Why you should not sunbathe before laser hair removal

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The method of laser hair removal is one of the few methods that allows you to get rid of unwanted hair quickly, effectively and forever. At Medial Clinic laser hair removal is performed on a modern device made in the USA, Candela GentleLase, which allows you to get rid of unwanted hair quickly, painlessly, effectively and safely. Alexandrite laser hair removal will save you from daily shaving, ingrown hairs and skin irritations for many years. We guarantee a personalized approach to each patient depending on their skin sensitivity and hair type.

Laser hair removal is a painful procedure? (Next. l/a).

  • Laser hair removal is quite comfortable procedure for most patients and is not painful, but we are all different. Sometimes we meet in our practice patients with very sensitive skin, for whom the laser exposure is painful. For such patients, it is acceptable to anesthetize the hair removal area with the application of anesthesia. And then, the laser hair removal procedure becomes painless and comfortable, even for patients with sensitive skin!
  • On skin with moles, laser hair removal is possible, but with one condition! Moles need to be covered with a spatula or a white pencil. Because, due to a large accumulation of pigment in moles, laser exposure can cause unwanted growth of moles, increased pigmentation, and even burns.
  • During the critical days, in a woman’s body there are some hormonal fluctuations, which can affect the mood and pain. But everything is very individual, therefore the critical days are not absolute contraindication for laser hair removal.
  • The main and absolute contraindications for laser hair removal are: pregnancy, cancer in the acute phase (in remission stage, the procedure can be carried out with the permission of the oncologist).

When taking hormonal drugs, too, it is necessary to inform the doctor, so that the appropriate power is selected, to avoid burns. Please note, in all cases, be sure to apply sunscreen to all treated, visible skin areas, especially in the spring and summer period.

It is acceptable to remove unwanted hair with a razor, wax, depilatory cream or tweezers in between treatments? If not, why not?

  • Yes, l/e. cumulative procedure. To achieve a lasting effect, the procedure must be repeated regularly, in a number of sessions individually selected by the doctor. But we all are different and everybody has different hormonal background too, therefore the quantity of procedures is chosen individually for each patient!

How much time does the procedure take, for example, in the armpit area??

Because of what laser hair removal does not help some patients?

The answer to this question is very simple and UNDERSTANDING: because of the use of absolutely substandard equipment.

Laser hair removal on a PROFESSIONAL laser helps to all!

Simply on a wave of growing popularity of laser hair removal, Russian salons and many private clinics were filled up with laser replicas from China, Korea and even allegedly from Germany. Procedures on them are very cheap, because the devices are inexpensive and their technical capabilities are very limited, so epilation sessions with such devices are absolutely ineffective and sometimes not safe for health.

Professional machine PALOMAR VECTUS, like our clinic, costs 7 million, produced by one of the leading concerns of laser industry in the U.S., has a lot of patented modern technology, certified by the regulations

Should you shave before laser hair removal treatments? (CanovaMedical.com)

In addition, laser hair removal on a diode laser is recognized by the modern world gold standard for unwanted hair removal and is recommended by the Ministry of Health for the treatment of hirsutism and hypertrichosis. Therefore, a priori, diode laser hair removal method is always effective if procedures are performed on PROFESSIONAL equipment by QUALIFIED specialists.

TIP: Choosing on the Internet and by reviews of laser hair removal clinic/salon, do not be tempted by too low cost of services and demonstrated photos. Pay attention to the laser devices and manufacturers used in the clinic. Do not chase after a very low price for the procedure, you will lose both money and time. The main criteria of choice is a professional equipment and qualified doctors!

Laser hair removal in questions and answers

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular methods of removing body hair, in the last couple of years it left behind even shugaring and waxing. But so far around the procedure are a lot of myths associated with pain, ineffectiveness and even danger to health. In the Q&A let’s find out what the technique really is and who it’s suitable for.

