Why is the ARDO automatic machine is not squeezed by the washing machine. What can be done yourself

Ariston washing machine does not push up. malfunctions and elimination

The unit for washing linen works great, but after the end of the rinse does not push things off? You will say that there is nothing wrong with this, and you can squeeze pure linen with your own hands. But such a solution is not a way out of the situation. Remember that if your Ariston washing machine does not squeeze the washed underwear, then this is the first signal about the malfunction that must be quickly diagnosed so as not to aggravate the situation. Let’s try to deal with the reasons for the lack of spin and methods for eliminating this problem.

If there is no normal squeeze of linen in the Ariston washing machine, this does not mean that there is some kind of malfunction. Do not rush with expensive repairs.

As the main reason for the lack of full.fledged pressing in the Ariston machine, squeezing or twisting the sleeve for draining the exhaust fluid is distinguished. Water does not merge into the sewer system, and you will have to check the hose and sewage itself.

Ardo Washing Machine Pump Housing

Ariston has certain work modes that do not provide for the “squeeze” function at all. For example, with a delicate washing or loading of things from wool, the regime for the squeeze is not activated. If it is necessary to use it, you will have to turn the pure purestation function manually.

If the Ariston was washing machine is not loaded in accordance with the recommendations, you can not expect good spin from it. As a rule, in modern washing machines there is a special function responsible for weighing dirty things. If the load is insufficient to start the regime for the squeeze, then this does not happen. To bring everything in line, you will either have to load the drum, or extract several things. This measure will achieve high.quality squeezing.

Когда проверены указанные причины, но Ariston не желает проводить отжим белья, придется искать неисправность и ремонтировать машину.

Flood valve breakdown

Pour valve (cen) consists of an electromagnetic coil and a membrane, which opens when voltage supply to the valve. Electromagnetic reel usually gets out of order. In modern Indesit models, Ken consists of two sections: one valve section is responsible for a set of water on washing, the second. for a set on a rinse.

Signs How to eliminate Price
The washing machine does not gain water at all or just on rinsing. Indesit models with the screen write an H20 or F10 error on the display. It takes to replace the water supply valve. from 1500

Spare parts are not included in the price and are paid separately.

Why does the Ariston does not work out in the washing machine?

Bought an outlet, and received a semi-automatic? Of course, I don’t want to waste time and effort on manual surplus. Therefore, it remains to find and eliminate the malfunction. Below are symptoms that directly indicate the cause of the problem:

  • The machine stopped with a full tank of water. The software cycle ended, but the selection does not start. The reason may be in the overcurrent of the drain hose or the block of communications.
  • On the control panel, the “without spin” mode is selected. When washing delicate, silk, woolen fabrics, you could turn off the option. Check and turn on.
  • The drum is spinning, but the machine does not push the linen well. Low spinning revolutions are installed. It is necessary to adjust the program.

Modern technique is equipped with a weighing function. Therefore, if the drum is not loaded optimally with linen, the seas will not pass 100 %. In addition to the inattention of the user, there is a breakdown of electronics and mechanical elements. If SMA “Ariston” stopped squeezing things, the reasons may be as follows:

  • The drain pump broke;
  • faulty sensor of water level;
  • The tachogenerator does not work incorrectly;
  • the engine operation is impaired;
  • The electronic module failed.

How to restore machine work? There are two options: seek help from the master or try to cope with the problem yourself.

There is no spin in Ariston washing machine: what to do?

Start by setting up the correct program. Open the operating instructions and read again what functions provide for the squeeze and which ones do not. Adjust the speed capacity. To eliminate the imbalance and check the drain system, low the water from the tank. How to do it:

  • Disconnect the car from the network.
  • Remove the base panel under the loading hatch.
  • Remove the filter cork. Do not forget to substitute a water container.

Now open the door, distribute or add things. Try to start the wash again. To clean the drain, prepare a pelvis or bucket. Now do this:

Zakor can also be in the sewer. To solve the problem, you can use special tools or call plumbing. If the recommendations did not help solve the problem, then move on.

