Xiaomi Mi Smart electric kettle

Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Pro: a smart kettle

Honestly, I think the smart teapot boom is over. When such devices first appeared, it was a fashionable novelty. The kettles shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow, and people rejoiced, setting the backlight and water temperatures in the app on their smartphone. But a little time passed, and everything went back to normal. Smart kettles, which I saw a couple of comrades, work like the most ordinary. And not even connected to smartphones. I’ve noticed that there’s even been a reversal of the trend. So, one acquaintance, after breaking the bulb of an electric kettle, ordered a regular kettle. The kind you have to put on the stove and it whistles when it boils. And the teapot cost so much that many of his “smart” colleagues would be surprised. The explanation to the question “why so?”was akin to what fans of vinyl records say, why do they prefer vinyl to electronic sound from a computer.

I was not attracted to the hype of smart kitchen appliances at all. I don’t really understand why we need a “smart” multicooker or a kettle back then, as I do now. Or rather, if the kettle could pour water into itself, then I would still appreciate it, but it is still necessary to go to the kitchen. However, to retrograde like my friend, I’m not ready yet (though I look at the device he bought with great admiration), so I prefer the “soulless” electric kettles. And Xiaomi in this respect is not a bad choice.

The fact that most inexpensive kettles look very unpresentable. I look at this mess and I’m just frustrated. Kettle Xiaomi same with its laconic design. a rest for the eyes.

Technical Features

  • Capacity: 1.5 liter
  • Power: 1800 W
  • Boiling Time: 1.5 liter in 5 minutes
  • Materials: Steel bulb, plastic body
  • Wire length: 67 cm (flexible part without plug)
  • Features:
  • Heating water up to a predetermined temperature (from 40 to 90 degrees)
  • Maintains temperature for up to 12 hours
  • Display the temperature in real time on the screen and in the app
  • Automatic power-off
  • Silent heating to maintain temperature

Packaging and package

The white package, which shows the kettle from all sides, includes the kettle itself and the charging cradle with instructions.

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Xiaomi. well done. They are not trying to impress with some deliberately cool design, but all of their household gadgets are made in the same style: white, a minimum of decorative elements and branding.

Large QR code sticker on the side to tie the kettle to the app. The inner flask is made of stainless steel. Xiaomi says it’s high quality brand 304. On the bottom is a temperature sensor. It is clear that it is necessary, but you have to clean the kettle carefully.
The button on the handle opens the lid. The lid has two positions: ajar and wide open. The lid will accumulate condensation. I have learned the routine. after pressing the button, flick the lid to dislodge the drops.
The main highlight of the PRO-version is a display that shows the temperature. No irony, it is a useful and necessary thing. Two buttons. boil and maintain temperature. A neat charging pad, which Xiaomi says that it has as much as threefold power protection: turns off automatically when boiling, turn on without water can not, and a special design protects against electric shock (honestly, I have never had any kettle electric shock, and you?) There is a notch on the back where you can put the wire. Its length, by the way, is 67 cm (not including the plug).

Impressions of using it

When you turn it on, the handle will immediately display the temperature. When there is no water, you can see how many degrees it is in the apartment. It’s pretty accurate.

The first thing you need to tie the kettle to the app Mi Home. The app will allow you to select the temperature. Without the app, you can only set the temperature to maintain 50 degrees for 12 hours.

The connection is elementary. The smartphone quickly found the kettle and made friends with it.

I was a bit disappointed with the app, as it only allows you to set the temperature and time. But it’s impossible to start the boiling process. The gap! But the app changes the animation as it heats up.

I read the review on iChip and realized that the author didn’t understand the device. So, iChip writes, “In the Mi Home app, you can set both the temperature itself, which you want, and the time to maintain it. True, the kettle will in any case first boil the water, and then let it cool to the desired temperature and maintain it”.

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But it is not quite like that! The kettle does know how to do this, but you’d think it couldn’t just heat water to 60 degrees (and you have to boil it first and then let it cool). You need to set the temperature you want in the app and then press the Keep Warm button on the kettle instead of Boil, then the kettle will heat up to the set temperature and hold the temperature.

You can monitor the process of water heating.

A few impressions in short line format:

  • A full kettle boils in 5 minutes.
  • The water in Moscow is horrible. Traces of limescale begin to appear after a couple of months. If there are knowledgeable people, then write what you clean smart kettles. I thought that it is necessary to put a stationary filter with reverse osmosis and other things. I probably will take “Aquafor” for 9 thousand (you can write which brand is better. “Aquafor”, “Barrier”, “Geyser” or what else there is?)
  • Deeply censure the kettle for the lack of scale. To know how much water there is, you have to look. They could have put some kind of ultrasonic sensor in the temperature sensor to determine the amount of water.
  • It’s convenient that the lid opens wide. But it would be even cooler if it were completely removable.
  • The kettle connects to the phone via Bluetooth. Perhaps this is due to the lack of an on button in the application. Why? If you have to be near the kettle anyway.
  • Just my “want”: I would like the kettle to be able to count how much water passed through it. You could see how many liters of tea you drink in a year.
  • Xiaomi suggests using the kettle as a water bath, for example, to heat baby formula.
  • The kettle has a quiet temperature maintenance mode with low-power heating. And in general, the kettle is pretty quiet.

