Why is Bosch heating boiler turned off.

Repair of the Bosch gas boiler (Bosch). Problems and solutions.

Tell me, how exactly? There are some features? Or just throw the chink from the contour on the boiler housing? Reply

Still try to turn the fork in the outlet, and look or depends on whether or not.

There is a grounding in sockets? if not, get out separately. There are usually a place in boilers. a circle for grounding, if not, then look for where to fasten the wiring :). Of course, use copper. But more correctly. look for a leakage of current. Check, maybe where the insulation has rubbed. Remove the casing and visually carefully examine everything. To analyze after which it began to occur.

Guys, please help, after the installation of heating and installing the boiler when opening the crane, the water began to beat with the current. Tell me, please, what could be the problem? Reply

The Bosch ZSC 24-3 installation and connection of the boiler was installed. He is controlled by a room thermostat. Formally set temperature in the room holds. But somehow strange. Set 23 degrees. It turns on at 22.5, quite quickly reaches maximum power, catch up with the temperature of the coolant to ~ 70 degrees, while the temperature in the room becomes 23, and turns off. T. e. The modulation mode is not included. Management of service functions 6b (reduced to 5) and 6c (reduced to 45) does not help. Maybe there are also what settings that I missed? Reply

Modulation reduces efficiency. If the house is comfortable, then nothing is needed. How CT works: if the air temperature is below the ordered, the contact is closed, the boiler works for heating as if CT is not at all. If there is tons higher, the boiler goes into the “summer” mode, t. e. Only DIA. If the temperature of the coolant is ordered above 70, then no modulation should be. Put the t coolant 65, for example, and the modulation should appear.

The wall gas boiler Bosch ZW 24-2 (closed camera) only connected, launched it and it warms up or sighs or groans, I don’t know how to formulate it correctly. After the gas is burned out, a moan-out of a few seconds is heard another groan and then everything is fine. The next time he can moan in an hour, or maybe after 10 hours, and maybe after half an hour. The batteries are all hot, the pump works. If not for these monstrous moans, everything would be fine, I don’t know what to think. The entire system is on 25 pipe, three floors, three parallel circuits of 4. 6 batteries of 10 sections. Only 14 batteries. The boiler has a built.in expansion tank, I also added an expansion tank for 18 liters at the output just in case. But water does not enter it, it costs empty. Pressure in the system 1. 1.5 bar. I have connected hot water in the second circuit, but I do not use it. Reply

In this model, the howl will occur at the moments of inclusion at maximum power during the inhibit of the heating circulation, the bypass-lezk is opened for the trimmer and buzzes. Check the filter, taps in the system. You do not let the boiler work only on a minimum wrap with a decrease in gas passage and therefore there is no howl. Most likely check on the cauldron of the boiler. If the next 1-2 batteries have good circulation, then the howl will not be. Watch the pressure gauge when starting the pump in the boiler. How many tenths rises or drops the pressure arrow in the heating system. And you already have three floors, and the boiler on the first, probably, you have to keep a pillar almost in a kilogram. Bypass and opens.

There was a problem. Bosch WBN 6000-24C RN boiler had to be launched on its own, according to the instructions. I did everything step by the instructions. Turned on the summer mode. Turned off, turned on. An error E9 appeared. Another pump of the boiler circuit is hot, so it should be? Reply

This error speaks of overheating of the coolant. By all signs, the pump was not turned before putting the boiler into operation.

They installed with the connection of the Bosch ZWC 28-3 boiler, which worked properly for 3 years, then they began to slowly get out problems of the following nature: it is difficult to reduce the set temperature, it can be increased, and there is no reduction, and there is no reduction. You need to turn off the boiler so that it stands for some time after you can turn it on and lower the temperature. Reply

Installed the Bosch Zwr 18 gas boiler. I can not understand. Drives hot water in a small circle (inside the boiler). The electromagnetic valve works, the pump works, and the water does not go into the heating system. Reply

It is necessary to clean the 3-chassa valve-in a poorly accessible place between a core magnet and a mobile tongue. A wide screwdriver must be placed with a lid. It is attached with pin. Check the membrane. The pipe is thin. Valve move. Switching holes.

Maybe someone can help? Bosch Gaz 3000 turbocharged, dual.circuit boiler is installed in March last year. The heating circuit heats up normally, according to the displayed temperature. The GVS heating regulator is almost at a minimum (40 degrees display), however, the water heats up to 60 degrees, and at the same time the indication on the display flashes, which indicates that the boiler has not yet gained a given temperature, well, very hotly. The pressure of water supplied to the house is normal, before that there was a Ferroli boiler, he was warming the water like a clock. Maybe something in the boiler settings? I looked at the instructions, about this. nothing. Reply

Check the setting of the minimum gas pressure.

Within two weeks with a frequency of several times a day to once every two days on a gas boiler Bosch ZSA 24-2, an error “Flame is not found” appears (flashing indicator “50”). After the restart, the boiler functions normally. Boiler in operation for one year. Last winter this mistake appeared only twice in the heating season. Other gas devices in the house work properly, there were no interruptions in gas supply. Reply

The main thing to see is the voltage drops of the mains. The second option is an error during installation. for example, an incorrectly selected a throttle washer on a coaxial chimney. Well, the third is the cleaning of the electrodes of ionization.