Checking the pump

Когда машинка не сливает воду, причина может быть не только в засоре, но и в поломке насоса. The pressing mode begins only after the water after washing goes into the sewer.

The washing pump is located under the bottom, so the check will not cause difficulties. Follow the instructions:

  • Disconnect the equipment from the network and communications.
  • Remove the tray for detergents.
  • After draining the water, turn the smell to the side.
  • Unscrew the screws and remove the bottom (if it is provided in your model).
  • Disconnect the pumping of the pump, unscrew the screws of the snail (pump body).
  • Loosen the clamps, disconnect the drain hose and pipe.
  • Remove the pump from the body.

Inspect the element for the blockage. Perhaps threads and hair were wound on the impeller, which blocked the operation of the knot. Then it is enough to remove the pollution and assemble the machine. Another question is the combustion of an electric winding. Here you already need a complete replacement of the pump.

Inspection and replacement of the press

If the “hotpone Ariston” does not turn on in the washing machine, the problem may be in the water control sensor. the press start (level sensor). With normal operation, the device gives a signal to the module about the water level in the drum. After that, the controller gives a command to drain the water and the pushing start.

To check the press.resistance for serviceability, start with a small showdown:

  • Dismate the top cover of the case by unscrewing the screws from the back.
  • Find a round item with tubes at the side wall. This is the press.
  • Disconnect the wire and tube from the part and unscrew the screw screw.

Inspect the contacts of the press start of the oxidation. Rinse the element with water to remove pollution. Now start checking:

Choose a sensor specifically for Ariston washing and install in the reverse order.

Motor and tapacker replacement

The motor sets in motion a belt that turns the pulley pulley. The engine does not work. the drum does not rotate. Everything is simple.

What function does the tacracker (Hall sensor) performs) ? It is located on the motor shaft and controls the number of revolutions, sending messages to the module. Therefore, when the car does not go out, these components are checked first.

  • Expand the body of the equipment to remove the back wall.
  • To do this, disconnect the hoses and twist the bolts.
  • Remove the drive belt.
  • Disconnect the wiring of the motor, unscrew the fasteners, take out the engine from the body.

Immediately inspect the Hall sensor. Fasten the part in the nest and reconnect the contacts. With frequent overload of the gap and strong vibrations, the contacts could weaken, which led to a stopping work. With a breakdown, the tacock is replaced.

Also check the engine brushes, which are located on the sides of the case. This is one of the common causes of breakdowns. If the graphite brushes are erased at least half. install new details.

Watch the video how to connect and check the washing motor:

  • Lameli were damaged. They are attached to the engine shaft with glue, so when overheating they exfoliate. The problem can be eliminated using a lathe by caring collectors.
  • The stator and rotor wiring. The combustion and closure of windings is a serious matter and requires replacing the motor. Try to change windings unprofitable. For diagnosis, use the multimeter. Attach the probes to the lamella and measure the resistance. Indicators are normal from 20 to 200 Ohms.

Inspection of the main module

The car was hanging on an exalted? At the same time, an error code F18 may be displayed on the display. This indicates the need to flash the board. Only the master will cope with this repair. In some cases, it is more profitable to buy a new module than to repair the old. Therefore, it is worth focusing on the results of the diagnosis.


Remember! If the washing room is still under warranty, do not open the case and try to figure it out on your own. Contact the support center, otherwise you will lose a guarantee.

Follow the work of technology. Typically, before final breakage, the machine warns the user with a knock, hum, poorly squeezed underwear. These are the first bells, and the timely reaction to them will save the family budget.

