Why the refrigerator does not turn off for a long time in heat

Two chambers of the same circuit work the same way

If one compressor works without shutting down, and the circuit connected to it should cool the two compartments at different temperatures, but it does not happen, the reasons are as follows

  • The refrigerant heat exchanger line is clogged;
  • The temperature sensor for the air is broken or the thermostat in the freezer is out of order;
  • The refrigerant is leaking somewhere in the system;
  • Ice outside freezes or there is sediment on the inside walls of the evaporator.

Only one of these four points can be corrected by oneself. if there is ice, but the refrigerator is simply defrosted. After plugging the unit in, it is necessary to increase the temperature in all chambers by 2° C.3°С. If this is not the reason, call a service technician.

If your new fridge switches off infrequently or does not do it at all, don’t be scared. In most cases it takes time for the equipment to adapt to the new place. You brought in the equipment from the store, installed it. now it needs to pump cold into the chambers, the temperature in the compartment must meet the specified parameters. That is why it is better to wait for some hours.

If you have had the equipment for a long time, but it freezes heavily and does not turn off, you need to beware. What caused it:

refrigerator, does, turn, long

  • Door does not fit tightly. As a result, cracks form, through which the warm air penetrates. The motor has to work twice as hard to keep the temperature low. You can solve the problem by closing the door more firmly.
  • High temperature outside. When the room is too hot, the fridge has to work constantly to keep the temperature down. Move the enclosure away from the wall and radiators to ensure normal ventilation.

There are more serious problems. In the models “Nord”, “Samsung”, “Stinol” could break:

  • Temperature sensor. Main module is no longer getting information about the temperature in the chamber. Therefore, the compressor does not receive a command to turn off. You can fix the problem by replacing the sensor.
  • Electronic module. Opposite problem. Board is unable to receive and issue commands. Nodes and parts remain without control. Main module can be re-flashed or replaced.
  • Evaporator tube clogged. Due to depressurization of the system, a clot forms in the tube. It is better to call a specialist to find and fix the problem.
  • Refrigerant gas leakage. Refrigerant in the system becomes insufficient for normal cooling. Therefore, diagnosis is carried out to find the location of the leak, as well as refill freon.
  • Compressor. If it is worn out, the appliance may not turn off or freeze. The motor does not have enough power to create pressure in the discharge tube. So the appliance is working, it is humming, but it doesn’t freeze.

After defrosting the refrigerator does not turn off

Unplugged and defrosting the appliance. But some kind of malfunction occurred when you turn it on. The refrigerator may not turn off, but it does not cool. If this happens, allow time for the equipment to warm up, especially if there are warm foods on the shelves. If in a day the work was not resumed, it is necessary to examine possible breakages.

In modern LG, Sharp, Ariston models the buzzer and blinking red light can activate. To deactivate the sound, press the button on the control panel. Can’t find the button? Look in the manual.

  • Freon gas, which serves as a refrigerant, escapes. Users can run into this problem if they use a knife or other sharp object to break the ice and damage the camera. Freon pumping or filter-drier replacement. Usually after refilling, the system recovers operation.
  • Compressor malfunction. In this case, the motor works, humming, but cooling does not occur. Compressor needs to be replaced. After such repair refrigerator operation should be restored.

Thermostat knob could have been turned during defrosting or intensive operation, causing constant temperature increase. That is why after switching on the engine works without stopping. Fix the problem by adjusting the thermostat position.

No Frost refrigerator does not turn off: why?

The frequent problem of Indesit, Atlant, Samsung refrigerators with the system “No Frost” is the thermostat. If its values are set at the maximum, it is necessary to reduce the degree to 2.5. If the regulator is broken, then the part is replaced.

Look whether the “Super-freezing” mode is switched on or not. On models with mechanical control, you can only turn off the installation manually.

Also the cause of the failure could be depressurization, warm air in the chamber or the outflow of refrigerant. For exact diagnostics it is better to call a master.