To understand why tanning with laser hair removal has limitations, you need to know the essence of the method. First of all, laser exposure is exposure to heat and light, that is, the effect on the skin is about the same as after ultraviolet. During the procedure, the skin receives irritation similar to that produced by sunlight: that is, redness, dryness, slight swelling may appear. This is a variant of the norm after hair removal. A maximum of one day, and these phenomena will disappear. Within a few days after the session the skin should be abundantly nourished and moisturized several times a day. For this purpose, it is recommended to use the spray “Panthenol”.

Interesting information

Learn where to get the best laser hair removal in Kiev, choose only the most reliable salons and qualified specialists.

How long should the hair be?

For a quality treatment it is necessary for the hair length to be at least 2. 3 mm in the area of influence. This is an indicator for all types of procedure. Hair length is an important factor that directly affects the results of the procedure. If the vegetation exceeds the recommended values, the risk of overheating the follicle increases, which in turn will lead to trauma and burns the skin. Pigment spots, inflammation, burning, peeling may appear on the treatment area, while the follicle itself may not die.

sunbathe, laser, hair, removal

The growth of unwanted vegetation on the body after the cosmetic procedure stops, because the laser damages the follicle. The beam affects directly the melanin contained in the hair follicle.

Hair removal on dark skin is undesirable because of the increased melanin content. In this case there may be slight damage to the epidermis on the treated areas. Most ruby and alexandrite laser models cause complications on tanned skin. Other consequences of epilation on swarthy skin include:

  • Hyperpigmentation of the corrected area;
  • thermal burns;
  • scarring;
  • discomfort during the procedure;
  • Hormonal malfunctions in the body.

Ideally, unwanted vegetation should be removed from areas of the skin where there is no tan, but with proper preparation, you can have painless and safe hair removal after sunbathing. Or when using a modern laser!

Warning! In the Ola beauty centers a modern diode laser is used. it gives the maximum result with minimum contraindications. Make an appointment at the centers. A cosmetologist will answer questions about.

In 3 weeks

In 3 weeks, avoid mechanical traumatic effects on the skin, including depilation methods (6):

  • Waxing is the removal of hair with a wax mixture;
  • Shugaring. removal of hair with the help of thick sugar paste;
  • Triding. hair removal with a thin thread.
sunbathe, laser, hair, removal

From the third week, do not pluck hair. The tweezers remove a part of the bulb, and as a result the laser is not able to remove it completely. Shaving is allowed because the follicle is not damaged by the loom.

sunbathe, laser, hair, removal

Period of abstinence from sunbathing

After finding out why you can’t sunbathe, laser hair removal involves a rest period with certain deadlines. How long can you not sunbathe after laser hair removal?? Salon masters say that sunbathing is possible only after 7 days after waxing.

  • In the first 24 hours, do not do sports. Increased sweating causes pain in the irritated skin.
  • After 3 sessions, UV exposure is possible in 3 days. The skin gets used to the laser action, and the follicles are destroyed.
  • It is advisable to use sunscreen before going out in the sun.
  • If you are planning a trip to the seaside, you must undergo the last procedure no later than 14 days before departure.
  • If the first visit of a tanning salon is planned, the beach tanning will be stopped. A month’s break will be enough.

Having determined that you can tan after laser hair removal only after some time, it is necessary to find out the rules of UV protection.

What is forbidden and for what period?

After laser hair removal it is impossible to subject your skin to unnecessary stresses, because during the recovery period the epidermis remains sensitive, prone to irritations and inflammations. After laser hair removal the skin is more prone to pigmentation and more sensitive to the aggressive rays of the sun. Therefore in the first two-three weeks after laser hair removal it is forbidden to sunbathe, visit solarium, to be under direct sunlight for a long time. In the summertime before going outdoors it is necessary to treat the skin with sunscreen with the maximum degree of protection.

Bath, sauna, swimming pool after laser hair removal are strictly prohibited. Exposure to hot steam and chlorinated water also adversely affects the skin, contributing to irritation, hyperemia, swelling, peeling. Therefore it is better to avoid these procedures for 1.5. 2 weeks.

Under the ban are any procedures that involve exposure of the skin to abrasive particles:

During the whole course of laser hair removal it is prohibited to remove the regrowing hair with wax or sugar paste, because these means have an adverse effect on the skin, contribute to its trauma, and the next session may lead to serious complications.

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