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Setting up a Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum cleaner through a mobile app

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The first thing to do is to download the Mi Home app on your iOS or Android smartphone. You can do this on Google Play or the App Store.

The launched application will ask you to select a server. Recommended: American or Singaporean. The thing is that on the Chinese server some functions may be blocked.

Next, you need to log in to the app or create a new account. To do this, press the “Login” button.The next step is to select the device. In the list, you need to find the Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum cleaner.

Next, you will have to do a little work with the device itself. The vacuum cleaner needs to be connected to electricity. When this is done, you should press the top button on it. not just press, but hold down. After about 6 seconds, you should hear a beep. It will mean that the vacuum cleaner is synchronized with the smartphone.After the smart device will be connected to the cell phone, you need to select it. And then the home Wi-Fi.

And then you can already consider that the connection of the vacuum cleaner to the smartphone is complete.

The final “touch” is the choice of the main location. For example, you can specify. so that it is “Kitchen”.

Everything else can be set during operation. The Mi Home app has a number of settings that you can change at your discretion.

As you can see, the initial setup of the Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum cleaner with the program installed on the mobile is easy. You just need to go through a few steps, which were described in the article.


The mobile app allows you to activate and deactivate a number of vacuum cleaner options. There are the following functions:

  • “Go” the robot is directed to a specific place of unscheduled cleaning;
  • “Docking station” the vacuum cleaner goes to charge;
  • “Clear” activates the sequential cleaning mode.

Note: The options available depend on the model and version of the app.

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In the documentation that comes with the product, there should be an instruction. In which will be described in detail the procedure for setting up the unit through the app with a description of typical errors.

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Let’s move on to an overview of the functions of the Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Mop 2. Managed by a robot vacuum cleaner through a proprietary application Mi Home. Т.к. The version of the robot is Chinese, so you have to connect it via the region of China. No wiring problems should occur in this case.

Interface application in English, and this is not very good. The robot builds a map of the room on the main taskbar and automatically zoned it into rooms. You can select the rooms you want to clean by clicking on the rooms. On the right of the map there are 2 more modes: cleaning in the selected area and local cleaning mode.

With a swipe up goes up the menu, where you can configure the basic parameters of cleaning. First you are prompted to choose one of three modes, namely: dry cleaning, dry and wet or only wet. Below is the suction power and wetting degree of the wipe. If you click on the “Custom cleanup” tab, you can configure more flexible cleaning options. For every room you can choose the number of times the robot passes (1 or 2), the cleaning mode and the individual suction power, as well as the level of water on the wipe. In addition, you can set the cleaning order of the rooms. This is a plus.

In the settings section, you can view the cleaning history, select the desired cleaning map from several saved in the memory (i.e.е. The robot supports multicards), as well as setting up virtual walls and restricted areas in the desired places, and there are even separate restricted areas for wet mode. You can also edit the map by changing the room boundaries and naming the rooms.

The list goes on to set up a schedule for cleaning. Here you can select days of the week, suitable times, and the cleaning mode, including the weekly schedule.ч. There is also a choice of user mode individually for each room.

You can also enable perimeter cleaning, select double-pass mode for the entire available area, set a time when the robot should not disturb you, build a new or reset an existing map, track the status of consumables, enable the robot search by sound signal and configure additional parameters. In this section you can turn on and off the voice alerts, adjust their volume, as well as select the scheme of movement in wet cleaning mode. Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Mop 2 is able to wipe the floor as a snake, and in a Y-shaped pattern, this is a plus. Here you can also turn on the vibration function, calibrate sensors and start manual control of the robot.

In general, the functionality of the robot vacuum cleaner is very decent, you can flexibly adjust the cleaning to your own conditions. The only thing missing from the basic is the function of automatically increasing the power when entering the carpets.

Before usingRemove the strips of protective foam from both sides of the robot vacuum cleaner, as well as the protective film from the collision sensor.

Connect the cord to a power source.

Open the bottom cover of the charging dock.

Connect the power cord and wrap the excess cord around the coil at the bottom of the dock.

Then remove the protective film from the infrared sensor.

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Possible problems

While connecting the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to your phone, problems can occur. They most often occur when connecting to WI-FI. You can solve such a problem by changing the DNS address:

  • First you need to go to the network settings in the smartphone
  • Next, open the “Network Properties” section
  • Go to “Change network” and then to “Advanced”.
  • Select the “Custom” section.
  • In the window that appears, change the address to 114.114.114.

