Xiaomi app to control the robot vacuum cleaner

How to control the unit

Functions available to the user when controlling the robot via a smartphone:

  • the operating modes found in the “Clean” window.
  • If the vacuum cleaner was completed faster than the plan, then the vacuum cleaner can be sent to the base to recharge. For this, there is a tab ” Dock “.
  • In the “Timer” position, you can set the duration and frequency with which Xiaomi will perform room cleaning cycles.
  • The “Cleanup mode” column is responsible for the modes of cleaning. A total of 4 options are available, in which you can select the intensity. Difference in speed and noise level. For example, if you select ” Quiet “. The vacuum cleaner cleans your home gently, quietly and for a long time.
  • In the ” Care ” window you can see the system malfunctions and the wear and tear of the robot’s expendable parts
  • Item “Remote Control” allows you to fully control the movements of the vacuum cleaner. It can be pointed straight ahead, but can also be turned to either side. This is especially useful when the unit is unable to return to the base on its own due to a narrow passageway. Its sensors can get confused and with a little help from the user, the robot can maneuver itself properly and go towards the docking station.

In the latest build Xiaomi implemented GPS modules. Thanks to them, the gadget can draw a complete plan of the room, and the user can remotely direct the vacuum cleaner to a specific place to clean the debris.

How to add Alice voice control to Xiaomi/Dreame robot vacuum cleaner

In this century, it’s no surprise that you can control home appliances by voice. Not only has Alice already learned how to swear and tic-tac-toe, but she can also control the smart devices in your smart home. After purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi‘s subsidiary Dreame Bot L10Pro, I thought it would be a good idea to train it to clean on command, too. It turns out that Alice has long been friends with most of the devices that are controlled through the MiHome app.

To set it up, you won’t need anything complicated and even a schoolboy can handle it.

We need to have 2 applications on the phone, namely:

First, let’s check if the robot vacuum cleaner has been added to MiHome as a device.

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Mi Vacuum-Mop P: Mi-Home App Demo, S&Y Pattern Cleaning Modes, Device Maintenance, Pros & Cons

After that go to the Yandex app and enter your login and password. If you do not have a Yandex account, it is very easy to register it, about 3 minutes.

Then you need to create a smart home billet, that is, add the habitat of smart devices. It’s called my house as standard

Click on the icon “devices”, it is located in the application menu of Yandex (circled). Choose from a large list of barrels signed as a device. Press the add new device plus sign, select another device and find Xiaomi at the bottom in the popular manufacturers tab. You will be asked to enter the password and login to your MiHome account.

After that, we go into My Home and see that we have devices that Alice is already familiar with from the MiHome app. The robot requires configuration, click on it. The main condition is to name it with Cyrillic letters, otherwise the voice control will not understand it. After that you can see that Alice knows everything about your vacuum cleaner, including the model and firmware.

That’s all there is to it. It remains only to hand out voice commands and the robot will do its job. And the list of allowed or acceptable commands Alice will prompt itself.

I tested it on my employee, the vacuum cleaner consistently works all the commands such as start, pause, go to the charge, no problems. So our life has become a little more modern. I understand that the information is not new, and many people already knew it without me. But I am sure it will be useful for those, who simply did not bother with this kind of functionality, but seeing how easy it is, will also add a live communication protocol with your smart device. Of course, the bonus is controlling many other devices, and with Alice can easily control air conditioning, humidity, light and more.

Here is a version of my communication with the vacuum cleaner through Alice. As it is with mistakes and uncertainties. If you call the vacuum cleaner a vacuum cleaner, then of course you can not call it a robot ))))

By the way. You can also control this same smart home via Google Aleha. But that is another story.

How to create a language pack

The voiceover is often a problem when buying a vacuum cleaner. It is good when English is enough, which is set in the factory firmware, but sometimes you want something original. Then the user can create his or her own language pack. Xiaomi robot will talk in a couple of minutes. To create your own voiceover, you need to go to the menu item “Text voiceover”, log in, select in the tab “V7 TTS” the option of interest voiceover. In the box for voiceover, enter your text and click on the “Voiceover” button. In a few seconds the robot vacuum cleaner voice dubbing will be completed, and the created file can be downloaded and installed into the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner.

Setting up the “Xiaomi” Mi Robot without the app

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner factory set does not provide for a special application. Therefore, to maximize the functionality of the unit, follow these steps:

  • Plug the docking station into the power supply and remove any excess cable in the slot provided.
  • Position the base so that there is enough space around it of at least 1 m in front and 0.5 m on the sides.
  • Place the robot on the base. The indicator light on the base (starts blinking) indicates that the rear contacts are installed correctly.
  • Constant light means that the battery is fully charged and the robot is ready to go to work if needed.
  • The color of the LED indicates the battery charge level. White indicates full charge, yellow indicates at least half charge, red indicates no more than 20% charge.