Reasons why the ARDO washing machine does not squeeze the laundry

We regularly encounter a situation where the machine hangs during the washing process or immediately after the start of spinning. There are a large number of reasons for this:

  • Damage or malfunctioning the balance sensor. This electronic component is installed in almost all modern ARDO washing models. In case of breakdown, the necessary signal is not applied to the main board. Bottom line. the device will not be able to squeeze things in order to avoid excessive vibration of the drum and the entire device;
  • District of shock absorbers. When using the electrical appliance, shock absorbers may stop properly performing the functions assigned to them. Better take care of their timely replacement, because otherwise, the current situation can lead to the failure of other details;
  • Damage to the tacockman. This component is needed to determine the speed of the drum. Due to the malfunction, it cannot carry out the function assigned to it, which means that it stops the washing/pressing process;
  • A malfunction of the press start. When breaking the water level sensor, the water will not be able to “leave” the tank. The machine will not determine the presence of fluid inside, so it will hang at the stage of rinsing or spinning.

There are cases during which extinguishing the spin occurs due to a malfunction of the control board. By the way, its malfunction can lead to a variety of troubles, demanding professional intervention.

Damage to the pump

Ardo washing machine will not squeeze water and due to the failure of the drain pump. In the process of permanent operation, serious loads apply to the pump, which lead to its failure. In addition to a malfunction, the pump can clog with threads, hair and other garbage, because it is through it that all the dirty water passes. In some cases, the lack of spin due to improper operation of the drain pump can be detected by sound. If he began to make too much or vice versa, it is almost unlikely, it is easy to assume that the complexity consists directly in it. The lack of fluid drainage also indicates a malfunction. When drawing conclusions about the complexity of the malfunction, it is necessary to check the absence of blockages in the hose and filter. The situation is rare when the pump impeller breaks. It turns out that the pump is spinning, but is not able to pump water from the machine. In any case, we insist on the intervention of our experts, because they have vast experience in repairing this type of device.

Engine malfunction

Most new ARDO washing models are equipped with direct drive engines. Such engines are called inverter. They have a long service life, but this does not protect them from breakdowns. Non.high.quality squeezing of linen is one of the “symptoms” of incorrect engine functioning. To identify the true cause, you need to make an extended diagnosis of the device. The inverter motor has no brushes and belts, which means that it is more durable. In this case, the rotor is connected directly to the drum shaft, and not separated about the construction of the stator, is attached to the back wall of the washer. To carry out its repairs is a difficult task for a non.experienced person, so be sure to contact professionals.

Damage to the control board

Damel breakdown is one of the reasons because of which the squeezer may not begin. Any electronic component of which it consists can give a serious failure as a result of a sharp increase in voltage in the network or due to their natural wear. In addition, the oxidation of contacts, partition of spare parts, etc. may occur. D. It so happens that it is possible to eliminate problems in the functioning of the control module by the off/vkl of the apparatus. Unfortunately, similar cases are single and without the help of a specialist you can’t do without. Remember that BU is a rather complicated electronic system that requires only professional repair.

What to do?

Do not panic prematurely. First, make sure that the reason lies directly in the malfunction. Perhaps you yourself turned off the squeezer, and the machine is not able to complete the entire program. Check the management panel. There is a possibility that you have a working mode that does not implies the execution of spin, or a delicate washing is set. In this case, set the usual operating mode and adjust the revolutions.

SMA with vertical loading can respond to overloading things. In addition, linen may not be enough, an imbalance occurs, the washing machine stops after several attempts to promote the drum. Just open the loading hatch and remove excess underwear or distribute things throughout the drum. Remember that such problems are characteristic of old models, because modern washing equipment is equipped with a function that protects from imbalance.

The causes of the malfunction

In most situations, the reasons why the Ardo washing machine does not perform the squeezer of the linen are quite banal. And the question is not related to refusal. the user often makes errors, provoking the squeezing refusal. What is meant in this case?

