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Mi Smart Kettle

To fully unleash the aroma and flavor of puerh tea, you need the water to be as hot as possible. Green tea is brewed at water temperature of 80 ℃. 90 ℃. When preparing a honey beverage, it is not recommended to use too hot water, as high temperatures can destroy the nutrients.① Mi Smart Kettle is equipped with intelligent water temperature control. Just turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone and open the Mi Home app. You can set the water temperature for different needs in the app.You can not only select the boiling temperature, you can also enable the function to maintain the water temperature you want.

Mi Smart Kettle can keep water temperature for 12 hours. In the tests conducted, water heated to 90 ℃ remained hot for 12 hours. The energy consumption for this process was only 0.532 kWh.


  • Volume: 1.5 liters
  • Power: 1800W
  • Boiling time: 1.5 liter in 5 minutes
  • Materials: Steel bulb, plastic body
  • Line length: 67 cm (flexible part without plug)
  • Functions:
  • Heating water to the set temperature (from 40 to 90 degrees)
  • Maintaining the temperature for up to 12 hours
  • Real-time temperature display on the screen and in the app
  • Automatic power off
  • Silent heating to maintain temperature

The white package, which shows the kettle on all sides, includes the kettle itself and the charging cradle with instructions.

Design and appearance

The design of the smart kettle is made in the style of minimalism. casing material. pleasant to the touch white matte plastic with a metal stripe on top.

The inside of the kettle is made of stainless steel and has actually two layers. This keeps the temperature and you will not get burned if you accidentally touch the hot kettle.

xiaomi, electric, kettle, review

The kettle can heat up to 1.5 liters of water. There are three buttons on the body for control: the top one is responsible for opening the lid, and the two lower ones for turning on and maintaining the set temperature.

Unfortunately the engraving on the buttons is in Chinese characters, although the control is already intuitive.

The power base is made of high quality plastic. The power cord is not afraid of twisting. However, its length is only 40 centimeters.

The obvious disadvantages: the kettle has no scale, so you can see exactly how much water is poured into the kettle.

What can Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Pro and what can not

In short, this smart kettle knows how to boil and maintain the temperature, as well as not to turn on when the water level is too low. To boil a kettle full of cold water, it took about 6 minutes. I was pleased with how quietly it does it, not pleased with too quiet signal to finish boiling.

You can adjust the temperature with the Keep Warm button on the kettle itself. Pressing it, you go through the options, a total of 5: 40, 50, 45, 75 and 90 degrees.

In the application settings are more: you can adjust the temperature in increments of 5 degrees, in addition, you can set the duration of its maintenance. from one hour to 12 hours in increments of half an hour.

MiJia Smart Home Kettle Xiaomi. Обзор умного чайника

Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Pro is not able to do much more. First of all, as already mentioned, there is no remote start function, although the function of protection against heating without water is. Second, there is still no water level indicator on the outside, and since the water level scale was again shoved inside, it is very inconvenient. Through the application to see how much water is left in the kettle, too, can not.

Appearance, build quality and materials

Design. a very subjective thing. But since you choose Xiaomi products, you probably like the overall style of the company. Minimalism, simplicity, white color.

This is what the Xiaomi Mi Kettle looks like. White, round, neat with a small discreet Mijia logo. The body of high-quality plastic with a small “spout” and a neat handle. Under the handle is located trigger. On the handle button to open the lid.

xiaomi, electric, kettle, review

On the body of nothing superfluous, there are no indicators or “windows” to monitor the water level. Aesthetically a plus. Practically speaking, it’s a minus.

The stand is similarly round, small.

On the whole, it even looks a little futuristic, as if from a movie about the not-too-distant future. And perhaps stylish. Fits perfectly in my kitchen.

Top 8 best models ranking

Name Name Name Price
Top 4 best Xiaomi teapots
1 Xiaomi Mi Kettle 1 500 ₽
2 Xiaomi Viomi Mechanical Kettle 1 500 ₽
3 Xiaomi Viomi Kettle Steel (YM-K1506) 1 000 ₽
4 Xiaomi Ocooker Kettle 2 000 ₽
Top 4 best Xiaomi smart teapots
1 Xiaomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth 2 000 ₽
2 Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth 2 000 ₽
3 Xiaomi Mijia Multifunctional Electric Cooker 4 000 ₽
4 Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle (YM-K1510) 2 000 ₽

Xiaomi Mi Kettle

Stylish kettle with a minimalist design. Metal heating element in the form of a closed spiral.

The walls are double, made of plastic. This makes it impossible to burn yourself and the water inside stays hot for a long time.

Kettle has a medium volume, suitable for a small family.

Keep in mind that in some stores in the kit comes with a non-standard Chinese plug, which will need an adapter.