Bosch boiler gives an error C4. Opened. The smoke carcass does not work. When the boiler is turned on, it is slightly spent and that’s it. There was no tester with him, but it seems that the tension starts to supply him and immediately chopped off. Options as I understand it. either a smoke exhaust or a problem in the Heatronic board. I took off the smoke carcass. Questions are: it has 3 terminals. Which are used at the 1st stage, and which on the 2nd? I want to drive at work, measure the current. On the Heatronic 3 board there is protection of this overload chain? Maybe anyone has a diagram of this hetatronics? Reply

I think you need to check the relay. Given its important role in the security system, it would be logical for automation to control its performance. And this can just be done by looking at his condition with the smoke lifetime, in particular when the boiler is turned on.

Bosch boilers’ errors categories

Bosch produces boilers of different capacities for heating running water, heating of housing and warm floor systems. EUROSTAR series devices are made under a common brand Junkers Bosch.

Bosch and Bosch boilers make errors that indicate a particular problem or its cause. Error codes should be distinguished in devices from different model rows under these brands, they sometimes differ. The malfunctions themselves are not yet talking about the problem with the equipment.

Bosch GAZ 6000 W WBN 6000-24C RN boiler control panel: this device was adapted to conditions and this is the first household boiler under an international brand made in the territory

  • Bosch GAZ 7000 W ZSC: 24-3 MFA, 35-3 MFA, 24-3 MFK;
  • Bosch GAZ 7000 W ZWC: 24-3 MFA, 28-3 MFA, 35-3 MFA, 24-3 MFK, 28-3 MFK;
  • Bosch GAZ 6000 W WBN 6000-24C RN;
  • Bosch Eurostar ZWE: 24-4 MFA, 28-4 MFA, 24-4 Mfk;
  • Bosch Eurostar ZSE: 24-4 MFA, 24-4 MFK.
  • When an error, you need to find out the reason from its decryption, inspect a separate part of the device and, by its state, determine that the notice appeared no accidentally. In the worst case, owners are waiting for repair, replacement of parts or the entire device. It should be remembered that ordinary consumers cannot be touched by the details on which the gas enters the boiler. Most errors do not pop up after breakdowns, but due to working conditions.

    Problems in the work of boilers do not always appear as errors. Difficulties also arise with the temperature of the water supplied. The liquid sometimes becomes too cold or hot. Only a master in gas boilers will help in this case. If the device is new, then the problem can lie in the inappropriate type of gas.

    Due to the unresolved circulation pump, sometimes inconvenience appears like a long time heating and noise of the water flow. Constant problems with the launch of the boiler indicate a low gas pressure, the outburst of the outlets or violation of the links of the electric circuit.

    The circulation pump for the Bosch gas boiler: this part of the device accelerates the heated fluid through the heating system, so that the coolant cools down, the second heating cycle becomes shorter, and the subsequent ones correspond to the second

    These are only general problems. Errors in the main categories:

    Errors also pop up due to the fact that the master did not install individual nodes or did it incorrectly. Often there is a problem with a fan step.

    Category #1. errors on A

    A2. on the combustion chamber there is an release of smoke (outgoing, leaving) gases. All you need is to see if the dirt has accumulated on the heat exchanger, remove it. This is usually enough.

    A3-the system does not see the NTC temperature sensor of the outgoing gases. On Bosch Eurostar Zwe 24-4 Mfk and Bosch Eurostar ZSE 24-4 MFK boilers, an error warns about the closure or damage to the traction control fuse. In both cases, check the condition of the connecting (contact) cable and NTC sensor.

    A4. release of outgoing gases on a stream fuse. Inspect the lifting of the outlet gases.

    A6. not a combustion chamber temperature sensor was not detected. In this case, the contact wire and the combustion chamber are checked for damage.

    A7-malfunction of the NTC-meter of hot water temperature. A short circuit or break could happen. Find out what with the NTC attire and its wire, replace it when necessary.

    A8-There is no connection with the e-bus tire. It is necessary to inspect the controllers and the connecting cable.

    A9. incorrect installation of hot water thermal attewer. Check the installation site. Remove the sensor in case of something, install it again and add thermal towers.

    A hot water temperature sensor is installed using a wrench of 15, in the photo. a device for Bosch and Junkers

    AC-Module connection error-for boilers Bosch GAZ 7000 W ZWC 24-3 MFK, ZWC 28-3 MFK, ZSC 24-3 Mfk. Make sure the Bosch module or remote control of the module or remote control of the module or remote control, as well as the connection itself and the external temperature sensor. Eliminate problems.

    In Bosch Eurostar devices, the AC error indicates the problem of the interaction of the connected module and Heatronic. Check the wire between them.

    AD-it is not possible to identify the boiler thermist-in the Bosch GAZ 7000 W ZSC 24-3 MFA, ZSC 35-3 MFA, ZWC 28-3 MFA, ZWC 35-3 MFA, Bosch GAZ 6000 W WBN 6000.24c Rn, Bosch GAZ 7000 W ZSC 24-3 MFK, ZWC 24-3 MFK, ZWC 28-3 MFK.

    In the Bosch Eurostar ZWE 24-4 MFA, ZWE 28-4 MFA, ZSE 24-4 MFA, ZWE 24-4 MFK, ZSE 24-4 MFK, the AD error speaks of damage to the temperature NTC tank sensor. In both situations, check the contact wire and the temperature meter itself.

    Category #2. breakdowns on C

    C1. opening the differential pressure relay during operation. Examine relay, connecting pipes and exhaust device. In boilers Bosch GAZ 6000 W WBN 6000-24c Rn, a malformation with the C1 code means a small fan speed. In this case, check the network voltage and channels of the drain of smoke gases. The latter sometimes has to clean and repair.

    C3. corresponds to the above error A2.