The refrigerator “Atlant” or “Indesit” does not turn off

General problems of refrigerators we described above. the same happens with two-compartment models “Atlant” and Indesit. Malfunction may have occurred after defrosting, when the appliance does not turn off and is constantly running. This leads to a rapid failure of the motor-compressor.

The master will also be able to check and fix such problems:

  • Clogging in the capillary tube, which leads to poor circulation of refrigerant through the system;
  • leakage of freon gas from microcracks in the evaporator. this is a serious repair when it is necessary to eliminate the damaged area and refill the system with the refrigerant.

Easy Refrigerator Fix, Reset (Defrost Timer) Switch, if it stops running, cooling or working.

Non-serious reasons that can be eliminated by yourself

To find the source of failure and the answer to the question why the refrigerator does not turn off, you must begin with simple actions. Quite often it is at this stage and it is possible to identify and correct the cause of the problem. Because, they are caused by a simple oversight by the user or violation of operating rules.

Improper installation

The widespread situation is when the fridge is simply installed incorrectly. Placing the device without an air gap between the case and the wall interferes with the circulation of air masses. Also, to keep the unit in the room with high temperature that does not correspond to the climatic class of the refrigerator or to install it near the radiator. All these factors influence the compressor, which will overheat and work worse, especially in hot weather.

Wait a while

Sometimes, if the refrigerator does not turn off, it is worth waiting about one day. It is possible that this way the problem will resolve itself, because it is possible that the refrigerator simply needs more time to cool the food. This can be particularly evident in the hot season, when many products are loaded at once. Or the temperature has been set to a new value not too long ago. In these situations the cooling process will take 24 hours or more.

Defrosting and cleaning

If there is a lot of ice frozen in the freezer compartment, this can also be source of the unit not turning off. When the evaporator coils are covered with a lot of ice, the cooling unit has to work harder to maintain the temperature. A simple defrosting of the fridge can help in this situation.

In addition to large amounts of ice, accumulated dirt and dust on the condenser can cause the refrigerator to run continuously. Dirt can make it hard for the refrigerator to return heat to the environment. This causes the cooling unit to require continuous cooling. You can solve this problem simply by removing dirt and dust from the condenser tubes with a brush and vacuum cleaner.


The door doesn’t fit tightly

A poorly closed door may also be the cause of the malfunction. It is also possible that the seal may not be completely closed or something may be in the way, such as a casserole. Also, a worn-out rubber seal may cause the door not to close properly. Leaking seals keep warm air in and heat the inside of the refrigerator. The sensor that regulates the temperature sends a signal to turn on the compressor to cool the inside of the booth. Constant warm air in and cool air out leads to a closed and non-stop operating cycle. That’s why a loose door affects the fact that the refrigerator does not turn off for a long time.

To check how tight the gasket is, you can use a piece of paper. Take it and put it against the place where the body is in contact with the door. Having closed the door pull the sheet of paper, if the paper can be pulled out easily and without effort it means that the gasket is not tight and requires replacement. If the sheet comes out with difficulty or even tears, then the seal is good. It is necessary to check the situation along the whole perimeter of door sealing to the cabinet.

In a case when the compressor requires replacement, it is necessary to address for the help to experts. Although it is possible to replace the compressor yourself without much difficulty, but it is unlikely you will be able to find a suitable one on your own.

The maximum temperature setting

Maximum value set on the thermoregulator is also capable to cause uninterrupted operation. The compressor will automatically hold the set value 24 hours a day. A similar situation occurs when the super-freezing function is activated (if available). It implies a non-stop cooling operation. On average, it should take from 10 to 20 minutes for the compressor to work at one time.

These considered reasons in most cases will answer the question why the fridge does not turn off, but beside them there can be others. They can hardly be solved by your own efforts. Because they can only be repaired with technical knowledge and experience.

Why does the fridge always work and doesn’t turn off?