Is it worth buying?

The kettle has a lot of competitors. It’s not rocket science to make a kettle, after all. Smart features are nice, but they’re not features or exclusives you should rush out to the store for. In my opinion, to buy this kettle you can provoke a few things: neat, laconic design (if you have other appliances Xiaomi, the kettle will blend in perfectly), quality performance (good build, materials), or you are a fan of the brand, collecting home ecosystems. In my case these are the first two points.


Installing the application allows you to open new possibilities for controlling the device from your phone. Inteis easy to use and understand. Almost all information is located on the phone display. The background of the main screen acquires a different shade, depending on the temperature of the liquid. From blue, for cold water. to red, for boiling water.

Water temperature indicator is shown at the top of the display. Under it there is a slider, by moving which activates the maintenance of the water temperature at a certain value. Time frame from one to twelve hours. Select the desired temperature in the menu (50°, 80°, 90°), or enter another value via the “Custom” icon. The digital values are illustrated by pictures of the drinks, with their acceptable temperature.

Pressing the “” button activates two temperature modes:

The first mode: the water is heated to the selected temperature with maintaining this value.

When you use the second one, the water boils and then cools to a certain level.

Operating the Viomi Smart Kettle

The Viomi Smart Kettle is controlled from the phone through the Viomi app. Its settings are the same as for the Smart Kettle.

To maintain the temperature of a particular drink, you need to click on its image. Using the slider on the temperature scale, set the temperature value and the time to keep it. The app will ask you to confirm the action and change the settings.

With an additional feature, the unit can maintain a temperature greater than 45 degrees all the time. Even if we take the device off the stand and then put it back on.

In the Smart Kettle all the sessions for keeping the set temperature end immediately after you remove the device from the stand.

Other functions of the application: update the firmware, change the name of the device.

Kettle Viomi V-MK151B

Let’s start with the simplest version of the Viomi V-MK151B. Don’t be discouraged by the absence of the usual manufacturer’s logos on the case. This is a kettle, which Xiaomi produces under the Viomi brand, created specifically for the production of consumer electronics.

All Xiaomi teapots are equipped with a hidden heating element, even the cheapest

For less than 1.5 thousand you get a quality kettle with a hidden coil, durable stainless steel inside and outside and heat-absorbing material inside. That way you won’t get burnt, even if you touch the kettle while it’s boiling.

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(with HAN200 protocol)

Capacity of the kettle is 1.5 liters. This is the standard for most solutions Xiaomi and other manufacturers. The power is 1800 watts. Thanks to it the kettle boils in just 5 minutes. Very cool that the Chinese do not cut power, keeping it at the same level for both low-end and high-end models.


Exterior surfaces are matte. In the upper part of the chrome insert. Handle with a wide and comfortable grip.

The hinged lid is accompanied by a mechanical key and spring mechanism.

Also on the handle of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Pro is hiding a symbol display that shows the temperature of the water.

Underneath it are mechanical keys to start boiling and maintain temperature. In contrast to the touch keys, so there is less risk of accidental pressing by children.

The inside is made of metal. High-precision temperature sensor is located in the base. Volume 1.5 liter.

It uses STRIX thermal controller. Power 1800W. Supports automatic shutdown if there is no water in the tank.

Comes with a stand with a contact group, made in the color of the main body. There is a recess for stowing extra cable length.

The control window displays the current water temperature. Quick preset icons: 40, 50, 70, 80 and 90 degrees. Manual selection of temperature setting.

In the settings, you can activate keep warm after removing the kettle and automatically keep warm after connecting.

Using the Bluetooth module for remote control requires the user to be in the same room as the Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Pro at a distance of no more than 10 meters. It also does not support integration with voice assistants.


90 degree hinged lid allows you to freely pour water. Boiling is fast. The option with precise temperature selection allows you to choose the best mode for the subsequent brewing of tea or coffee drinks. Adjustment range from 40 to 100 degrees.

Xiaomi Mi Kettle

Stylish kettle with a minimalist design. Metal heating element is in the form of a closed spiral.

The walls are double, made of plastic. That makes it impossible to burn yourself, and the water inside stays hot for a long time.

The kettle has a medium volume, it is suitable for a small family.

Keep in mind that in some stores it comes with a non-standard Chinese plug, which will need an adapter.

Characteristics of the device:

Xiaomi Viomi Mechanical Kettle

Model in white and black with a metallic lid. Inside the kettle is made of stainless steel and the walls are made of two layers of plastic.

That’s why the device maintains water temperature for a long time.

Safety features kettle: double walls protect against scalding, has a lid lock and a lock function for starting without water.

Xiaomi Viomi Kettle Steel (YM-K1506)

Kettle in metallic color. Its case is made of stainless steel, so the device has a thermos effect.