    The differential relay operates in 2 modes: with normal pressure, the diaphragm does not change the situation, and if the membrane is violated in the operation of the system, and all heating equipment stops working

    C4. differential relay does not open with a non.working fan. You need to see what happened to the relay.

    Other errors of gas boilers Bosch

    These are not the main codes, and they are not included in the main categories. Arise in everyone or only in specific models.

    corresponds to the above error E9. It occurs on the boiler Bosch BWC 42.

    Professional flushing of the heat exchanger: Error prevention E9 includes flushing once every 2 years to maintain the efficiency of the boiler, and a 20-liter container and flushing solution will be needed for this

    there is no flame. Appears on boilers Bosch GAZ 4000 W ZWA 24-2 A and 24-2 K.

    • Inspect the protective cable and restore its integrity.
    • Open the gas crane to the maximum.
    • Determine the pressure of the gas in the highway. If you discrepancy with the nominal indicator according to the device passport, call the gas service.
    • Check if there is a voltage, whether it responds with a normal value.
    • Look into the chimney and clean it if necessary.
    • Test gas adjustment on the minimum and maximum levels. Adjust based on the table table.
    • Check the gas control relay and replace in which case.
    • Inspect gas reinforcement on external damage. Do not check its performance, do not repair and do not replace. Let the gazumor or master in gas boilers do this.
    • Clean and rinse the heat exchanger.

    Differential relay breakdown when starting. The most common cause of this error may be problems in the relay itself. Inspect its condition, determine the resistance. Change to new ones if the resistance does not coincide with the nominal.

    There may also be mechanical damage to the wires and contacts going to the relay. If so, then you need to restore the compounds. Another reason may be the wrong tuning of the fan or its failure. Reduce the device. Did not help. repaire or buy a new.

    B1. a coding plug was not detected. Insert it correctly. If the error does not disappear, call the plug and replace in the case of a breakdown.

    P. it is impossible to determine the type of boiler. Install its type.

    The coaxial chimney can have a complex pattern thanks to an electric supercharger, but according to the general requirements for quality work, its total length should not exceed 4 meters

    SE. heating system is not enough filled. Add water and check the result. An error also appears due to depressurization of heating pipes and leaks. Reduce the heating temperature and find a problem place. Seal the joints and lay out the flow points.

    With hot pipes it will not work. a small amount of water will quickly evaporate. If the heating pipes are in order, take out and wash the heat exchanger.

    There is also code 23. This is not a mistake, but an indicator of the type of gas used.

    Bosch Gaz 6000 gas boiler. Error EA. Causes of appearance and elimination

    Bosch produces high.quality boilers with a long operational period of different price categories. The WBN 6000-24C RN boiler is also no exception and is positioned as a reliable boiler for country and apartment buildings. But even the highest quality technique can fail. However, thanks to the simple design of the boiler, most problems can be solved by yourself. To do this, it is enough to have a minimum set of tools and step.by.step instructions. In this material we will treat the error EA.

    Double.circuit turbocharged, budget option. It is a mini-boiler room, in which all components are collected in one convenient and compact place. The main components of the boiler:

    • circulation pump;
    • gas valve;
    • plate heat exchanger;
    • air discharge valve;
    • emergency valve;
    • the combustion chamber;
    • primary heat exchanger;
    • turbine;
    • differential valve;
    • sensors;
    • flat expansion tank.

    Control is carried out using the control panel. Experts also recommend before installing the boiler, purchase an additional voltage stabilizer. This is necessary in order to protect it from stress jumps. It is equally important to establish protection against lightning, especially if it is implied by the installation of a boiler in a country house. Apartment buildings, often have such installations on the roofs.

    bosch, heating, boiler, turned

    What does EA error mean?

    If there is no ignition on the Bosch boiler, and an appropriate inscription appears on the screen in the form of an EA error, then it is necessary to conduct a thorough diagnosis, because there may be quite a lot of reasons. All work begins with three main steps:

    Important! Only after the fulfillment of these three mandatory conditions can be proceeded with diagnostics.

    It is necessary to deploy the control panel and remove the decorative cover. You need to arm yourself with a cross.shaped screwdriver and unscrew two screws located at the bottom of the boiler. After that, the panel needs to be a little down and expand to itself.

    Next, to remove the upper decorative cover, it will also be necessary to twist two self.tapping screws. Raise the bottom and remove the cover from the mount. The last barrier in front of the electrodes of the ignition remains the firebox of the boiler. To do this, you need to unscrew all five bolts, lower the lid a little down and pull on yourself.

    The power of the boiler varies from 18 kW to 35 kW. A gas burner is installed on it. On the burner on the right hand, a single electrode of ignition is installed, and the flame control electrode of control over the left hand.

    Causes of frequent inclusions/shutdown of the burner

    If the boiler equipment is often turned off and off, the incident may be a consequence of the same problem, why the gas boiler does not turn off when temperature. In this case, difficulties come down to improper setting up temperature sensor. If external automation analyzes the air temperature in the room, the burner turns on when the parameters fall below those exhibited on the programmable module. If the consumer sets too small the difference between the minimum and the maximum temperatures, the device begins to hide the work, alternately turning on and off. If you set a wide range of boundary parameters, the Baxi boiler works without stopping. What to do. many consumers ask. For the correct settings of the system, the optimal boundary conditions of the programmable module should be selected, depending on climatic conditions, so that the unit tactly operates in the range of at least 20 minutes from the calculation for each cycle. The video sets out the causes of frequent inclusions and offs of the unit burner

    Proper operation of the gas water heaters (tips and recommendations)

    What to do when a malfunction arose?