Expert opinion Nikolai Petrovich: Before starting the vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to prepare the surface to remove small objects and wires, as well as to block the access of the device to the steps, which will prevent a possible fall and breakage.

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner app

The robot vacuum cleaner remote control software via smartphone or iPhone requires pre-installation. An indispensable condition for the remote control gadget. WI-FI connection in the house. The purpose of the Xiaomi application (MiHome).Connect the owner with the tool remotely. After that you can control the robot from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

Once you install the voice packs on the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner, daily cleaning will cease to be boring, vacuum cleaner will have a soul (in some cases the soul of a bully), and your guests will be pleasantly surprised to hear the cheerful voice of your electronic pet.

Instructions are suitable for first and second generation Mi Vacuum Robot Cleaner.

For firmware you need a PC with Windows operating system.

Then you need to unpack the downloaded file to the root of drive C and run as an administrator.

Open with notepad to edit the system utility file called win-mirobo.Enter the ip-address and token of your vacuum cleaner. After that do not forget to save your changes.

Find out the ip-address and token of your vacuum cleaner in the Mi Home app.

IMPORTANT: If you have an app installed from Play Store uninstall it and install MiHome.APK. Download it on the Internet, for example from here.

In Mi Home app from Play Market you can not see the token.

in the Mi Home app connect to the vacuum cleaner

go to the network info (where you will find the ip-address and token of your vacuum cleaner)

IMPORTANT: In order to start loading voice packs the vacuum cleaner must be in the charging station and have at least 20% of charge. This is an artificial restriction to avoid problems.

Run the file win-mirobo.bat which is located in the root folder of the downloaded utility.

After start-up a window will open with a command line, where in case of successful connection the first two lines will contain the ip-address and the level of the vacuum cleaner’s charge. Below will be three numbered menu items. Select option 2, it is called Flash voise package. Accordingly, press the number 2 on the keyboard and press Enter.

Then you should choose any package you like. Enter the desired number and press Enter.

Then the installation time will count down (no more than 15 seconds). When you see OK instead of time, confirming that the installation is complete, press any button on your keyboard and close the program window.

After the simple manipulation described above, your vacuum cleaner will “gain a soul”, speaking in Russian.

The table below shows only some of the voice packages and the part of the phrases the robot speaks when responding to certain actions.

Voice pack ru_leathers_Bastards with robot voice

Voice package ru_maxim_vashe_velichestvo with robot voice

Appendix for controlling the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner robot

Robotics is increasingly invading our lives, freeing up our time and freedom. A special place in robotics is occupied by home appliances. It saves our time, saves our strength, does for us the work that was formerly routine for humans. And it does it very well. One of the varieties of intelligent equipment are robot vacuum cleaners. If in the past only a few companies release robot vacuum cleaners, but now the number of firms that produce these assistants has increased significantly.

One of these firms, which appeared on the market of smart devices, is the firm Xiaomi. I would like to mention one major difference from other firms that produce robotic vacuum cleaners. The fact that China has become not only a country in which to assemble all the equipment under various brands, but this country has massively copy the equipment produced in the country. Then there was a qualitative leap, when the appliances copied from a famous brand became no worse than the brand itself. Now China has stepped forward, began not only to copy and reproduce quality equipment, but also to combine the technology of different manufacturers and different countries. Until the end there is no understanding that China has collected all the technologies of the world, and China has learned not only to reproduce them, but also take the best of these technologies. One of such quality made technology, is a robot vacuum cleaner S50-S54. At the same time, the price of a smart assistant around the house is half as much as Korean or American analogues. Also significantly cheaper and spare parts for this device.

Cleaning the robot-vacuum cleaner Mi is made at a high level, showing how quickly, neatly the equipment can work, but, more importantly, this cleaning quality. It becomes clean and tidy in the apartment without the need for human effort. Made convenient control, allowing you to control the robot from your smartphone by installing the Mi Home app. Let’s break down the installation and configuration of the Mi Home app.

Installing the application Mi Home, registration, connection to the robot-vacuum cleaner Mi through the application

You can scan the barcode from the manual of the vacuum cleaner and click on the link that will lead to the download of the application, or directly in the search enter Mi Home, then “Install”.

Read what you need to learn, then accept the Mi Home user agreement and privacy policy. Press “Accept and continue”. Then choose a country or region, then press “Save”.

Allows the application to access the phone applications and get the “Login” prompt on the output.

Login to the application is required (Email/Phone number/Account) and Password. If you have never registered in the application, then press “Register”. Next, specify “Email” to which the activation email will be sent. Click on “Create Mi Account”.

Then set a password twice, which will be used to sign in to the Mi Home app. Specify in addition the specified verification code and click “Send”. Next, check your mailbox, which should receive an activation letter. Follow the link in the email to activate your account.

Now you’re ready to log in to the Mi Home app. To do this, type in the login and password that were created earlier. Next, we get to the program window, where you need to add a device. Click “Add a device”.