The one-piece body looks nice, but the kettle has no water measuring scale, which makes it difficult to work.

At the same time, the device has a small weight. Users note the reliability of the device, but complain that the stand wobbles.

Features of the device:

Xiaomi Ocooker Kettle

Kettle with a custom retro style design and large volume. The device heats up quickly, the temperature is shown by the thermometer.

The kettle is installed on the stand in any position.

The metal coating allows you to maintain a long time the temperature of the heated water.

Characteristics of the device:

Top 7 best kettles Xiaomi: rating 2021-2022 and features of electric devices with control from the phone

Electric kettles Xiaomi popular multifunctional equipment.

The brand has gained an excellent reputation because it is known for its original designs.

The appearance of electric kettles from this Chinese manufacturer was the main reason for the rejection of a large number of consumers of standard devices from other companies.

But it is difficult to choose Xiaomi appliances, so we made a rating of the best models in terms of price / quality ratio, taking into account expert opinion and feedback from owners.

Smart kettles Xiaomi

Smart kettles, represented by the brand Xiaomi, are used not only for boiling water. Modern devices are equipped with other interesting functions. They are made in a concise, stylish design and enjoy the ease of operation.

Купил себе умный чайник Xiaomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth

You can buy the device at the official representative of the company. the online store “Xi.Express”. There is a large selection of functional equipment, which has an official warranty. In the catalog you can see two types of products. kettles and thermophones. The first model boils water, keeps the set temperature and connects to your smartphone through the app. It is made of high-quality plastic, metal, can have a volume of 0.6 to 4 liters. And the power of such devices ranges from 100 0000-2200 0000 W. Thermopots are also used for boiling, but have a completely different design. They have the look of a coffee machine. It has a special stand on which to put the cup. Water flows into it through a special faucet.

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Xiaomi smart kettles have the following characteristics:

  • Minimalist design. the purchased device will fit in any kitchen and office.
  • Shaped spout. it is designed so that liquid is poured without splashing. the flow line is smooth, straight.
  • Powerful heating element. it is able to heat water in the kettle very quickly. A full volume of water is heated in just five minutes.
  • Safe. the device cannot give an electric shock even if you touched the plug by mistake.
  • Durable materials. all the internal surface is made of safe and environmentally friendly stainless steel. This material was developed by Pohang Iron and Steel Company. During heating, it does not emit any harmful substances and does not acquire an unpleasant odor.
  • It is liquid-proof. the device will not turn on if there is not enough liquid in it. So it will not burn out due to improper operation.
  • Multiple heating modes. this feature provides the necessary value, which is maintained for several hours.
  • Bluetooth connection. you can control the device from another room.
  • Free app. user can download the program to any smartphone. Thus, he will be notified on his phone if there is a problem with the device, and he can control it remotely.
  • Easy care. the device has no seams and other unnecessary elements, so when you open the lid, the user has access to the entire internal surface.
  • Double casing. the design has a layer between the outer polypropylene surface and the inner metal. Because of this decision, the device protects against burns and keeps the temperature.

In their reviews, customers report a long life kettles Xiaomi. This is due to the smooth opening lid, quality thermal controller, smart sensor and sturdy materials.

How to order the smart kettle

You can order an electric smart kettle from an official representative of Xiaomi. in the store “Xi.Express”. The devices are available at bargain prices, because they come directly from the manufacturer. You can order their delivery to different regions of Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Armenia. You can pay by any method. in cash upon receipt, via bank cards, e-wallets, money transfers, in communication stores.

To buy a kettle Xiaomi is very simple. You can do it through the virtual form or by calling the specified number. The buyer can count on the professional advice of store managers. Also in our store most of the products are sold at a discount.

Kettle Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle (MJDSH01YM)

The minimum cost of the product for the period and the difference from the previous period is indicated.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Electric Kettle (EU version) white

Stylish and convenient.Space design, electronic shutdown does not depend on the tightness of the lid, high security, automatic shutdown if you forget to fill the water.

Broken after 1.5 years of use, and a 1 year warranty.

Not a bad kettle for 2850, too durability for the current price of almost 4 thousand.

dies in a year, usually after the warranty ends

Broke the second one, I won’t buy it again.

Rusted ( stainless steel!!). The heating element broke after 1 year and 3 months of use

Synchronized with the mihome, you can adjust the time to keep the water at a predetermined temperature.

I recommend to boil only filtered/bottled water in it, because there is no sediment at all and you don’t have to wash it.

If you still have to boil water from the tap it is necessary to rinse off scum with a sponge from time to time, it is easily removed while “fresh”.

Must be left in heating mode to use remotely

Beautiful, easy to operate with the application (no extra functions), looks quite reliable because of its design. Keeps temperature for a long time, so the heating function won’t eat a lot of electricity.

At the same time there is no time boiling and no remote on/off function. The kettle is only remotely controlled if the warming button is pressed, which runs for 12 hours. After each mug you have to press it again otherwise it goes back to standby mode from which none of the buttons in the app heats the water inside the kettle.

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