    Gas consumers should be understood that they are not right, but are required to repair their intra.house or intra.apartment equipment. And timely and high quality.

    And since, the frequent turning off of the boiler is potentially a malfunction, it is impossible to ignore the specified requirement of the legislation. Since for this, according to ST. 9.23 Code of Administrative Offenses faces a fine.

    Repair of any gas equipment The procedure is responsible, as it significantly affects safety. Therefore, one should not overestimate your capabilities or try to save, risking the lives and health of the people nearby, including relatives and friends

    The size, which is 1-2 thousand. rubles. And, if suddenly the situation, due to the fault of the user, will become dangerous for the life and health of people or an accident will occur, then you will have to part with 10-30 thousand. rubles (Art. 9.23 Code of Administrative Offenses).

    It should be remembered that you should not take responsibility, trying to eliminate the cause of inclusions/off on your own. Especially against the background of the fact that problems with the inoperability of equipment should solve the company’s specialists with which the consumer of the gas has signed the contract. And for ignoring such a rule, additional sanctions in the amount of 1-2 thousand are threatened. rubles. it is also spelled out in ST. 9.23 Code of Administrative Offenses.

    Any repeated violation of the above norms will be the reason for punishment in the form of a fine, the size of which will be 2-5 thousand. The basis for this is the corresponding norm in the above article of the Code of Administrative Offenses.

    Causes of frequent inclusions/shutdown of the boiler

    If the gas boiler works unstable, then this should be the reason. And repair always needs to start with its identification. To do this, call a specialist.

    But in some cases, it will be possible to identify the reason on your own, since there is nothing fantastic in identifying a malfunction. Most of them have external manifestations, which means that it is possible to identify the problem visually. That is, all that needs to be done is to examine the gas boiler and the equipment working with it.

    Modern gas boilers are the equipment is structurally complex, so there are a lot of reasons for its unnaturally frequent inclusion/off. But, most of them are typical, which helps to quickly identify and eliminate almost any malfunction

    It should be understood that there are a lot of varieties of breakdowns of a gas boiler, but all of them are divided into only a few categories. Which greatly simplifies the task.

    • clue;
    • malfunctions, breakdowns of automation;
    • low gas pressure;
    • incorrect operation of ventilation and smoke removal systems;
    • Unstable operation of the electric network.

    And then in detail about how the listed reasons are identified and eliminated.

    The reason is hubby

    Frequent inclusion of a gas boiler is a classic sign of its excessive power, the supply of which is much exceeds the necessary. And the more too much, the more often the launch/off cycles occur.

    • improper tuning of the electronics of the boiler;
    • Incorrect installation, operation of radiators. For example, the malfunctions of the channels, their clogging, excesses, distortions, which lead to a decrease in the effectiveness, lead to malfunctions. To level the negative consequences of disadvantages can be exclusively eliminated by their elimination;
    • An error when determining the power of a gas boiler when buying.

    How to fix your boiler if it won’t turn off

    If a frequent sequence of inclusions/shutdown is revealed. The first thing to do is make adjustments to the operating mode of the boiler. It will be possible to do this yourself in a matter of minutes, since all that you need is to go to the service menu of the unit and reduce its power.

    This is possible because modern boilers have a minimum and maximum indicated value, as well as a working range.

    The clocking of a gas boiler, which is caused by incorrect tuning is one of the reasons for the unstable work that the user himself can eliminate. Why do you need to find out the access code (from the seller, in a specialized service) for the service menu and after entering the Minus and Plus buttons, set the optimal power value

    But it should be understood that the described adjustment of the power of gas heating equipment is for the most part with a fine setting. Therefore, it can change the indicated characteristic by only a few percent (usually within 3-8%). And such numbers indicate that when the power of the boiler power is exceeded, the setting will be useless.

    The reason for this problem is the wrong choice of equipment. This happens when unprepared buyers pay attention to anything, including the power of a gas boiler, which is considered the main indicator, but forget to compare it with the total heat capacity of radiators.

    Tacting is a problem that is extremely easy to identify, since the cyclicity of inclusions / shutdowns is regular and frequent. But this will not bring much joy. And the reason is that gross errors often lead to instability when determining the working characteristics of heating equipment. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the reasons must be eliminated quickly, since with soothing, increased wear of equipment occurs. In addition, the unsettled mode of operation leads to increased gas consumption, for which you have to pay

    And with a significant difference in two of these indicators, significant problems begin.

    An important feature of the clue due to a significant difference in power indicators is found only immediately after the purchase and launch of a gas unit or replacement of radiators.

    If such procedures were not carried out, then you should look for another cause of the malfunction.

    The reason is an automation breakdown

    In this case, the human factor or wear of individual elements leads to problems. Often these problems arise due to poor-quality commissioning. For example, this is how it happens when the circulation pump is improperly installed in the system. As a result, the circulation of the coolant becomes unstable, as a result, the liquid in the heat exchanger will overheat.

    This will become a signal for automation about turning off the boiler, which can be repeated with different frequency. over, most of the coolant remains not warm enough.

    In this case, you can’t do without a master. But initially, if a normal ignition occurs followed by a quick shutdown, but the water in the system is not warm enough, then you can try to start the pump yourself, since it can work incorrectly not only due to breakdowns, but also when air plugs occur, and simply Due to jamming.

    Oddly enough, but to failures, breakdowns of electronics, the human factor often leads. For example, an impractical approach from buyers, their desire to save on quality, configuration. As well as negligence, low level of training of performers who installed, set up a boiler or equipment working with it

    To do this, you should arm yourself with a screwdriver and unscrew a special screw on the aggregate body. As a result, the system will break its own. If this did not help, then the same screwdriver must gently scroll the blades. With a positive outcome, the efficiency of the pump will be restored.

