the problem was discovered immediately after the delivery of new equipment, perhaps the matter is not at all breakdown in the device. Often, while installing the unit, buyers forget to unscrew the transport bolts located on its rear panel. Such bolts strictly fix the tank of the washing machine to protect the device from damage during transportation.

During the installation of a new washing machine, it is necessary to unscrew the transport bolts

After removing the parts, the drum freely hangs on the springs that extinguish the vibrations of the device during washing. If the bolts are not removed, then the rigidly fixed drum will vibrate greatly, causing the rapid wear of many internal nodes. The number of transport bolts can vary in different models of equipment, so we advise you to cheat with the instructions before their extraction. In order to remove the details, you will need a wrench of the corresponding value. For Washing machines, Indesit or Zanussi, its size is 10 mm, for devices of brands Samsung, LG or BOSCH. 12 mm.

The device is unstable on the basis

Another reason for the strong vibration of the washing machine during the spin is its incorrect installation

First of all, pay attention to the surface on which the device stands: it should be solid and monolithic (ideally. concrete floor or tile). Most often, cars jump on the plank floor: at large speeds, it bends under the weight of the device, strengthening the vibration created by the drum

In rare cases, the machine can jump due to the fact that the floor in the room is too smooth and slippery. In this case, you can cope with the roar in this case by placing a rubber rug under the device or sticking special anti.slip stickers on its legs. If you fail to find such stickers in the store, use bilateral construction tape.

You can return stability by the washing machine by adjusting the height of its legs

We also advise paying attention to how tightly the legs of the device are twisted. Иногда в процессе эксплуатации их крепления расшатываются, что приводит к неустойчивости машинки

Washer shaking and banging during Spin Cycle ?

To check the fixation of the legs, just shake the machine with your hands. If it is “lame”, then the supports should be adjusted and fixed in the correct position of the counter. You can also reduce the length of the legs, screwing them deeper into the base of the device. Thus, you will achieve a greater stability of the unit for vibrations.

washing, machine, shaking, jumping, problem, bearing

Lingerie is unevenly distributed on the drum

In order to avoid many problems during the operation of the device, developers advise always observing recommendations for the weight of the loaded underwear. An uneven distribution of things can lead to the overload of the drum and cause the car thunders during the squeezing. If you suspect that the roar is caused by an imbalance, follow the following instructions: stop the seasily, remove part of the clothing from the machine, put the remaining linen evenly on the drum, and then re.start the squeezing program.

Do not overload the washing machine with linen

Wear of springs and shock absorbers (dampers)

The longer the life of the washing machine, the less the elasticity of the springs fixing the tank becomes, their ability to control the oscillations is lost. To correct the problem associated with the wear of the springs, it is necessary to replace them with new.

washing, machine, shaking, jumping, problem, bearing

Another reason why washing equipment jumps strongly is faulty shock absorbers. They, like the springs, muffle the swing of the drum during intense rotation. Their failure entails the subsistence of the tank. You can check the condition of the shock absorbers yourself: open the machine door and pull the tank slightly to you, and then release. If he begins to move to the sides and does not stand clearly in place, then the shock absorbers will need to be replaced with new. In addition to shaking, the squeezes can be accompanied by tapping. these are faulty elements beat on the case.

Problems with dampers usually show breakdown of plastic pads, tight.fitting tubes or plates extending from the tank. The process of replacing broken pads also requires experience and dexterity. In addition, there is a problem with the selection of a suitable lining, it is more advisable to replace the damper with new.

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