Xiaomi mijia lds vacuum cleaner review

The best models of cleaning robot vacuum cleaners Xiaomi and the rules of choice

In this review we will talk about robot-vacuum cleaners with wet cleaning, developed by specialists of the company Xiaomi and its sub-brands, which has not the first year please us with the introduction of new technologies in their products. Our top washable models will allow you to choose the best option just for your home from the right price range.

Xiaomi Mijia STYJ02YM: Features

Xiaomi Mijia STYJ02YM:Features
Suction: 2100 Pa
Power: 33 Watt
Vacuum Cleaner Tank Capacity: 580 ml
Water tank capacity: 450ml
Noise: Less than 65dB
Battery: 3200 mAh
Charging time: 80-120 minutes
Operation time: about 3 hours
Weight: 3.6 kg
Size: 350.0 x 350.0 x 94.5mm
I chose white because I liked it. In practical terms there is no difference between the black and white versions, dust is equally visible on both.

The package may be different depending on the tasks. For example, I do not need a magnetic strip to limit the movement of the vacuum cleaner around the apartment. I got a couple of round brushes, a couple of long orange brushes, some wet cleaning cloths, a couple of dry and combination cleaning containers and a couple of filters for them. You can assess the degree of wear and tear of the components in the appendix.

xiaomi, mijia, vacuum, cleaner, review

The base is quite compact. It is located together with a vacuum cleaner under a drawer in the hallway. The height of the body of the vacuum cleaner together with the lidar is about 12 cm, under all the furniture in my apartment it fits without any problems.

So, there are vacuum cleaners with a camera, and there are vacuum cleaners with a lidar. I chose the second option. All-the-kim robot works through Chinese servers and the thought of that on my home device is always on the camera does not add me confidence and peace of mind.

xiaomi, mijia, vacuum, cleaner, review

Vacuum cleaner works through wifi, if there is no light or internet at home, there will be no cleaning, unfortunately. It is possible to make a smart home, disconnect the vacuum cleaner from the Chinese servers and make it work with a home server, connecting it to it through the Home Assistant. It works quite well, although the functionality has become more limited.

On the other hand, the advantage of smart devices, working via the Internet, is that you can control them without being at home. For example, being at work or on a visit, you can start cleaning your home and arrive at a clean room.

What I like about smart devices is the ability to automate processes! I have morning mopping set up, so by the time I wake up the floors are already clean. Wet mopping I run manually on the weekends. It requires a special container with water and a spatula with a slightly moistened rag. My previous model had sleeves on the water box that were too short, so water would get inside the vacuum cleaner. The new version does not have this problem.

By the way, after installing the container with water is available 2 types of cleaning: wet and combined. If you install a filter in the container, the vacuum cleaner will suck up and wipe the floor. Without the filter, it’s just wet cleaning.

The noise level during operation is not very comfortable. Quieter than a regular vacuum cleaner, but still quite audible. Its operation can wake you up in the morning and during the day, for example, watching TV with it is not very comfortable. That’s why in the morning cleaning everywhere, korma closed bedroom, and 2 hours later, the vacuum cleaner again to work already in the open bedroom.

All kinds of cleaning agents are better not to pour into the container. It is designed for clean water. I like to mop my floors with a sanitizer. I just wet a rag in it and put it in the vacuum cleaner, put a container of water and press the start button. That’s it, the cleaning has begun. While the robot starts cleaning, I stack Ikeev chairs, move any chairs “with ears” away from the baseboards so the vacuum cleaner can wipe there. By the way, I wash the rags after cleaning in the machine.

As for the quality of cleaning, I like the result. During dry cleaning, the vacuum cleaner is good for picking up small debris, crumbs, hair, and hair. The quality of carpet cleaning is not good. I don’t really have carpets, though. Sometimes out of the bathroom I pull a long-haired rug. From wool and stuffing vacuum cleaner is not brilliant. If I have a rug in the living room, it’ll be a low-pile one. But the vacuum cleaner easily sucks up socks, small stuffed toys and rags. Once I didn’t look after it and it “ate” the floor cloth. Stuffed about half of it when I saw it and tried to take it away. Since then, I try not to keep anything like that on the floor.

During wet cleaning, the rag wipes off the laminate from the traces of drips of tea, coffee, milk, wine. Stale stains are not removed, the corners do not wash. I do this by hand from time to time. But the basic dirt and debris removes. I have moisture-resistant laminate in the rooms and kitchen, porcelain stoneware in the hallway. Too bad that in the bathroom vacuum cleaner can not drive up, I have a high threshold of 5 cm. But it overcomes lower obstacles easily. Passability is excellent.

Cleaning and care. The trash from the container tossed once a week, and at the same time cleaning the brushes and the front wheel. It gets very much clogged with hair and stops spinning, but the passability of vacuum cleaner in the apartment it does not affect, since it is responsible for a huge 2 wheels with good tread. By the way, the obstacles, legs, furniture on the floor vacuum cleaner about bypasses without problems, not crashes at full speed, but the white baseboard width of more than 5 cm does not see, so when makes a detour room on the contour constantly as if poking him bumper.