    Why is Bosch heating boiler turned off

    Good day! Bosch 6000W boiler, DHW does not work well, does not heat the water of a maximum of 30-31 Gadus and falls up to 20, the turbine is cleaned not given the result. There were 45 and 50 settings, there are no changes, when you turn off the hot water, the temperature rises sharply to 78-80 degrees, open the tap and drops sharply from 70 to 30, turn off the hydraulic engine and goes into the heating mode after 1 minute or even more! Where to dig, tell me??

    Maxim, I had something very similar, the flame lit up, a click and all the gas. I opened the combustion chamber, cleaned the burners with a brush, and most importantly, I cleaned the electrodes with a shame-honeycomb, there are two. And the problem immediately got off. The spark did not pass the first time and the gas valve cut off the gas, and so several times.Try it, can help)

    Eugene, but how do you determine that the transition is 1minite? What you described, except for cold water, is a regular job. If the hydraulicular system is by waves, then the cold, then hot and the burner turns on, turns off. This is a contaminated heat exchanger. We need his washing.

    Andrey, before the cleaning of the turbine. Switching was immediately actually the tap b.m. And in the settings of the hot water, 50 are exhibited, but it does not even strive for it. Only 30-32!! And when you turn off the hydraulic tank crane, the figure grows sharply on the dial, but in fact it remains 30 and drops up to 20, as I checked the opening of the tap. Switching I think the norm eo does not worry the main thing is that it switches. There is no hot water only warm 30 s.Thanks!

    Good afternoon. GAZ 6000 boiler. I noticed somehow the boiler works strangely. There is a dumper sensor of a derivative. I set a temperature of 22 degrees on it to heat the air in the room. The boiler will work a little and the burner turns off, the pump is heard, although the temperature is not achieved. And so periodically up to 22 degrees. T.e. The boiler will heat up water to 60 degrees /-5 degrees, which lips.on the boiler and turns off, the water cools and the burner turns on again. That is how it should be ?

    Tell me, please, Bosch Gaz 6000 tap taps how to remove? There is no water in the system, but it does not work out, it simply does not spin. It is worthwhile. He already began to turn his neck. Thanks

    Aksana, maybe this will help you, it helped us if you have in servo settings (click three buttons at once) is L1, L2, L3.Then select L2 parameter 2.9a increase the power with automatically selected 0 select 2.The maximum power of the boiler.For a long time on Okay and that’s it!

    Hello, please tell me what is the problem of our boiler Bosch GAZ 4000 W ZWA 24-2K when the hot water is turned on in 5-7 minutes, there is cold water and the boiler blinks, gives an error,, while the error discharge button does not work. You have to turn off the boiler and wait 10-15 minutes. If anyone had such a request to help solve this problem. Thanks.

    Andrey, there is no heating does not warm, the hot water is to warm up to 30-32 degrees and everything falls up to 20!! the crane opened strongly and crushed the result the same!!I think maybe a heat exchanger? So when the tap is closed, the temperature returns to 78-80 grams.

    Evgeny, if at a temperature at the output of hydraulic devices 20-30s, in the supply of 70-80C. This is yes, a clogged FTO on a hot water, or air in a small circle of hydraulic devices or a pump (but, heating seems to work for you).

    Anastasia, rinse the heat exchanger of the hot water. Wash, boiling citric acid in it. Or special booster with servicemen.

    Andrey, hello. Please tell me, the boiler is Bosch, the new one, I worked without problems, then began to give out error EA. Very often, it works and turns off. Called the masters, looked, did not really say anything, opened it. So it turns off about 1 time in 1-2 days, gives all the same error. It is audible at the time of the ignition, how it shifts, but does not ignite, so 3-4 times, then in the end it lights up or gives out EA. What could be the problem? It works for water without problems, lights up, does not give out an error, warms. But he is alien to heating. Heating costs 55 degrees, water. 39. We live in a small town, there are no specialists.

    Why can a burner be faded in general?

    The boiler attenuation occurs as a result of the automation of the device, which responds to the following violations in the system:

    over, these processes can occur both due to internal breakdown and due to the influence of external factors.

    If we consider floor models (manufacturers: Danko, Aton, Ross, Zhytomyr), then they have a primitive internal structure. Therefore, break in them, if you figure it out, there is nothing special. Failure in this case occurs most often due to strong wind on the street or other external factors.

    Floor gas boilers differ in simplicity of the design, so it will not be so difficult to eliminate the cause of their attenuation

    But gas boilers of wall type in their design are already resemble an autonomous mini-boot, and therefore there can be more options for stopping the operation of a gas boiler:

    • The circulation of the coolant was interrupted or not launched after repairing the circuit (the duct sensor reacts);
    • the air supply has decreased/stopped (the press.steast) is triggered);
    • voltage drops occur;
    • Turning off electricity.

    If the heat generator is hinged, it is not easy to restore his work. However, some malfunctions are still quite realistic to eliminate on their own. How to do this, you will find out below.

    The main causes of attenuation

    If before that the equipment worked properly, and now the automatic valve has begun to block the gas supply, there may be several reasons. In the dependence of them, the ways to eliminate them will be different.

    Reduced/disappeared traction

    Rule in case of attenuation of the atmospheric boiler: check the thrust. You can do this with a match or lighter, which should be brought to the viewing window.