The next window will prompt you to turn on your Bluetooth device, which is irrelevant for connecting the robot vacuum cleaner. You can turn it on, you can click “Cancel. Next, click on “Go to settings” to allow the Mi Home app to receive location information to scan nearby devices.

Turn on the “Your location” permission for the Mi Home app. Go back and see the robot vacuum cleaner.

Next, connect the robot vacuum cleaner to our home hotspot. To do this, select our router and in the next window, type the password to connect to the Wi-Fi router.

After the device is added, the message will appear. “Done.”. Click on this message and in the next window click on “Skip”.

In the next window we will name the vacuum cleaner, click on “Next” and then on “Get Started.

The following windows are just introductory and we’ll just scroll through them. Then press “Start the test.

This completes the configuration. Just press “Clean” and the robot vacuum cleaner will start the work for which it was created (will start cleaning the house).

Check and update the firmware of the Mi Home app

To check for a firmware update, log into the Mi Home app, then click on the three dots in the upper left corner of the app. Then click on “General Settings”. “Check for firmware updates”.

If there is a new version of the software, click “Update” and wait for the robot vacuum cleaner to update. After the successful update, the message “Successfully updated” appears.

Set a cleaning time interval for the Mi robot vacuum cleaner through the Mi Home app

To set a cleaning interval for the robot vacuum cleaner, go to the Mi Home app, then click on the three dots in the upper left corner of the app. Tap “Regular cleaning.”. In the new window click and set the cleaning time (for example, 13.00). You also setup number of times we vacuum (like every day) and dry mode (like standard mode). After that press “OK”. Cleaning time will be set and the robot vacuum cleaner will do its job according to the settings made in the app.

Cleaning modes

What to do before each cleaning

Before starting any of the following cleaning modes, review the room and remove from the floor all items that can be affected by the moving robot vacuum cleaner. It’s not just small things that can get sucked into it, but also things that might fall off when the vacuum cleaner hits, fragile, valuable and other things. Take away also those things in which the vacuum cleaner can get tangled and stuck (wires, ribbons, etc. д.). It also doesn’t hurt to get barriers. They help you limit the areas you don’t want the vacuum cleaner to move into.

First cleaning

It’s just like a normal vacuum cleaner with the difference that you need to keep an eye on the vacuum cleaner and help it in tight situations. In the future it will help the robot clean without help.

Normal cleaning

Just press the power button briefly to start basic cleaning mode. The robot vacuum cleaner will walk around the perimeter of the room, scanning it and draw a map. If the room is big, it will divide it into zones and clean each zone separately. You move around each area in a serpentine pattern from one wall to the next. If it only takes 10 minutes to clean, it will go over the same area a second time. After cleaning is complete, the unit will go to the docking station by itself.It might not have enough juice to clean the whole house. In this case it will go to the charging station, recharge to the necessary level, return to the point where it interrupted its work, and continue cleaning until its completion. If you need to pause cleaning, press any button on the vacuum cleaner. You can resume the process by briefly pressing the power button. To stop cleaning immediately from pause mode, press the back button on the station. But remember, that if you do that, the entire house will stop cleaning.

Partial cleaning

You can not make the vacuum cleaner to clean the whole room or the house, but a small area where there is trash. To do this, press the partial-clean button while the vacuum cleaner is paused. The vacuum cleaner cleans the central area of the room by a meter and a half. This, however, will stop the main cleaning job, so you will have to restart it if necessary.

Wet mopping

Before wet cleaning rooms, fill the wet cleaning container with water and close the lid. Insert the mop (cloth) into the slot in the container and secure it to the container with Velcro. Moisten a mop with water and place the container in the appropriate grooves of the vacuum cleaner. This type of cleaning is not recommended to run when no one is home. To clean more effectively, it is advisable to rinse the mop every half an hour and rinse it well at the end of cleaning. Always pause the vacuum cleaner before rinsing the mop.If your docking station is on a hardwood floor, place a waterproof mat beside the station to prevent damage from the wet bottom. Also note that the cleaner only runs on clean water (filtered water is recommended). Adding even small amounts of detergent to the wet mop tank can damage the filters.

Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi instructions in Russian

Clean/power button. This button is responsible for turning the robot on and off if you hold it down. A short press activates cleaning mode.

2) LED indicator. The indicator shows the battery level and service information:

  • white battery is 50% or more charged;
  • yellow 20 to 50 percent; red less than 20 percent;
  • A red charge of less than 20 percent;
  • blinking light indicates on/off and charging;
  • blinking red indicates a malfunction.

button to return to base. Pressing this button commands the robot to return to the charging station. Hold down the button to start the local cleaning. 4.

Wi-Fi LED indicator light. This LED indicates the status of the Wi-Fi network connection:

Frequent blinking indicates Wi-Fi connection in progress;

Constant light means that the Wi-Fi network is online;

Slow blinking indicates that the Wi-Fi network is off. 2.

2 Reset button. Press with a paper clip to open the SIM card tray.

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