The filters can be washed under the tap, but I’m too lazy, I throw them in the dishwasher. Cleaning the vacuum cleaner takes me 5 minutes at most.

By the way, the front wheel is easy to pick up with the tip of a teaspoon. The hair and hairs are easy to pick up.

xiaomi, mijia, vacuum, cleaner, review

Along with the dishwasher, a robot vacuum cleaner has become a real household masthead for me. It’s incredibly convenient, and most importantly. saves my time. If one cleaning didn’t seem enough to me, I can run more. And even if it takes him half an hour to do it, the most important thing is that he does it, not me. And I can do something more interesting.I recommend.

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners for 2 floors

If in not too distant 2017 there were only 2 models of vacuum cleaners in the Xiaomi smart home system, now there are a huge variety (by the end of 2021 there are 56 models available in the app in the Chinese region). They all differ in both price tag and functionality. But one feature does not appear in the specifications, and a consolidated list is not easy to find, although for many it is extremely important. I’m talking about the ability of the vacuum cleaner to work on multiple floors at the same time, while not resetting the map built.

In this article, I will list the robotic vacuum cleaners from Xiaomi that can work on multiple floors and are available for sale.

Of course, you can just ignore the map-building function, but then cleaning will take much longer, and there will be no opportunity to set virtual walls and restrictions.

The easiest and most rational way is to have a separate vacuum cleaner on each floor. The average weight of the device is 3-4 kilograms, and it is not pleasant to carry it up and down the stairs from floor to floor. The second point. the limitation of the battery. One charge may not be enough for several floors, and you will have to divide the cleaning into stages.

But not everyone wants to spend twice as much, so let’s go over the models with the ability to save cards. And let’s start from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Xiaomi Mijia LDS Vacuum Cleaner (STYTJ02YM)

The cheapest option with the ability to store multiple maps would be the Mijia LDS Vacuum Cleaner. This model has all the most necessary: navigation with lidar, wet cleaning function, suction power 2100 Pa, battery of 3200 (will clean up to 180 m2). Available in white and black, which will allow you to better fit the vacuum cleaner into the interior of your apartment.

It seems like everything is great, but there is one catch, there are different versions for the Chinese and European market. Function of memorizing several cards is only in the version for China. And it will add to the hassle of the connection process (it is necessary to select the Chinese region in the application Mi Home), and dancing with tambourine to set the Russian voice. The second point, a lot of reviews Yandex-markete on the breakage of the vacuum cleaner, the marriage of course everyone happens, but they are very many.

When buying should pay attention to the name, the European version is called Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P. To be exact by device codes, Chinese SKV4084CN (black), SKV4080CN (white) and global SKV4109GL (black), SKV4110GL (white). You can order the Chinese version on Aliexpress, or look for a price on Yandex-Market (paying attention to the prefix CN in the name):

Xiaomi Lydsto R1 Robot Vacuum

The second most expensive robot vacuum cleaner and already with a self-cleaning base. Lydsto R1 is available in white and black and has a wet cleaning function. The suction power is already 2700 Pa and the battery is 5200 mAh (up to 200 m²). For its cost, the specifications are more than decent. The only thing is a small container in the vacuum cleaner itself (250 ml), when cleaning large areas will have to stop by the base for cleaning right in the process. The second point, station bags are an additional consumable and will have to be purchased.

Before September, there was no support for Mi Home (only the native app), but since the firmware 2110 such a possibility appeared. If you can’t connect, use the original app first, update the firmware in it and reconnect in the Xiaomi app.

Both European and Chinese versions (HD-STYTJ-W03 and HD-STYTJ-B03) are available. Looking for on sale on AliExpress and Yandex-market:

Xiaomi Dreame D9 MAX

Dreame joined Xiaomi in 2017 and manufactures vacuum cleaners. And here’s the D9 MAX, which came out in late 2020, on our list. Of course, it also connects to the Mi Home, has a wet cleaning function, suction power of 4000 Pa, and a battery of 5200 mAh (250 m²).

It turns out quite a good robot vacuum cleaner. But it’s less popular and hasn’t been around that long, which means that negative reviews may come later.

You can order on Aliexpress, or on Yandex Market. It is worth noting that the D9 version also supports multicard mode, but slowly goes out of sales.

Dreame Bot L10 Pro (RLS5L)

And this model, in addition to the standard lidar, is equipped with a 3D obstacle detection sensor. This significantly increases the detection of obstacles in front of the vacuum cleaner, it no longer goes to the touch of the bumper.

Parameters correspond to the price, the suction power 4000 Pa, and a battery 5200 mAh (250 m²).