    Further actions depend on the behavior of the flame:

    It is important not to forget to close the gas supply tap well. But that’s not all.

    Remove the part of the pipe that is connected to the outgoing pipe and check the traction now in the chimney:

    That, in fact, you will have to clean? Where to get pollution from the chimney? It accumulates natural combustion products in the form of soot and soot deposits, fallen leaves, and sometimes even the boiler goes out of the flying bird!

    Most often, the chimney is cleaned from soot, but sometimes other “surprises” are found in it in the form of nests of birds, leaves and other garbage

    If the blockage is formed at the entrance hole, it will not be difficult to clean yourself and. But if in the upper part of the pipe, you will have to wait for the master with tools (you may have to use access from the roof).

    Reverse craving in the chimney appeared

    Sometimes the boiler can wander due to the occurrence of reverse traction. This means that due to blowing the gas boiler, the smoke does not go out of the pipe on the street by the wind, but returns back to the furnace, thereby knocking down the flame.

    Reverse thrust in the boiler occurs due to a clogged chimneine canal inside the house or due to a blockage of the outer part of the chimney. If the deflector is not installed on the chimney, the boiler can go out due to blowing the flame with gusty winds

    The solution to the problem can be alternative:

    • Install a protective cap at the end of the chimney (the people call it a deflector, among the people. a “fungus”).
    • Increase the chimney pipe by 1-2 m if, due to the height and location of the nearest buildings, there is a violation of the circulation of air masses.

    Badge-type caps are currently prohibited according to SNiP II-35 and SNiP 02.04.05. However, in some cases, their installation may be the only way out. so it is still better to consult with gases.

    A nozzle or a burner filter clogged

    If when the boiler is turned on, the igniter does not light up, this is the surest sign that the starting elements are clogged. Namely. you will have to clean the nozzles of the shaft nozzles, a small.hidden input filter or a filter of a perishable burner. You can do this yourself with the help of shares.

    Nozzle, which can cause a gas boiler attenuation, should be periodically cleaned of soot and soot that impedes the ignition

    For example, filters. they are easily blown out (it’s enough to even blow, but if there is a manual vacuum cleaner or pneumatic spray, it will, of course, be more convenient). I will have to tinker with nozzles. to scream with a thin copper wire from the carbon fiber until the initial diameter of the nozzles “return”.

    The pressure in the gas line decreased

    Turning off the burner is the very first sign of pressure falling in the gas supply supplying gas, while the fiber of the fiber does not go out at the time of stopping the boiler operation.

    First of all, evaluate how gas is going on the pipeline. To do this, spin the pipes hose and open the valve completely, and then look:

    • If the smell of methane is very hissing and the smell of methane is released, everything is normal with the presentation;
    • If the signs are almost invisible or they are not, the problem is in the gas supply system.
    bosch, heating, boiler, turned

    After that, immediately close the cutting valve, return the hose to its original position and check the tightness of the joints with a soap solution (if it foams at the junction, this is 100% leak).

    If you find a leak, instantly overlap the gas, open the windows and doors in the room, evacuate people from it and call 04, 104 or 112. These problems should be eliminated by gallmakers

    If there is no leakage, deal with the counter: after the repair in it, scale or rust may remain in it, which will be bad to pass the gas. The “clogged” flowmeter shows incorrect data.

    However, the gas flow meter itself cannot be cleaned according to the decree of 61-ФЗ. Only representatives of the gas service with an appropriate license should do this.

    There is not enough oxygen to burn gas

    The reason for the attenuation of the boiler may be poor ventilation. Let’s try to figure out what it means.

    The insufficient air flow most often determines the following prerequisites:

    • tightness of plastic windows;
    • insulated hopeless interior doors;
    • layout of the boiler room with violations;
    • Excessively powerful hood in the kitchen;
    • Forced ventilation in the bathroom and toilet.

    You can check the oxygen deficiency by opening the window and turning on the gas burner. If the flame has stabilized, the situation is nowhere more clearly.

    The cause of the attenuation of the boiler can even be high.power in the kitchen, which redirects the air flow in the room into its own exhaust channel

    The problem is solved as follows: install the supply valves on the windows or organize a system of forced air absorption from the street by installing a supply ventilation valve in the wall.

    Violations in the electric circuit

    Due to the violation of the thermocouple, incorrect signals about the absence of flame are sent to the electromagnetic valve. Because of this, gas supply is stopped.

    The most frequent reasons for disconnecting

    The reasons why the boiler goes out is a mass, only a specialist can understand, but there are a number of the most common problems, which can be determined independently. Further, experts selected for you the top 6 reasons that may indicate the source of the problem of a non-working boiler.

    Gas valve

    One of the most common problems faced by owners of gas boilers of different models, including expensive ones, is a gas valve malfunction.

    The gas valve controls the supply of gas to your boiler. When more heat is required, the valve opens to provide more fuel, and vice versa, when the water heats up to a certain temperature.

    However, such malfunctions can occur with a gas valve as:

    Of course, ideally, seek help from a professional, but if there is no such possibility and there is confidence that the problem of a non.working boiler lies in a gas valve, then 99% of a hundred reason lies in the wrong adjustment.

    When the gas valve is incorrectly adjusted, it is blocked when the gas is supplied with too much (because it is dangerous) or too small the amount of gas (because the boiler printed circuit board recognizes the problem of insufficient gas supply).

    Blocked burner

    Like internal combustion engines on cars, a boiler during gas burning, carbon produces carbon. This gas can clog the burner as a result of combustion, and ultimately lead to inconsistent, ineffective and incorrect operation of the equipment, which can provoke the failure of the boiler in the supply of hot water and heating.