Before changing the address, it’s best to write down the past value. It will need to be re-entered if the connection is successful.

How to add to HomeKit

Step by step, add the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to HomeKit:

  • Download the Mi Home robotic vacuum cleaner app from the App Store.
  • Register your Mi Home account using your phone number (skip this step if you already have an account).
  • Add Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Log in to your “Mi Home” account.
  • Tap the “” icon to add the vacuum cleaner.
  • Find your Xiaomi vacuum cleaner model in the “Home Appliances” category.
  • Check the “Flashing blue light.”.
  • Select your home Wi-Fi and enter your password.
  • Click “Go to Wi-Fi settings.”.
  • Select a Wi-Fi network with a name (e.g. Roborock-Vacuum-xxxx to connect.
  • Go back to “Mi Home”, this is where the connection interface will appear.
  • Select the location of the robot vacuum cleaner. Give a name.
  • Tap the device on the Mi Home page to access the vacuum cleaner to work, and wait until the initialization reaches 100%.

Make sure your phone is already connected to Wi-Fi. Open the top of the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to see the Wi-Fi indicator light during connection.

A small but important apartment preparation

To avoid problems in the process of cleaning, it is better to spend a few minutes on a small preparation of the rooms:

  • All wires in which the Mi Robot can get tangled, remove from the floor.
  • Small things can be sucked up by the vacuum cleaner, so they need to be put away, too.
  • The areas the vacuum cleaner can’t go into should be restricted with magnetic tapes (purchased separately). Of course, you can put some physical barriers, but this is not rational.
  • Be sure to limit the access to the vacuum cleaner to steps from which it can fall and break.

Adding the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner to Homey

Homey is a special add-on that allows you to piece together a lot of speech information and convert it into voice commands. In order to add the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner to Homey, you need to do the following:

  • Open the Homey App.
  • Go to “Devices” tab.
  • In the upper right corner, click””.
  • In the drop-down list find your brand and select it.
  • Select the desired device.
  • Click “Install” in the dialog box.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

When adding a robot vacuum cleaner to Homey, each has an individual setup path, so you must follow the installation instructions provided by the app step-by-step.

Determine coordinates

Correct determination of coordinates for the robot. this is one of the basic requirements, fulfillment of which will allow the gadget to work remotely. This operation has several steps:

  • Make sure that the docking station is in the fixed position.
  • Give permission to the robot, build a complete map of the cleaning of the apartment. This is done by starting a cleaning operation from the “My Home” application.
  • Set the X and Y coordinates.

If you made a mistake in setting the coordinates, you can delete the settings and go through the procedure again.

Marking the boundaries of the zones

This action determines the number of repeated passes of one square when cleaning the room. To do this you need to send the vacuum cleaner to the target by clicking “Start cleaning”. Particular attention should be paid to the coordinates. The quality of cleaning the apartment and the correctness of the technique will depend on how to adjust the coordinate field of the device. The number of repetitions of cleaning can be from one to three.

Adding rooms

An important point is the correct determination of the number of rooms in the apartment. If this value is set incorrectly, the robot vacuum cleaner will not clean the entire area. To set the rooms you need to go into the application “My Home” and on a special field using the coordinate system divide the apartment into rooms.

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner at the first start can recognize all the rooms by itself, and the setting of the room map will happen automatically. Also, if there are no thresholds between rooms, the robot will perceive the room as one room. Waiting for the end of the test cleaning it is necessary to check the coverage of all rooms. If something is missing, you need to reset the settings and wait for the room to read again.

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Robotic vacuum cleaners “Xiaomi” are very popular among consumers. And it is quite reasonable. The wide functionality of the devices can save a lot of time and effort to perform daily cleaning of the room. However, despite all the advantages, robot vacuum cleaners often require firmware (as an option, change the language to Russian). You can carry out such actions yourself, without turning to specialized centers.

Connecting Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner to your phone

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Essential G1 works with Mi Home/Xiaomi Home. Control your device and interact with other home devices in this app.

Scan the QR code to download and install the app. You will be redirected to the connection settings page if the app is already installed. Or search for “Mi Home /Xiaomi Home” in the App Store to download and install the app.

Open the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app, tap “” in the upper right corner and follow the instructions to add the device.

In Europe the app is called “Xiaomi Home” (except Russia). The name of the app that appears on your device should be accepted by default.

Note. The version of the app may have been updated. Follow the instructions for the current version of the application.

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