The refrigerator is an integral part of modern life, and when it malfunctions, the breakdown creates serious discomfort. By malfunction, users usually mean that the refrigerator does not turn on. But quite often there is the opposite picture, when the refrigerator runs constantly and does not turn off. Rare shutdowns can be accompanied both by bad cooling of the chambers and, on the contrary, by defrosting.

Please note! In this article, we’ll look at regular two-compartment refrigerators with “drip” defrost in the refrigerator compartment and manual defrost in the freezer compartment. If you have a fridge with No Frost, see the article “14 reasons why your No Frost fridge runs non-stop and won’t shut off”.

Continuous running of the cold generator can be caused by external reasons or control malfunction. The first thing to do is to check the set mode. It could be that the fast freezing function is active. It is acceptable if the food is frozen in the chamber to a deep freeze within 72 hours. Afterwards, the regulator must be reset to the normal position.

Refrigerator Runs Constantly — Refrigerator Troubleshooting

It could be caused by the wrong setting. If in a hot summer day, in a kitchen flooded by direct sunlight, put the cooling regulator on maximum, the refrigerator can not cope with the task, the compressor will work without stopping. It can not fill the warm chamber with cold. This is the trouble with combined refrigerators. After some time the compressor will break. in the heat the heat removal from the housing is insufficient, overheating or jamming will occur.

Probable causes of malfunction

There are many different reasons for the unit not shutting down. However, it is necessary to focus on the main factors why the engine is constantly in operation.

  • Relay does not work;
  • Thermostat malfunction;
  • The circuit board or thermostatic expansion loop did not operate;
  • The rubber seal on the door is badly worn;
  • Leaky tubing causing freon leakage;
  • The thin capillary tube to the filter is clogged;
  • Refrigerator operates in a stuffy place or very close to the heat source.

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Hardware defects

In cases where the refrigerator compressor is constantly running, there are several major breakdowns:

  • Seal is worn. It is torn, worn and loose on the housing. Warm air is constantly coming in through the cracks that have formed. Thermostat does not signal to turn off the motor. Additional symptom is the formation of the ice on the inside walls or snow coat. In two-compartment refrigerators, the problem manifests itself in the compartment where the seal has thinned.
  • Thermostat malfunction. The technical component is identical to the previous problem with the lack of signal. Often the defect appears after replacing the thermostat with your own hands.
  • Control module malfunction. In modern models, the appliances function based on electronic units. If there are defects, the signals are not correctly processed. Because of this, the motor rarely shuts down or does not stop at all.
  • Clogging in the capillary tube of evaporator. In complicated constructions with hidden installation of pipes, complete disassembly of the case may be required.
  • Freon leakage. A popular problem with this type of device. If there is no refrigerant, the chambers do not freeze and do not cool. The temperature rises inside and the compressor works in a constant mode.
  • Faulty fan (No Frost). The lack of airflow circulation eliminates the possibility of effective cooling, and the temperature sensor does not send signals to the control unit.
  • Compressor parts wear and tear. When decompressing older motors, the pressure is reduced. Much more time is required for reaching the temperature set point. Sometimes the compressor will not stop at all if the thermostat is set to minimum temperature and it is a hot summer outside. Performance will improve after compressor is replaced.
  • Faults in the wiring, radio circuits, relays.

What to do if the refrigerator constantly works and doesn’t turn off?

There is a set of the reasons why the refrigerator constantly works and does not turn off. Such situation can arise not only in old models but also in the new equipment. We direct your attention to the fact that you can not always solve the problem yourself, even if you are an experienced electrician. The fact that some repairs require knowledge in the field of refrigeration equipment: you need to know how to charge freon, to detect the exact location of the leak, as well as to find the so-called “clot” in the system. However, do not get upset before time, as in most cases the failure is simple and it is possible to repair the refrigerator, which does not turn off around the clock by yourself. What to do to repair it, we will tell you further!

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