    If the burner is not damaged, the cleaning of carbon accumulation will eliminate this problem. If the burner is in poor condition, it may be worth thinking about its replacement.

    The problem with the replacement of burners is that they are not cheap. The exception is the old boilers, which can be found at an affordable price in any gas equipment store.

    Lack of gas or insufficient gas pressure

    Along with the malfunctions of the boiler components, a rather frequent problem affecting the correct operation of heating equipment is insufficient gas pressure.

    It is necessary to contact a gas engineer so that he checks the gas pressure in the pipes incoming:

    Verification of pressure will help to determine if the problem is a problem, and where is this problem lies.

    Like the malfunctions of gas valves that give too much or too little gas, the boiler is blocked and displays the malfunction code in the case when the gas pressure is not enough.

    If your boiler refuses to ignite only in cold weather, it is possible that the problem lies in the gas meter.

    Gas meters have a regulator that at low temperatures can freeze. The solution here is to protect the counter and, accordingly, regulators from the cold.

    Problems with the electrode and ignition output

    The electrode and ignition wire can be a problem if your boiler does not light up and clicking or ticking sounds are heard.

    The problems associated with gas create the intermittent operation of the boiler, more precisely, it lights up and immediately turns off. However, without a functioning ignition wire and electrode, the boiler does not light up at all. The condition of the electrode and the ignition wire can be carried out using a multimeter. If the malfunction is associated with any of these parts, it is much cheaper to replace them, and not repair them.

    The fan does not rotate

    When hot water or heating is required, the fan will first work. The fan in the boiler does not cool the boiler, but helps to create air movement, traction. This craving pushes harmful gases from the boiler to the chimney, so that harmful gases disappear without getting into the house.

    If the circuit board of the boiler does not recognize the functioning of the fan, the boiler does not light up, but is blocked. This function allows you to prevent emissions into the room of harmful gases that can lead to severe poisoning. over, without blocking, prolonged ignition of the boiler during gas emissions could lead to an explosion. In addition, locking allows further equipment breakdown.

    So, if your boiler does not light up and, at the same time, you do not hear the fan’s work, it is in it that the problem may lie.

    Fans can be expensive, therefore, where it is possible, it is better to repair them, for example, install a new engine, and not replace the entire unit.

    The control lamp went out

    If the control light on your boiler has extinguished, the cause is usually garbage that blocks the gas stream. The reactive engine for the light bulb has miniature dimensions, so even a small amount of dirt can block it, forcing to extinguish the control light bulb. That is why the boiler does not light up.

    We hasten to reassure you: nozzles are cheap in replacing, and their removal, cleaning and installation will not take much time.

    What else can cause ignition refusal?

    Less commonly, the following problems can be found that lead to blocking the heating unit.

    Short circuit

    Another reason for the breakdown may be a short circuit. This often happens when the boiler is chosen incorrectly, it does not fit the room of the house in the dimensions (too small, and its power is not enough for heating the room, or, on the contrary, too large).

    Inconsistency of components

    If the boiler has already been repaired and elements that are not suitable for the model are installed in it, for example, the air pressure switch, the boiler can see the signal unusual for its operation and therefore is blocked.

    Inconsistency of the size of the heating system

    Boilers must be selected in accordance with the size of the heating system of your house and your likely demand for hot water. If the boiler is too powerful, it will produce more than a couple than can condensate, which will cause a short cycle. In the past, engineers usually installed boilers that were more than needed to compensate for high losses. Today boilers are much more effective, so there is no need to overload the boiler.

    Too high pressure

    Too much pressure in the boiler will also lead to the fact that the automatic measures of the boiler precautions will work and turn it off. As a rule, the pressure in the boiler should be from 1 to 2 bar. If the pressure reduction does not matter, try to pump excess air and water radiators before calling the gas safety engineer.

    The ventilation holes are faulty

    All components in a gas boiler are important, and a malfunction of one certainly leads to blocking the entire unit. In particular, ventilation is of particular significance for the correct operation of the boiler. If the ventilation holes work incorrectly, then air will be lingered in the system, which increases the pressure until the burner is turned off on Pressuretrol. Perhaps they will have to be cleaned or replaced.

    The thermostat is faulty or wrongly calibrated

    The thermostat can be faulty or located in a cold draft, which affects its ability to accurately measure the temperature of the monitor. Therefore, it is unacceptable for the unit to be in a cold room for a long time. If the thermostat has a mercury switch and is not leveled, it can also cause a problem.

    The boiler of the desired size, but overheated

    When the boiler overheats, it will produce a lot of steam for a short period of time, which will increase the pressure in the unit and lead to its stop for security reasons.

    Fading boilers with an open combustion chamber

    By default, we consider the situation when the heating unit has worked for several seasons without complaints, and now for some reason I have begun to go out. An extended list of reasons forcing the automatic valve to stop supplying gas looks like this:

    • The craving in the chimney disappeared;
    • There were problems with the supply of natural gas, which is why its pressure in the pipe dropped below the norm;
    • The boiler lacks air for combustion, which is why the flame goes out;
    • The burner blows a strong wind on the street or there is a gap of flame with a strong draft inside the house;
    • hardware malfunctions of a gas boiler. failure of the traction sensor or thermocouple.

    Lyrical digression. The owners of the house can not notice the assault for the gas.regional device far from immediately, especially when the unit is installed in a separate room. The problem is detected when the air temperature has already decreased in a private house.