In general, not a bad model of the average price segment, from the disadvantages except for the lack of self-cleaning station. You can order on Aliexpress or Yandex-market:

Roidmi EVE Plus Robot Vacuum

The Roidmi EVE Plus was released in the first half of 2021 and has already gained quite a bit of popularity. This is not surprising, because it has all the basic functions: self-cleaning base, lidar navigation and wet cleaning function. But at the same time a rather modest suction power of 2700 Pa and a standard battery of 5200 mAh (200 sq. m.).м).

Although you can not miss a lot of negative Комментарии и мнения владельцев, complaining mainly about the quality of construction, winding hair on the main brush and poor navigation.

You can check out the official store on Aliexpress, or Yandex-market:

Большой обзор на моющий пылесос Xiaomi Mijia LDS Vacuum Cleaner | Xiaomi MiJia Robot Vacuum Mop P

Roborock line of vacuum cleaners

And here you can not divide into separate vacuum cleaners, the entire line has a map saving function for several floors. Unless of course you take into account older models that are no longer on sale (such as the S50, which has been working valiantly in my home for 3 years).

Unlike the parent brand Mi and Mijia, Roborock specializes only in robot vacuum cleaners. And from my experience, I can say that they make them very well, but they have recently released several budget models, but they have not gained much popularity (and they do not suit us).

And here are the models that will be of interest to us. S5 Max, S6, S6 Pure, S6 MaxV, S7. There is also a T7S Plus, which I recently wrote about, but so far there is a version only for the Chinese region and will not work with us (even if you specify the region of China in the settings of Mi Home). All of them have the function of saving several maps, and for clarity, I will present a comparison of their parameters in the form of a table:

The suction power of course leaves much to be desired, but at the same time I can not complain about the quality of cleaning. When my old one dies, the next vacuum cleaner will definitely be from the same manufacturer.

Recently on Aliexpress there is a self-cleaning station, for the S7 version. And this is the only station, for which you do not need to buy a removable bag.

Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro

One of the flagships under the Mijia brand. In addition to the lidar navigation has the largest bumper cameras, but you can not connect to them remotely (only the Roborock S6 MaxV has this function). Camera helps to identify objects on the floor and successfully bypass them. Because of this the quality of cleaning increases, but the speed suffers.

The vacuum cleaner has a suction power of 4000 Pa, this is one of the best figures in this article. Battery 5200 mAh provides cleaning up to 250 square meters.м. It does not know how to work with the self-cleaning station, but instead of the combined container for wet cleaning, you can install a regular one with a capacity of 550 ml.

Overall a very interesting model, considering its price of 31000 on Aliexpress. It already costs more on the market:

Viomi Alpha UV (S9)

Raising the stakes, the Viomi vacuum cleaner with self-cleaning station costs more than the most expensive Roborock, comes in several colors and has a floor disinfection function (thanks to the UV lamp). The suction power of 2700 Pa, 5200 mAh battery capacity (cleaning area up to 250 sq.м). The truth on responses, it sucks not much better than cheaper variants.

I can not say anything about the UV lamp, it seems to be a new feature, but how to measure its actual usefulness I can not imagine. A self-cleaning station is also not superfluous, but you need to think about the additional costs. The cost, one bag will cost about 150 and it will last a month or two.

Overall an interesting model, if you leave out the price, they could have made a more competitive. You can price it out on Aliexpress and Marketplace:

Models without multi-map mode

While looking for information, noted a list of vacuum cleaners that definitely do not have this feature out of the box:

These are all models without the lidar. If the navigation is only by camera, or only by side sensors. It will not be able to build multiple maps.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1S (SDJQR03RR). The feature is not in the app. But some stores write that appeared with the latest update, and some craftsmen say that helps substitute plug-in, but myself has not checked.

Viomi V2 PRO (V-RVCLM21B). Found on the net that in the beginning the function was present, but then it was removed in one of the updates.

Mijia Sweep Drag Robot 1T. Despite navigating with multiple built-in cameras, the ability to create multiple maps is missing.

To summarize, if you get a robot vacuum cleaner for more than 30,000, it is most likely to be with the ability to memorize multiple maps. But there are other features that may have a higher priority on the purchase. For example, wet cleaning and its parameters. Self-cleaning stations are gaining popularity, and in the near future most vacuum cleaners will have this feature. And the competitors are stepping on their toes, the same vacuum cleaners Yeedi show good functionality at a reasonable price.

All information in this article was taken from public sources, if I am mistaken, please write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. And keep in mind that the manufacturer may release updates for older models, which can both add the desired feature, and remove it.

Robot vacuum cleaner features comparison table

Dreame D9 Mijia LDS
Dimensions and weight 350 x 350 x 96.8 mm and 3.8 kg 350 x 350 x 94.5 mm and 3.6 kg
Suction power 3000 Pa 2100 Pa
Cleaning dry/wet dry/wet
Dust collector 570 ml 580 ml
Battery capacity 5200 mAh 3200 mAh
Battery life 150 minutes 120 min
Color and finish White, glossy White or black, matte
Water tank capacity 270 ml 200 ml
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