  • The washing machine was overloaded with linen, or an imbalance was created in it. Putting underwear in excess of the norm or one large and heavy product in washing machine, you risk that your washing equipment from the company Ardo will freeze without starting the execution of squeezing underwear. A similar situation occurs when there are few things in the drum, or they are all light;
  • The operating mode for the car is defined incorrectly. In the latest household appliances, there is a large number of working modes and functions that are selected taking into account some factors. In an illiterate working task, an exalgage mode may not work;
  • Untimely care for the laundry washing. Everyone knows that the washing machine needs to be regularly taken care of. If you do not clean the garbage filter for a long time, it clogs with dirt and creates problems for normal pressing. To avoid such a trouble, except for periodic cleaning of the filter, such a procedure is recommended to be performed with a tray for washing powder, drain and water intake sleeves.

Pump or electric motor?

It is no secret that the problems associated with the efficiency of the drain of the washing device of the ardo are capable of not only affecting the execution of spin, but also violate other work regime programs. And here the strange behavior of technology cannot be absolutely indicated on the pump, and this has its own reasons.

According to the plan of the control system, the management module is obliged to notice this fact and stop the washing process by applying the signal corresponding to the code error. But this does not happen, since in the process of washing most often we use programs that do not consume a large amount of water. And this means that the drain process is still performed quickly. Another work is another work. rinse. A lot of water is consumed on it, and a pump that has a breakdown is not capable of quickly pumping it to the drain. Most liquids merge, but the washing machine manages to freeze without moving to the squeezing process.

If you are familiar with these faults, first of all check the pump. The algorithm of action looks as follows:

  • A tray for washing trains is extracted from the washing machine;
  • The device leans to the left side;
  • screws are removed, fixing the pallet;
  • The pipe and the sleeve of the drain system are disconnected from the pump;
  • The pump is disassembled, cleaned of dirt, the condition of its impeller is checked;
  • Using the multimeter, the resistance indicator is measured.

The problem is caused by a malfunction of the sensors

Other reasons why the electric motor stops working normally, is associated with a tacracker. This small device resembling a ring is located on the motor. With its help, the number of engine speeds is determined and controlled. If a breakdown occurred in it, then the management module will not be able to affect the working capacity of the motor, which will entail certain failures of a given program.

The tester check is determined by the multimeter. The resistance indicator is measured, electrical wiring is checked, suitable for the sensor and terminals. The wiring has a thin section, breaks off or is easily damaged, and when this happens, the tapacker stops performing his functions.

ardo, automatic, machine, squeezed, washing

In addition to this element, a sensor responsible for the water level in the ardo washing machine may fail. They call it a press start. In such a situation, the washing machine freezes immediately after the rinsing, and the process of squeezing the laundry does not begin. To make sure that the problem lies precisely in the press, try to activate the pressing process separately, no matter what the washing program was set, and see what correctness the washing machine will perform it. If everything happens regularly, then we can confidently assume that the breakdown lies precisely in the water control sensor.

How to avoid a breakdown

It is always better to prevent a breakdown than then engage in its repair. over, the operating rules are simple:

  • Before loading linen into the drum, check all the s, pull out extraneous items.
  • Install and connect the machine correctly, according to the instructions.
  • Sort things before washing. Place clothes with decor in special bags.
  • Do not load too much linen. This leads to the rapid wear of the washing and low.quality washing.
  • Set the voltage stabilizer. He will protect expensive equipment from a sudden breakdown.
  • Periodically clean the drain filter and cuvette for detergents.
  • Do not close the hatch door after removal. This contributes to the formation of fungus and mold.

Now you know why the drum in the washing machine may not spin or squeeze the linen. Be attentive to the first manifestation of a breakdown, then it will be possible to avoid expensive repairs.

ardo, automatic, machine, squeezed, washing

Several useful recommendations

Try to warn the occurrence of malfunctions than to bring the matter to repair work. For this, it is proposed to comply with some simple rules:

  • Before loading linen into the drum, check the contents of its s for the presence of foreign objects;
  • the installation of the washing machine and the connection is carried out in accordance with the operating manual;
  • Wash the decor linen in special bags;
  • Carry out the loading of things in accordance with the established norm. Otherwise, the washing machine will be carried out quickly and poorly performed;
  • Use voltage stabilizer to protect household appliances from sudden breakdowns;
  • Clean the plum and a tray for washing powder regularly;
  • Leave the hatch door after washing open to prevent mold and fungi.