    The boiler burner went out. the radiators have cooled down

    So, if you have the main burner of the boiler, then look for the cause in the indicated sequence, starting from the verification of traction in the chimney. Let’s look in detail every step.

    bosch, heating, boiler, turned

    Problems with traction

    The first thing the owners of atmospheric gas boilers should do when attenuating the burner is to check the traction. Take matches or candle, light it and bring it to the viewing window and observe the behavior of the flame. If it deviated towards the opening, then everything is in order with the traction and you can proceed to the next step.

    If the flame does not deviate, then there is no traction in the chimney

    The fire remained motionless. the reason for the extinction of the burner was discovered, the thrust disappeared into the chimney pipe. Your actions:

    • Open the window into the boiler room so that the air influx is guaranteed to enter the room.
    • Disconnect the section of the chimney connected to the output pipe of the heating unit, then check the presence of traction in the chimney itself. If it is, you need to disassemble and clean the gas boiler itself, as described in a separate article.
    • If the thrust is not detected in the main channel, then it is probably clogged. Find a hatch for maintenance and cleaning, it is in the boiler room below the connection location or on the street. Open the hatch and stick into the mirror to see the output. If it is not visible, then the chimney must be cleaned.
    • Inspect the head of the pipe outside, a bird’s nest could appear there during the summer period. Another option is a continuous freezing of the cap covering the cut of the chimney. This happens with severe frosts when the ice covers the working section of the chimney.

    Icy smoke pipes with caps

    Important! Rules for the operation of gas.controlled installations directly prohibit placing umbrellas on top of chimney pipes. If you have such a cap, it must be dismantled. It is allowed to use only open narrowing nozzles.

    Briefly about the reasons for the clogging of smoke channels:

    • Unfinished brick walls are destroyed from the effects of condensate, which is why the passing cross section is clogged with construction garbage;
    • In cheap sandwich dummies from the inner wall, a zinc coating can be exfoliated and overlap the channel in the form of a thin film;
    • 2 boilers are connected to one chimney. gas and solid fuel, so it is clogged with soot;
    • Foreign objects from the life of birds may fall into the pipe.

    There is not only a lot of soot in a chimney pipe, but also birds

    Cleaning the pipe may not give a result when its walls freeze through low temperatures on the street. The fact is that the combustion products of gas heat generators have a relatively low temperature (up to 120 ° C) and are unable to warm up the chimney so that steady thrust arises. Since you will not become warming in the middle of winter, there is only one way out. buy a disposable burner with a spray can, light it up and stick it into an open food hatch. When the frozen channel warms up, start the boiler into the work, but do not turn off for a long time, otherwise the procedure will have to be repeated.

    Information for reflection. There are situations when two or three.story cottages are under construction in the next site in the immediate vicinity of your house. As a result, the chimney can fall into the leeward zone of the neighboring building, and this leads to a decrease in the thrust, as a result of which the gas boiler rises. Since you cannot prohibit your neighbors, you will have to increase the chimney by 1-2 m in order to remove it from the stagnant zone.

    Other reasons for the deterioration of traction in the chimney and blowing with the wind (left to right): the low location of the pipe cut, an obstacle in the form of trees and a descending air flow

    The simplest and cheapest way to combat wind blows into a problem chimney is to install a ghost at the output of a gas boiler. True, when changing weather conditions, its position will have to be adjusted, because with the half.blocked cross.section of the channel the heater will not go to the optimal operating mode, and the house may go out of the house. Therefore, the best way to defeat the thrust is to build up a chimney by 1-2 m.

    Reduction in gas pressure in the highway

    Having made sure that the craving in the chimney is present, go to the next step. checking the supply of fuel. A sign of low gas pressure at the entrance is the fidering of the burner for no apparent reason, and the flame on the boiler carrier continues to burn. What can be done:

    • Check how good gas comes from the pipeline. First close the door to the boiler room, open the window and unscrew the supply hose from the heat generator pipe. Open the gas crane shortly. A sign of good feed is a loud hissing from a hose and a strong smell of appropriate methane. Set the hose in place and check the tightness of the joint with a soap solution.
    • If the fuel does not work, clean the mesh gas filter, then try to light the wick and the main burner of the boiler. With a negative result, call the appropriate service and call the master. the gazmder.

    Question answer

    If the boiler was not acquired in accordance with the size of the heating system, this may affect its further work?

    Yes. It is very important to purchase a boiler with complete the size of the premises for heating and heating system, because, both too small and an overly powerful unit due to the inconsistency of the dimensions, and the power will begin to work incorrectly, which will subsequently lead to breakdown.

    If a gas boiler, having worked for several minutes, turns off, and then starts again. this is a normal phenomenon or a sign of a malfunction?

    This is a sign that the boiler is launched in a short cycle mode, which, in turn, indicates a malfunction. It is urgent to take measures to eliminate it, because, on the one hand, your gas payments will increase significantly, on the other, the operation of the unit in a short cycle will soon lead to a complete breakdown of the boiler.

    Can insufficient gas pressure affect the boiler operation?

    Bosch Aquastar 125B Tankless Water Heater. No Pilot Flame

    Directly. You can check the pressure using a multimeter, and it is better that a gas engineer is carried out by this work.

    The boiler does not turn on and, at the same time, no sound sounds are heard. What can the problem?

    If you can’t hear the fans work, most likely the breakdown lies in them. If the fan is malfunction, the boiler is automatically blocked to prevent the release of harmful gases into the house.

    Can prolonged hypothermia of the boiler affect the correctness of its subsequent inclusion?

    Yes. The reason is the thermostat that responds to low temperatures and is blocked.

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