Device Features:

Xiaomi Viomi Mechanical Kettle

Model in white and black with metallic lid. Inside the kettle body is made of stainless steel, and the walls. two layers of plastic.

That’s why the device maintains the temperature of the water for a long time.

The kettle features safety: double walls protect against scalding, there’s a lid lock and a lock function when you start it without water.

Xiaomi Viomi Kettle Steel (YM-K1506)

Kettle in metallic color. Its body is made of stainless steel, so the device has a thermos effect.

The one-piece body looks nice, but the kettle doesn’t have a water measuring scale, which makes it difficult to use.

At the same time, the device is lightweight. Users say the device is sturdy, but complain the base is wobbly.

Device Features:

Xiaomi Ocooker Kettle

Kettle with unconventional retro design and a large volume. The device heats up quickly, the temperature is shown by a thermometer.

Kettle is installed on the stand in any position.

Metal coating keeps heated water hot for a long time.

Device Features:

Rating TOP 8 best electric kettles Xiaomi

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Smart Kettle Bluetooth

Functional electric kettle with the option of control through special software on your smartphone. Designed for people who prioritize maximum comfort in use. All components are made of materials that are harmless to the body and meet all hygiene requirements. Appliance in the middle made of stainless steel. It can withstand short-term temperature rise up to 900 degrees and is acid-resistant (it is odorless, no limescale will remain on the surface of the tank).

xiaomi, electric, kettle, review

The device is equipped with 3 levels of protection: shock hazard, leakage current when moisture penetrates the stand and auto power off when heating an empty kettle. The model is equipped with the option of temperature control through the application Xiaomi Smart Home, which is installed on your smartphone. There are no seams inside, the body itself has a wide top opening and flat bottom, which will ensure easy cleaning of the device.

Volume, l 1,5
Power, W 1800
Case material Metal/plastic (double walls)
Weight, kg 1,24
Design features Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, temperature maintenance by Smart Home, thermostat, filter, double walls
  • rapid heating;
  • Temperature keeping option;
  • minimalist design;
  • build quality;
  • Easy-to-use lid;
  • Quiet operation;
  • auto shut-off in the absence of water.

Long enough to choose the kettle, as a result settled on this model. It has a minimalist design, so it will fit into the kitchen interior. The advantage will be the option to heat and remote control via Bluetooth. Allows you to flexibly set the temperature mode. Easy to clean (I use citric acid once every 2 weeks). It is almost impossible to burn yourself, even just boiled kettle feels warm. I recommend.

Mi Kettle

Simple but powerful kettle that has an ergonomic handle and a small spout for comfortable cup filling. In addition, there is an option to block the start without water. Stylish style and compact size allows you to place the kettle anywhere in the kitchen.

In addition, the device is complemented by the feet made of rubber, providing stability on the surface and eliminating the possibility of burns. Also among the advantages should be noted triple protection against electric shock for safe cooking of various hot drinks.

Volume, l 1,5
Power, W 1800
Housing Material Metal/plastic (double walls)
Weight, kg 1,1
design features Locking start without water, double walls, power indicator, wire compartment
  • high quality construction;
  • rapid heating;
  • strict design;
  • wide filler neck;
  • Installation on the stand in various positions;
  • Intelligent safety system;
  • keeps the temperature for a long time;
  • noiseless in operation.

The product has a minimalist design. The body of the device as cool as possible, keeps warm for a long time. No offensive odors. The upper lid is a bit jammed, but this is an insignificant drawback. In the entire period of use has never performed a descaler cleaning. Dirt from the body can easily be removed with a mohair rag. I recommend to buy.

To keep your kettle looking nice you need to remove the dirt in time. This is important, as it will later become stable. To clean the surface of the electric kettle, you need to use a dish detergent. Baking soda will also do.

Viomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth

A functional and ergonomic 1800 watt electric kettle. The heating element in a closed device. The electric kettle has 2 modes: boiling and heating to the required temperature within the range of 40-100 degrees. The heating process lasts 12 hours and the temperature is 50 degrees Celsius when the button is pressed. However, it is possible to change and adjust this parameter through the Mi Home program.

Also the kettle is equipped with 4 preset heating programs: tea, coffee, milk, noodles. The capacity of 1.5 liters is enough for a small family. You can control the device with the button panel on the product or with a smartphone that is connected via Bluetooth. In addition, it should be noted that there is an option to turn off the kettle if there is no water. The developer provides a warranty on the product, which is 6 months.

If you compare Xiaomi electric kettles, then the MiJia Multifunctional Electric Cooker definitely stands out. The device has many features and remote switching, but now it is difficult to find it on sale. The second place is shared by Mi Smart Kettle Pro and Viomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth Pro.

If you are looking for an ordinary electric kettle without Smart control, look closely at the MiJia Electric Kettle. Also before buying, we recommend reading the reviews of kettles Xiaomi to know the impressions of other users.

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