Your unit for washing linen is working normally, but refuses to execute? Do not worry, because users face a similar problem quite often, however, sometimes solving it not just. But it should be noted that in fifty percent of cases, a breakdown, which caused this problem, is eliminated by their own, without the help of experienced masters. Today we will figure out what to do when the Ardo washing machine does not push the laundry.

Ardo washing machine does not squeeze. what to do

Your unit for washing linen is working normally, but refuses to execute? Do not worry, because users face a similar problem quite often, however, sometimes solving it not just. But it should be noted that in fifty percent of cases, a breakdown, which caused this problem, is eliminated by their own, without the help of experienced masters. Today we will figure out what to do when the Ardo washing machine does not push the laundry.

Typical and rare breakdowns of ardo washing machines

Masters of service centers argue that all malfunctions in ARDO brands are divided into 2 types: typical and rare.

Typical. These are malfunctions characteristic of all washing, not only Ardo brands, but also any others. For example, in each typewriter such a misfortune can happen: water does not merge, the drum has flowed, and so on.

Rare. Such breakdowns are associated with the brand of the machine, and depend on the technologies used in the manufacture of cm. These include a tank overwhelmed with water, insufficiently heated water and others.

Attention! According to experts, in 9 out of 10 cases, Ardo washing machines with conventional and vertical loading bother the owners with typical breakdowns that are not related to production features. This proves once again that the ARDO technique is quite reliable.

Breakage typical for cm ardo

A number of signs usually report. Having carefully studied them, you can recognize the failure. Therefore, it is better to start with a review of signs of breakdowns that are most often found:

  • Water does not merge. This can happen for a number of reasons, among which, mainly, the blockage of the drain system consisting of a pipe, a plum hose and a pump (drain pump). Extremely rarely this problem arises due to the failure of the thermal sensor.
  • Water stopped basking. This is especially noticeable in high.temperature washing modes. Understand that the water is not warming up, you can by cold linen and not decomposed spots on it. Classes a crash of the heating element (heating). Lime plaque and scale slowly but confidently destroy the detail, which is why it burns out. The detached resource of the part is not excluded.
  • The drum stopped spinning. stuck, like dug. The arrangement of Ardo washing machines is such that the drum is driven by a special belt. If the belt flies from the pulley or breaks, the tank stops spinning. In this case, you need to correct or replace the belt.
  • Noise and “left” sounds. knock, hum, roar. If you hear them in working mode, then the reason lies in the bearings. Often noise an object that got into the tank is a button, a coin, etc.P.
  • Water leak. The fault of dangerous breakdown. violations in the pump or nozzles. In the most severe case, you will need to replace the bearing and oil seals of the Ardo washing machine.
  • Program failure. The machine does not start. All this is characteristic of the breakdown of the control module.

Do not panic, you can often do without a master. Perhaps, properly determining the breakdown and its reason, you can fix the washer yourself.

The Bosch washing machine does not squeeze well (not to the end)

The reasons are usually in the formed block of the drain hose or drain filter. It is necessary to eliminate the blockage by cleaning all the components of the drain system, including the filter grid and the pump pipe.

If your things after washing are squeezed, but water flows from them, then most likely you put too many things. Try to start the squeeze again, having previously pulled out a little wet linen from the machine.

If the problem with the spin on your own does not manage to solve it independently, then your appeal to the service center for advice or repair will save money and time.

Summing up

The article gave instructions what to do if the washing machine does not push the laundry. All actions are conditionally divided into categories:

The last point is the most important. If you reconfigure the program or eliminate the blockage of the drain tube yourself, in which case, incorrect actions will not be harmful, then replacing damaged parts is the competence of a specialist. If there are suspicions that the cause of the breakdown in the control module, then the device is better to give it to the service center yourself. Only in a professional workshop there is equipment for its diagnosis.

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